Saturday, March 28, 2015

Valery Leontiev did not get to the emergency room – Club Industry Journalism

Ksenina Oksana

Saturday morning media murmur: Leontief was in resuscitation. The reason for the noise was the abolition of the concert, scheduled to be held in Ulyanovsk. But fortunately the fans, this information was present “duck».
However, the concert was really canceled, this shall make known Comandir. At the moment, Leontiev of Russian actors is one of the most sought after. Tickets for his performances are redeemed at 100%. Of course, under such circumstances, cancel the concert could not be overlooked.
So the media started writing that he is in intensive care. Although later director Valery this information completely denied. Then opened and the real reason of all. Artist just picked up the spread of influenza. His temperature rose to the level of 38 degrees. To him, accordingly, to call an ambulance, but nothing happened and do not even need hospitalization.
Where is the singer? Sits at home and be treated by caught by sores. And he still holds great as the fact that recently celebrated its 66 Leontiev.

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