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Vaganova School chose Tsiskaridze – New News

On Saturday, November 29, at the Academy of Russian Ballet Vaganova held elections supervisor. Heading School will continue Tsiskaridze, Acting Rector since October last year. Other candidates for the position of rector was not.

One of the main competitors Tsiskaridze had become Fomkin Alexei, who served as vice-rector, but he resigned from the Academy at the end of last year. Earlier, in October 2013th, Fomkin opposed the decision of the Ministry of Culture Tsiskaridze appoint Acting Rector instead Dorofeeva Vera, who led the Academy for nine years. Then dismissal Dorofeeva perceived negatively and some other members of the college, who feared that the appointment Tsiskaridze can cross the tradition of the St. Petersburg Ballet School.

As we have already reported (see. “NO” from 05.11.2013), in Last November, the Internet was published a petition to review a decision of the Ministry. It said that the rector of the Academy, including the addition of high school and even secondary school, a broad range of expertise in working with children who Tsiskaridze, an outstanding dancer and audience favorite “Media person” does not have.

In the Ministry of Culture sure that all the fears proved groundless Academy staff. Say the same election results: the former prime minister of the Bolshoi Theatre supported by the overwhelming majority of the employees of the Academy, 224 voted “against” spoke only 17 people. According to the most Tsiskaridze Academy is not in need of reform, so the new rector promised to carefully preserve the traditions of the Vaganova School.


Penguins flown below jays – BBC

US box office: “Penguins of Madagascar” can not cope with “Mockingjay” and may fail at the box office, and “Interstellar” and “City of Heroes” together coped with the second and last ” Horrible Bosses ».

The secondary characters are sometimes so interesting that they get the right to own film. In the animation of the characters in the last ten years had accumulated several. Cat from “Shrek” to go fascinated spectators and ten years after the first pictures of the huge ogre appeared in the title role, and even managed to earn good money – “Puss in Boots” grossed $ 555 million at 135 million budget. In 2015, will be released “Minions” – a separate film about the plight of young helpers funny villains, a spin-off animated film “Despicable Me.” Well, this week at the box office history appeared penguins from “Madagascar”, about which already has a cartoon series, and which appear in every movie that is actually a full-fledged franchise.

Over the weekend with 28 to 30 November in the United States and Canada “Penguins of Madagascar” earned $ 25.8 million, and became only the second.

Start the penguins came not the best. The same “Puss in Boots” earned in its first weekend $ 34 million and became the leader (it was in October 2011); However, this week in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving Day, but because all the releases came a couple of days earlier than usual Friday. Total revenue from the “Penguin” – $ 36 million in North America, and with the rest of the world – $ 59 million. This, of course, is not enough for the 130 millionth budget, but there is a chance that the child will be able to film linger in the top 5 at to the exit of the third “The Hobbit” (scheduled for December 17). And the cat three years ago competitors actually was not. But “Penguins of Madagascar” had to compete with the leader of last week – and this competition advance was doomed to failure.

Last weekend dystopia with a complex called “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Part I »(the first film final book of the trilogy fantastic Suzanne Collins) earned $ 122 million, to these lost slightly more than half of fees and raised $ 56.8 million, which was enough for first place.

Total charges 125 millionth picture now total $ 480 million.

The first “Mockingjay” has the potential to surpass the previous films about “The Hunger Games”: in the first part 2012. raised $ 691.2 million, and the second in 2013 – $ 864.9 million worldwide. In any case, before the release of “Exodus” by Ridley Scott (and it will be in two weeks) Rolled major releases free; situation can spoil the “Penguins”, but then as lucky – either spoil, or not. In any case, all the financial problems a film about people who, led by Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) seeking justice, as opposed to the “Penguins” had already decided.

Movies – leaders of the previous weeks indicative retreating. Finally flew out of the top five “disappeared” by David Fincher – and immediately in eighth place ($ 2.5 million for the weekend and $ 332.4 million in total). Moved to third place “City of Heroes”, earned over the weekend $ 18.8 million; total fees of the tape ($ 224.1 million) do not allow to speak about payback (budget – $ 165 million). The fourth was the fantastic “Interstellar” Christopher Nolan: revenue for the weekend was $ 15.8 million, and the total fees for the month rental – $ 477.6 million.

Fifth place was taken black comedy “Horrible Bosses 2 ‘, which brought together over the weekend $ 15.7 million.

The first film that apparently unsuccessful franchise released in the summer of 2011 and showed their best side – $ 28 3 million starting fees and total revenue of $ 209 million looked good for the 35 millionth picture. In addition, the picture almost praised by critics (69% positive reviews on kinoretsenzy aggregator Rotten Tomatoes), and the cast was pretty strong – even starring got young actors own boss played by Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey. The second part of the former slaves became leaders themselves, and the story does not seem recouped part Aniston or Spacey. Critics ‘Horrible Bosses 2′ more abused (35% “fresh”), and the audience chose “Penguins of Madagascar” and “Mockingjay.” But the budget picture is not too different from the first portion ($ 43 million versus $ 37 million), fees for five days were $ 23 million, is scheduled rental worldwide – and thus, the film is likely to pay off. Here are just a third of producers are unlikely to be removed.


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“Penguins of Madagascar” in “Empire of Dreams”: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Prapor against Dr. Octopus–

For fans of the animated series about four penguins – Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and prapory – goes great cartoon! November 27 he started in theater “Empire of Dreams”. And most importantly, it is suitable for all ages. This means that you can have a good evening with your family. And so you had no doubt tell you the most interesting moments.

We’re penguins!

This is a story about the favorite characters from Madagascar – Brothers quartet of penguins: Skipper, Kowalski , Puerto Rico and ensign. Finally, we know where they were born. And why did you decide to become a spy. On one of the jobs they get into the hands of Dr. Octavius ​​Brown, which actually turns out to be an angry octopus. Because of his fame penguins thrown out of the zoo. Then he becomes an outcast and plotting revenge. Brian wants to turn all the penguins into horrible monsters and destroy the world. In this difficult task will help the penguins spy special team “North Wind” – the wolf, owl, seal and bear. But the task will be difficult, and they almost lost prapory …

Humor marked 0 +

To be honest, go to the cartoon was scary. Every year the number and quality of cartoons falls. And if they go further, then it does not always live up to the original. But here it’s different!

The history of penguins spyware began back in 2005, when the first part of Madagascar. During this time, they became heroes of individual promo videos, TV shows and even comic books.

The Penguins got their animated life. At this time the director Eric Darnell, who owns all parts of Madagascar, decided to devote their stories big animated feature. And deservedly so. After all, the last part of Madagascar distributors to bring more than 745 million dollars.

The skipper and his team have long been eclipsed by a lion, hippopotamus, giraffe and other characters. Unfortunately, the director of the film seems to have decided to join in a cartoon everything that was invented in the cinema in the last 5-10 years.

This is a secret group with a leader in the style of the movie “Bolt”, and a terrible doctor who very smacks of “Despicable Me.” And the list goes on – the chase, Antarctica, laser systems, the crash. Sometimes it’s hard to name a movie or cartoon, which was the basis of the frame. But apparently the writers reviewed films 007 and Born.

But the humor does not disappoint! I think in a few weeks catch phrase will be distributed throughout the Internet. This is a universal sense of humor, which is suitable for adults and children. It’s antics and jokes on taxes and more “adult” things. The child does not understand them, and adult laugh.

try and artists who have successfully created a new image. They are unique, each has its own character and style.

New Heroes: Secret of the wolf, seal Gunpowder, owl – Eve and the Bear – Cpl. They are unique characters, but I think worth a separate cartoon.

Successful spin-off

Penguins – this is one of the most successful spin-offs. They obviously will be able to gain the trust and interest of the audience. What could not do, such as “Puss in Boots».

By the way, it was not without errors. When penguins are trying to save the egg, you will notice that a snowball, which was an egg, and a snowball in which there were penguins disappear at the time of the attack seals.

And do not think that you saw in the trailer all The most interesting. The most interesting will be in the film. Be sure to half an hour of laughter and great graphics are worth the price for a ticket!

Check showtimes animated film “Penguins of Madagascar” and book your tickets by phone 905-515 or visit izhevsk.imperiyagrez.rf.


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The military reported the successful launch of “Mace” – RBC

Cruiser” Alexander Nevsky »

Photo: TASS

Starting produced from the area in the Barents Sea to the Kura test site in Kamchatka. Shooting was completed submarine from a submerged position. Parameters flight path “Bulava” worked normally. Missile warheads successfully arrived at the Kura testing range on the Kamchatka Peninsula, which was confirmed by the data of objective control.

This is the first launch on board the submarine “Alexander Nevsky” after its transfer to the Navy, said Konashenkov.

November 10 source in the defense industry told Interfax on the planned transfer of the next run “Mace” in the fall 2015. The reasons for the cancellation run previously scheduled for November, were not called.

The next day, the Defense Ministry denied this information. War Department assured that the next launch will be carried out with Ballistic missile submarine before the end of this year.

Ballistic missile submarine “Alexander Nevsky” was founded on 19 March 2004 from the shipyard “Sevmash”. December 23, 2013 was officially handed over to the Russian Navy.

«Bulava” – Russia’s new solid-fuel rocket designed to arm nuclear-powered strategic missile “Borey” project. Missile system is able to carry up to ten hypersonic maneuvering independently targetable nuclear warheads. Since the beginning of the test “Bulava” was run 21 times, eight attempts have been found in an emergency.

The last bad start “Bulava” occurred September 6, 2013. During the tests, nuclear submarine “Alexander Nevsky” rocket nominally withdrew from the launch canister, but in the second minute flight failure has occurred onboard system. After this, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has suspended its order tests missile “Alexander Nevsky” and “Vladimir Monomakh”. Military believes the cause of the launch failure “Bulava” manufacturing defect.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hospitality Jurmala suffer from the departure of the “New Wave” – ​​Sight

Hospitality Latvian Jurmala seriously hurt because of the departure from the international contest of young pop singers “New Wave”, said the president of the Latvian Association of Hotels and Restaurants Janis Valodze.

«During “New Wave” they earn most of the annual budget, “- he said, adding that in the long term to ensure an equivalent cash flow will be difficult, according to « Interfax » .

Valodze believes that the situation can be resolved by establishing a local festival in Jurmala.

Manual contest of young singers “New Wave” in 2002 held annually in Jurmala, before the end of this year decide on its new venue. Among the candidate cities for the contest are considered the Crimea, Sochi, Baku, Kaliningrad and Kazan.


Show and tell Pashkov House – Independent Newspaper

the award ceremony of “The Big Book” and “Kniguru»

 literary awards, fiction, children's literature, Pashkov House Parade laureates: Zakhar Prilepin (first place), Svetlana Aleksievich (first place as a result of the reader’s vote), Vladimir Sorokin (second place) and Vladimir Sharov (third place). Photo Anatoly Stepanenko


Winners Announced national literary award “Big Book»


On Tuesday in Moscow held a traditional ceremony of awarding the winners of the National Literary Prize “Big Book”. Although the word “traditional” is not quite appropriate. Yes, the award takes place for the ninth time – and for the eighth time in the same place, Pashkov House (there is the Russian State Library – the former Leninka). However, unlike many other awards, where every year repeats the same procedure – long speech jury lapidary winners and thanks to the most long-awaited audience behind the scenes-standing buffet part – organizers of the “BK” approach to honoring the winners of a sparkling fantasy. This occurs not only at the final ceremony, but also at the stage of announcement of finalists. Then head of the Assembly of Experts (experts selected members of Long and Short-list) writer Mikhail Butov trick out a chef’s hat. Then turn the room in the “playground” (along with “BC” in recent years in the House of Pashkov summarize the national competition for the best literary work for children and youth “Kniguru”). Then organize it in the battlefield of paper and electronic books. That cinema. That Counting Commission will be located in the “cherry orchard” – in the year award in standing apart nomination “For contribution to the literature” was awarded to Chekhov (obviously deprived during his lifetime literary awards Anton Pavlovich probably would have rejoiced). In general, the ceremony always shine diversity.


This time the ceremony was organized in the nostalgic style of “a la scoop.” Before the start of the screen profiles Russian classics alternated so that each time there were three – like Marx, Engels and Lenin. The event started with the song “Once again, the battle begins, and the heart of anxiety in my chest, and Lenin was so young, and the young in October to come …” and led him to the cult TV presenter Anna Schatiloff, best known for the program “Time” and “blue light”. Teleconference with the Counting Commission, accepting the obligation to complete the calculations for 30 minutes, was designed saver “Intevidenie.” In accordance with the Soviet rhetoric were presented all participants “short” list. There were nine – sparsely given the fact that the short-list can go from 8 to 15 pieces. So: Svetlana Aleksievich “Time second hand”, Xenia Buksha “factory” Freedom “Alexander Grigorenko” Ilget. Three names of fate, “Alekseĭ Makushinskiĭ” Steamboat in Argentina, “Zahar Prilepin” Resident “Victor Remizov” Will freestyle “, Vladimir Sorokin” tellurium “Yevgeny Chizhov” interlinear translation with “Vladimir Sharov” Return to Egypt. “


«Big Book” features another feature – almost every year one of the three prizes battered someone’s biography. Mostly writing. It began with the first season in which the “gold” took zhezeelovskoe biography of Boris Pasternak created by Dmitry Bykov. Then there were two books about Tolstoy – Alex (author Alexey Varlamov) and Leo (Pavel Basinskiĭ), about another Leo – “Gumilev, the son of ENU” (Sergei Belyakov), Solzhenitsyn (Ludmila Saraskina) and Aksenovo (Alexander Kabakov and Evgeny Popov ). In such cases, receiving the award, the author usually modestly said that he did not win, but his character. This year among the finalists of the characters do not.


Aside from Sharovsky “Return to Egypt.” But – do not count. Firstly, it is not a biography or even artistic biography, namely a novel. Secondly, although the central character and is named Nikolai Gogol, but Gogol – but not that: it is an indirect descendant of the classic, which is trying to finish the unfinished volume of “Dead Souls”. Third, the present Gogol this year was 205 years since the birth – still not an anniversary, but just a round number. Fourth (and perhaps in the first place), we have a novel in words of Pushkin’s “wonderfully long, long, long,” and not just (or even at Gogolian and rare) reader gets even until the middle of , stuck in abundant and “cultural”, but monotonous correspondence Gogol Jr. with his many uncles and nedyadyami … Although the volume of “The Return …” is definitely worthy of “Big Book” (interview with the author, devoted to this novel, read ” NG-EL »from 24.10.13). As prilepinskaya “Resident” of the Solovki camp 20s, also characterized by monotony and longueurs and abounding fun for the modern reader stylistic quirks like “tart something swayed in the soul” or “burlykalo in the head.” The remaining finalists are much thinner (by volume). And the “production” novel Xenia Buksha (see review on it. In “NG-EL» from 03.27.14). And dramatic, bloody recent Russian history, polyphonic outlined Svetlana Aleksievich in documentary form of interviews with eyewitnesses (see. “NG-EL» from 01.23.14). And Sorokin already familiar futuristic-geopolitical mosaic (see “NG-EL» from 11.14.13). And taiga village Action Victor Remizov, from which could leave a good mini-series for TV. And addressed to lovers nabokovschiny “Steamboat in Argentina” – although perfectly willing to wade through long sentences can be much less than fans Prilepina and ball …


While counting commission finishes its work, the stage invited the head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications Mikhail Seslavinskiy to announce the winners of the award “Kniguru” – the award for the best work for children and youth. Michael V. said that this prize is awarded on the results of online voting, and this year it was attended by more than 7 thousand. Young readers. In general, the site is visited by about premium of 15 thousand. People a month, Michael Seslavinskiy called him “Youth social network dedicated to reading».


The third place was awarded to Tatiana Rick for the same nostalgic as the whole ceremony, the story of a girl 70 “Chur, Volodya my fiance!”, The second ranked Dmitry Kazakov with the mystical story “Moscow blizzard” (so he did not expect it will be noted that, according to rumors, went to Thailand, where for several years running scuba diving instructor), well, in the first place was Nina Dashevskaya with the product “About music».


Writer Leonid Yuzefovich invited for the announcement of the results of the reader’s Internet voting, was brief. Third place – Alekseĭ Makushinskiĭ; the second – Zakhar Prilepin; first – Svetlana Aleksievich. Makushinsky said he did not expect the literature of such complexity, as he tries to write, it may be perceived. Aleksievich just expressed pleasant surprise at the reader’s reaction: “Friends assured that I have no chance, they say, Russian society is in such a state that the truth that I’m trying to say in his books will not be accepted. But I’m glad that the society was smarter than politicians. ” She also said that now the writers divided into races, depending on the generations, and it is – from the ’90s. A Prilepin confessed that he did it, but, despite the fact that he is from zero, would be happy to meet with representatives of all other races “in the field of literature».


President’s Advisor for Culture Vladimir Tolstoy and Director of the State Literary Museum Dmitry Bak presented the award in the category “Contribution to literature.” She was awarded the author of the famous “Pokrovsky Gates”, playwright Leonid Zorin, recently celebrated its 90th anniversary; with 80 years of these 90 were given literature. Russian literature elder said that hails from the Caucasus, where in the course of anecdote: “To aksakal came to report that his younger brother died before reaching one hundred years. And he answered and said, “I always knew that this boy will not survive long» …


And finally announced the decision of numerous (more than 100 people – that’s another difference between “BC” from other awards) the jury. Third place went to Vladimir Sharov, admitted that he wrote his novel a few years. In second place was Vladimir Sorokin. He said: “The second time the second place – it’s not bad. My novel about the New Middle Ages … And even if the new Middle Ages come not, that old, certainly our stay ».


Well, the main prize was awarded Zakhar Prilepin. He joked that, in his opinion, at least three books of short-list could claim the first place, but the decision of the jury to award him, he will not contest.



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Very timely “book” – Kommersant

Literature Prize

In Moscow, for the ninth time passed literary award ceremony “Big Book”. According to the regulations Prize laureates direct secret ballot to elect the members of the literary academy. As a result, the third prize was awarded to Vladimir Sharov (novel “Return to Egypt”), the second – Vladimir Sorokin (novel “tellurium”). And the grand prize of 3 million rubles. got to Zakhar Prilepin for his novel “Resident”. ANNA Narinsky comments.

Accepting the award from the hands of the chairman of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin, Zakhar Prilepin thanked those who suffered for it. “Well, that to those who were against it, – he continued – is so you right.”

Indeed, so all and necessary: ​​and those who were for and those against. Because it is this – the main award winning literary award – the author of our present social life becomes more harmonious, equal in all directions, as Pythagorean pants in nursery rhymes. This “podhodyaschest” time and laureate was demonstrated already at the ceremony. There’s solemn part for a laugh and with, you know, stylized as a hint of the Soviet Writers’ Congress time: Central Television announcer Anna Schatiloff professionally intoning, read out written in the best traditions of stagnant annotations to the books of the short-list and played appropriate background music. When it was announced that the members of the literary Academy voted for the person to elaborate on sentiment, “what a great country we have lost”, it turned out that the Soviet reprise, she has even more in the arc than initially thought.

This trick organizers, of course, did not have in mind, though rewarding Prilepina no surprise to anyone not there. On the contrary, interested in Russian literature has long talked of him as the most possible candidate, and only about entering the novel “Resident” in the top three, no one doubted. And if we bear in mind that members of the literary academy “Big Book” (ie those who choose laureates), there are about a hundred and they basically make up the so-called literary community, we can say that making such predictions, many, even Without meaning to, “offered” for whom they will vote for yourself.

Most often these very interested prefer to consider this prilepinsky triumph in purely literary field. Like, no wonder literary prizes are called literature and that they are awarded for the quality of writing, and the views of the authors and do their ideology into consideration here should not be taken at all. This being only in the literary field, it is necessary to say that, although the novel “Resident” is allocated to its present general literary background accurate sense of the author’s design and the ability to work with the characters, it does not cancel the absolute Sovietness. As spontaneous (the author himself lived Soviet aesthetic values ​​and, consequently, their offers), and conscious (author deliberately plays the Soviet novel as it was, on the one hand, Leonov, on the other – Solzhenitsyn as a phenomenon). That is the victory of this novel (in a free and secret ballot in the presence of a short-list of this principle asovetskogo text as “tellurium”) shows a selection of the very “literary community” Soviet aesthetics and approach as the most amiable of her heart.

But generally talk about literary prizes exclusively on the territory of literature – employment of at least strange. Around the world – and it’s not a secret – the big prize, awarded in various kinds of arts, have a political component. This fact can not deliver a special joy, but to put it into question is impossible. And no matter how much shrugged their shoulders at the Nobel ‘orders, the politically correct “or” Cannes leftism “, one thing is clear: the world has become an integral politicization of premium process. Important Prize not awarded to the author in isolation from what views he demonstrates. So – at least in the eyes of a detached observer premium process – if the country’s intelligentsia presents a major literary prize to the person who wrote a “Letter to Comrade Stalin”, from her, intellectuals, name, showing how it is, the intelligentsia, is negligible, therefore, She shares this enthusiasm. Otherwise goes too silly.


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Star calling for a retrial for the murder of a teenager in Ferguson –

After today’s events, it seems, does not remain in the world of a man who would not know about the existence of the American Ferguson. What happened for several hours in a small provincial town in eastern Missouri, showed all the world’s TV channels. Residential areas have turned into a real war zone after a local court found innocent white police officer shot and killed in August this year an unarmed African-American teen.

City, 70 percent of whom are residents of African Americans simply could not rebel. Following Ferguson storm of indignation swept the country: thousands of people took to the streets of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Oakland, Washington, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Houston.

The case immediately acquired political overtones. Authorities have remembered all such cases, the latter, by the way, occurred yesterday in Cleveland, where the guardian of order killed a child. In support of the protesters were and some Hollywood stars. Singer Cher, for example, proposed a re-trial in Ferguson. Many believe that the reason for such tragedies in the US ?? this right to freedom of carrying weapons and too broad powers to police.

address to the nation made by President Obama. The head of the White House urged Americans not to make disturbances, but few listened. In Ferguson declared a state of emergency and imposed US National Guard units. Detained more than 80 people. Several dozen injured and are in hospital.

The latest information ?? in the report “Anatomy of the day».


Governor of Missouri Ferguson sent additional forces – RIA Novosti

The riots in Ferguson, United States

© Images / Justin Sullivan

MOSCOW, November 26 – RIA Novosti. The governor of the US state of Missouri Jay Nixon decided to send in Ferguson, which took place on the eve of the riots, additional forces of US National Guard.

“In total, the region will be more than 2,200 soldiers the National Guard. Life and property of citizens must be protected,” – Agence France-Presse quoted the words of Nixon uttered by him during a press conference.

According to Nixon, during the riots in the city on the eve of the National Guard were 700 soldiers. Tuesday Nixon had already disposed to send additional forces of the National Guard in the US city of Ferguson.

Earlier, Mayor James Ferguson Knowles again asked the governor to send additional forces to the city of the National Guard to prevent further acts of vandalism and ensure the safety of citizens. At the same time, Knowles said that the forces of the National Guard, arrived in Ferguson on Tuesday, were sent into the city quickly enough.

The jury on Monday declined to press charges in the murder of a police officer Darren Wilson, shot in August of this year, in a suburb of St. -Luisa Ferguson adolescent African-American. Immediately after the announcement of the jury Ferguson protests began, accompanied by looting, arson and shooting at the police responded with tear gas and arrests. The total number of detainees in St. Louis exceeded 80 people. In Ferguson night were burned and looted 25 houses. Total protests were held in 38 states in the US.

During the press conference on Tuesday, James Knowles told reporters that any decision about the future of police custody Wilson in the ranks of the order until it has been taken.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Film director Eldar Ryazanov hospitalized in serious condition – RBC

The film director Eldar Ryazanov was hospitalized in serious condition in hospital it. Burdenko, told “Interfax” a source in the medical community.

«Today Ryazanov taken to hospital Burdenko diagnosed with” acute cerebrovascular accident “,” – a spokesman said. While official confirmation of this information is not available.

Ryazanov October 18 celebrated the 87-year-old birthday. In 1950, the legendary filmmaker graduated from VGIK, after 34 years, he received the title of People’s Artist of the USSR.

In 1955 Ryazanov became a director “Mosfilm”, a year later, he took off his comedy “Carnival Night”, which became one of the most popular films of the Soviet era. However, the most successful film director became a hit Christmas comedy “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”, Which was released in 1975. Viewing this film in the New Year has become a tradition for many Russians.

For the best pictures Ryazanov also include the comedy “Hussar Ballad” (1962), “Give plaintive book” (1965), “Beware of the Car” (1966) “Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia” (1973), “Office Romance” (1977), “Garage” (1979), “On the Poor Hussar Say a Word” (1980) and “Railway Station for Two” (1982).

In 1991 Ryazanov took social tragicomedy “Promised Heaven”, which became a symbolic reflection of the era.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Life after Verdi – Kommersant

Premiere Opera

Premiere of “Il Trovatore” at the Mikhailovsky Theatre has become an example ideal transfer dramaturgically complex performance Dmitry Chernyakov delivered first in Europe and is not intended for Russia. In St. Petersburg, “Il Trovatore” Brussels theater “La Monnaie” sounded different, but not changed in content or quality. Yulia BEDEROVA.

There is no need to describe in detail what is happening in the play Chernyakova: Brussels version of his “Troubadour” with Marc Minkowski for remote control and two performers major parties (out of five), employment and the new version of Michael, already out on DVD, and in St. Petersburg is still going series premiere. So the psychological quest, where the prize winners – Verdi’s music comes to life, it is available. Another issue is that if in other productions directed by extra information into the hands of the viewer does not, there is, perhaps, there is nothing that would sound in the retelling dull spoiler. Neither the main nor the details did not collapse if know in advance that the characters (five of them, a replica of secondary characters transmitted mainly) do not live events in the camp, in the castle, in prison, “in fact”, but only arrogant, or, on the contrary embarrassment play them succumbing to the offer to participate in role-psychological game. And that, as negrityata of Agatha Christie, they are in the final, began playing, will miss most. In this case, no cold-blooded killer and provocateur will not all happen by chance, but we’ll see how it all goes to. Middle-aged beauty Azucena friends gather in rooms hung with velvet deaf, picturesquely ban the door and distribute paper with the script. Read Count di Luna will – haughty, nervous, gray man battered aunt Leonora, Manrico glamorous guy (“ex-boyfriend Leonora,” says titer above the stage) and the frail old man Ferrando, dry twig. They have long been familiar with them already before it happened, it was not fatal, but the pain and sorrow will not leave. Now they have to re-play the long-standing event, finally clarify the relationship. As is usually the performances Chernyakova where operatic conventions of the libretto and music acquire personal meaning and weight to the viewer, here the strong effect more transparent and straighter, people on the stage as if talking to himself and others: try playing their own destiny again, again really Relive loss and fear, humiliation and rage, fall in love again, again be rejected again and try to avenge stay alive after that. Indifference, courage and fear at the same time, that the characters go at it, grab the audience.

However, the “Troubadour” – perhaps the most efficient performance Chernyakova, it completely naked method: invented dramaturgical design frankly imposed on opera. And if many other performances idea is revealed gradually growing out of music, here, thrown on top, she quietly screwed into opera material and transforms its sound and emotional sense.

Outwardly simple method of re-experiencing the drama, it seems, involves a complex sequence of feelings in the viewer, at the same time as his own love and loss are becoming harder and harder, he can suddenly be amazed as important to him that the opera heroes hate deceived and die every time we look at them. And if the designated staging of “last time” before the Chernyakovskiy performance, heroes, apparently, miraculously survived, does this mean that they are now dead for real? If is not shown, it is again a conversation with the audience – an opera genre, its value and price.

An excellent ensemble of soloists made it thin and clear, and the musical work of Michael Tatarnikova without hitting specially imagination, almost always helped him in harmony scenes, duets, and Duettino tercets. And not just him – individual pleasure turned choir with its slim and discreet Verdi sound. The protagonist – the same Scott Hendricks (di Luna), which in Brussels formulation (without the possibility of transferring the performance in general seems to be very illusive), created vocal and dramatic image of Statutory not, on the contrary, mobile, rich nuances, plastic phrasing, bright paint. The second participant in the play “La Monnaie” – Giovanni Furlanetto (Ferrando) – his work did nekriklivoy softness vocals. The discovery was Manrico: strong and courageous voice of Arnold Rutkowski quickly and easily cope with the iconographic party, especially the scene and aria in the third act of penetration and were flawless. Ildiko Komlosi Azucena in the party also did not sing in Brussels, but how good it is – the ownership of voting and punching walls piercing image. Only one Leonora – Tatiana Ryaguzova – represented in the ensemble of “Troubadour” troupe and Michael was good, though, and at full capacity.

It is interesting that the most compromising performance Chernyakova (assuming no compromise extremely traumatic statements to the public, the director here in this sense, humanistic) was the biggest success among his Russian prime minister. At least, the most obvious and devoid of scandal. There was no loud insults nor deaf bewilderment. The premiere audience had “Il Trovatore” rapturous reception last but not least, perhaps, because, exposing method, Chernyakov not only offended hypersensitive viewers, but not transformed the meaning of Verdi gradually.

In addition, the transfer took place as including a careful and delicate work of theater: all changes (they are concerned not only artists) clearly, the performance fully formed, nothing important not to lose on the road nor in the plan, or as what is good and to play (here he looks and sounds a little more lyrically), and Michael himself – he can make European performances at a good level, and his audience, at least at the premiere, interested, attentive and reacts vividly.


Mockingjay makes cash – BBC

Box office USA: The third film in the series “The Hunger Games” has earned a lot more other films rolled sequel “Crass and Dumber” could not hold the lead unexpected, “City of Heroes” and “Interstellar “retained their positions, and” disappeared “continues to surprise.

An epic about the Hunger Games, arranged on the ruins of our world totalitarian capitol forced participation of twelve subjugated districts, was launched in the autumn of 2012 – one year after completion of a decade “Harry Potter” and a few months before the release of the final Twilight movie. Start a new franchise, designed for adolescents, but this time made in the genre of dystopian, came out successful – the first film at the box office earned about $ 700 million; The second part, subtitled “Catching Fire,” published in 2013 – another $ 865 million. A screen adaptation of the third book of the trilogy by Susan Collins (“Mockingjay”), divided into two parts, it seems, will continue the fine tradition of high earnings “Hunger Games ».

Over the weekend 21-23 November picture of” The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Part 1 “became a box-office leader in North America, and its revenue was $ 123 million.

The previous films in the series” The Hunger Games “started, of course, more confident: the first part has earned for the first weekend of $ 152.5 million, the second – $ 158 million. But the reduction in fees occurred only in the US box office, the rest of the world first “Mockingjay” proved to be as good as its predecessor; and then – a picture of criticism is not that praise, but not particularly abused (67% positive reviews against 75% in the second part), starring still Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Woody Harrelson joined Julianne Moore (she plays the 13th president of District). Fans of the series was still a lot of – well, now total revenue ribbon is $ 275 million, and its budget (on both sides of it has been spent 250 million) already paid for it.

The competitors in the North American box office at “Jay -peresmeshnitsy: Part 1 “actually was not. Biopic of the famous physicist, “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” was released only 150 copies, grossed $ 1.5 million weekend and finished in tenth place. Could not compete with the new “Hunger Games” and the leader of last weekend.

comedy “Dumb and Dumber 2″, the sequel to the 1994 film, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in usual roles earned $ 13.8 million weekend and took fourth place.

The general gathering pictures now total $ 70.7 million (of which only 13 million – outside the US), and its 35 millionth budget is already paid for. However, until the results of the original film (charges worldwide – $ 247 million in US box office – $ 127 million) is still very far away, and not the fact that they will be able to at least repeat, but the old guard was able to show that even on something -What is capable of.

The second place kept the Disney cartoon “City of Heroes”, earned in the last weekend of $ 20 million; total fees 165 millionth tape now total $ 185 million.

A movie by Christopher Nolan “Interstellar” with a budget (the same as the “City of Heroes”) is already largely understood. His fees for three weeks rental reached $ 346.5 million, and now he works off an advertising campaign (and, most likely, will work).

This weekend “Interstellar” too retained in the ranking, the remaining third, and his fees for the weekend amounted to $ 15.1 million.

Thriller David Fincher’s “disappeared” for several weeks in a row on the verge of relegation from the top 5 – and still can not take a step beyond. Over the weekend the picture has earned just $ 2.8 million, but their was enough for fifth place; just the other films have grossed less. Producers also “disappeared” can be happy all at once: this movie is one of the obvious contenders for the “Oscar”, his highly praised by critics, and the world’s fees amounted to $ 327.7 million – with only 60 million budget.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Picture of Hitler in Germany was sold for 130 thousand euros –

The buyer of the painting became a private collector from the Middle East, who wished to remain anonymous, reports Tass. Other candidates paintings were collectors from Asia and America.

Watercolor sold at auction, called “Munich registry office.” It depicts a historic building in Munich Town Hall. This is one of two thousand paintings, which Hitler wrote from 1905 to 1920.

former owners relics were two elderly women ?? Sisters of the state of Hesse, who passed it to the auction house for trading. Their grandfather bought the painting in 1916 in one of Munich’s art galleries.


Hitler watercolor was sold for 161 thousand. Dollars – BBC Russian

  • November 22, 2014


Watercolor Hitler in 1914

Auction House in Nuremberg German rescued 161 thousand. dollars per picture Munich Town Hall, made by Adolf Hitler in 1914, when he made the painting.

As the organizers of the auction, the buyer got a watercolor the Middle East.

The picture was put up for sale two elderly sisters from Germany, who noted in advance that 10% of the proceeds will go to charity.

Some auction houses, however, still refuse to sell works Hitler’s.

Many criticize the auction house for the sale of works of the Nazi leader.

Auctioneers in response to state that all claims must be presented to the owner of the painting. Their names are not called; we only know that the two elderly sisters.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Died director of “The Graduate” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” – Russian Newspaper

Mike Nichols, one of America’s most famous filmmakers, whose work brought him universal love both on Broadway and in Hollywood, died Wednesday in New York York. He was 83 years. Immigrant, he achieved incredible success in America, assembled a collection of almost all the prestigious awards in the United States: “Oscar”, “Grammy”, “Golden Globe”, “Amy” and “Tony”. He – one of 12 people in US history, which has received all such figurines.

On his death, said James Goldstone, president of ABC News. Nichols was married to the employee fourth marriage ABC Diane Sawyer. The cause of death is called cardiac arrest. The fate of both the director and his family is unique. The real name of Nichols, which he was given at birth – Michael Igor Peshkovski. It sounds so middle name. Igor, not I..

His paternal ancestors owned mine in Siberia, becoming one of the richest families in Tomsk in the XIX century. Father of director was born in Vienna. Maternal grandfather was a famous philosopher Gustav Landauer-anarchist. Parents Michael Peshkovsky met in Berlin, where he was born on November 6, 1931. His father worked as a doctor, he emigrated from Nazi Germany to the United States in 1938, a year later, Michael went there with her mother and brother Robert. There’s family changed the name to Peshkovski at Nichols. After his father’s death from leukemia, the family was on the verge of poverty. Michael, who entered the university was forced to look for jobs as a night watchman. He began his career with appearances in the genre of stand-up, singing in restaurants, then appeared on Broadway.

See also

It was on Broadway began his directing career, which lasted almost six decades. According to, Nichols had a unique gift of communicating with the actors and sharp comic sense of time, which he has honed in his early career. At Nichols was something that other directors dream remains: he was popular and achieved success in both film and theater. On Broadway, he won as many as nine awards “Tony” (including two as a producer). Once only one Broadway theater came together four shows, where he served as director. Among his productions on Broadway comedy stand on plays by Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park” and “The Odd Couple” set in the 1960s, funny musical scenario Monty Python’s “Spamalot”, staged four decades later, as well as a performance by the product of Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman.” On the Broadway stage, he set Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya.” In 1984, there thundered show “Whoopi GOLBERG”, which turned into a monologue of the world famous actress.

In his theater productions starring such famous actors movie, Richard Dreyfuss, Morgan Freeman, Steve Martin and Robin Williams. And Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, Christopher Walken, John Goodman and Kevin Kline played his Chekhov’s “The Seagull.” “Words are secondary and secrets are primary. This is what interests me most,” – once said Nichols, answering a reporter’s question about what is most interested in directing it. In June 2012, at age 80, he received another award “Tony” for the play “The Specialist”. When his name was announced at the ceremony, he kissed his wife, took the stage of the theater and said that sitting in the audience sees before him the happiest man in the world.

See also

According to critics, among the three most memorable works Nichols in the movie stand out tape “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman in 1967, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” in 1966 with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Barton, who was nominated for 13 awards “Oscar”, including for Best Director, and won awards in five categories. In addition, it is noted and his later paintings “Closeness” in 2004 with Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. It Nichols opened the world’s outstanding American actor Dustin Hoffman, who played him in “The Graduate”, which is considered one of the best comedy movies of all time, the main role. In this sharp satirical tape 21 year old college graduate from Southern California with his wife sleeping best friend of his father and then seduces her daughter.

Little brunette of Jewish neighborhoods in New York, in addition, an unknown stage actor ( Although he was born and raised in Los Angeles), Hoffman seemed an odd choice for the role of a spoiled boy from the West Coast. However, Nichols got to the point. He received the “Oscar” as a director, and Hoffman, which the director has opened the way to stardom, with De Niro, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson in 1980 entered the so-called “great Hollywood Quartet”, which referred to the quartet’s best actors American film industry. By the way, Jack Nicholson starred in Nichols’ Wolf “, a gripping thriller about how the editor of turning into a werewolf.

Experts, noting wit and charm Nichols called his prolific, too prolific, criticizing him for that he sometimes accidentally chose their projects or take on the job just for the money. Nevertheless, all the American media put a message on the death of Nichols in the category of so-called “first news.” Its condolences to the family of the director expressed the leading figures of the American film industry.

Direct speech

Meryl Streep, actress, winner of the award “Oscar”:

– He knew the joy and inspiration, this is a director who cried when he laughed, it is one without which we can not imagine our world, it is indelible and irreplaceable.

Tom Hanks, winner of the award “Oscar”:

– “Forward. We must always move forward. Otherwise, what will become of us? “- once said Mike Nichols, who changed the lives of those who knew him, who love him, who will miss him.

Steven Spielberg, director, the owner of the award “Oscar”:

– Mike was my friend, mentor, one of the greatest directors of all time and one of the most generous people I have ever known. For me the movie “The Graduate” changed lives. And in terms of experience in the movie, also becoming a master class about how you need to make a scene … Mike was always the center of attraction. This seismic loss.

Kevin Spacey, actor, the owner of the award “Oscar”:

– Mike Nichols gave me a start. Mentor, friend, colleague. One of the best observers of life. My thoughts are with Diane and his children.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

“Do not be a miser!» –

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a forum of the Popular Front, praised the quality of the Russian series, calling them “not very good”. The President noted the dominance of detective stories, and complained that local TV show is not much better for the quality of Latin American. Putin advised creators to pay more attention to the historical and cultural projects. “To” asked the creator of the popular TV movies and comment on the words of the president to share his thoughts on the modern Russian TV series.

Alexander Mitta

Alexander Mitta

Directed by Alexander Mitta (“Border. Taiga novel »):

First, it is nice that the president looks domestic sitcoms, that’s good. I remember once he looked the show “Border”. He liked it, and then our whole crew was given a state prize! So it can be rewarding some series.

And secondly, I think the quality of serials noticeably increasing. Here, for example, the last episode “Smile Mockingbird” on the First Channel. I am ashamed to say, but the last three nights … My wife used to look, and then said – Go and see, will not tear off. So I looked. Well, it’s great! Partly because the thought of this series Natalia Chepik that all my life I knew as a very talented playwright, but somehow she was invisible, you know? And here it is evident that it is a story that makes talented people. Wonderful idea, great actors. There is also a good director, Alexey Rudakov, so at the start and at the finish quality does not suffer. When there is a through action, a well conceived story, competent directing and playing cool actor (which is unfair, it should be noted, take away all the success itself) – means business is growing.

With regard to the comments of our President, they say, should more shoot about history and culture, and the detectives are not alone … I’ll tell you where cultural series – where the money! Detective – he’s at the most primitive level mobilizes the viewer’s attention. You create the puzzle, and the man sitting as you him no shows and looks. This is inherent in human nature – we want to get the answer who the culprit. Detective can be expensive, but it was originally removed the least expensive. So, naturally, the producers are trying to share the detectives was bigger. And when you’re shooting a cultural project – it is necessary to create an atmosphere, an environment has to cater for people with a higher level of culture and so on. This budget, it costs besides the rating can not be higher. It is clear that here the situation is complicated. But I agree with Putin, to make such serials needed. I am the way, love that this question (about the series) was given to him. So, you can get a new profit. Producers will be able to ask for money channels: Look, the president already interested in, so you do not need especially miser!

Vladilen Arsenyev

Vladilen Arsenyev

Producer Vladilen Arsenyev (“Bajazet,” ” Red Square “,” ambulance »):

Russian TV series, I would have rated below average. Are a continuous narrative repeats, especially in the women’s category. You could say the female theme deadlocked. Planted grandfather grandmother in prison, she planted her granddaughter and granddaughter planted Zhuchka. Then granddaughter came out of prison, met a mouse, got married, and that’s a happy ending. One and the same. Producers channel “Russia 1″, for example, believe that their core audience – women over 55 years old. They can give a gum for years.

Another story – for the thousandth time she comes out of the province, all so light and airy, and somehow gets into terrible trouble. But she lacks courage and femininity come out of it and find a good man. Somehow it all away from life …

People are not very anxious to raise the quality, something new to look for, find the young. Everything calmed down, sat in their seats, it is easier to solve problems through their people, maybe … Insistence on zero, so there is no competition. Such a great country, full of writers and ideas fully. Right now you’ll see how to “Catherine the Great” go. That will put the channel “Russia 1″ “Catherine” Masha Alexandrova, and the first will put others in which Julia had already Snigir undress and show how pretty she is in shorts and bra. As if competing, as if to say – just watch our channel. That’s the way we do today Soaps: absolutely irresponsible.

The TV channels all sorted out by genre. For example, NTV – a cops, cops, cops. And people do not come off with the needle. And we have a good rating, we will show the cops who steal, break laws, kill – but charming. Sneaky sneaky policemen from becoming a popular figure … So the question arises, even the president.

Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova

Actress Yelena Zakharova (“Kadetstvo” ” Kremlin cadets “,” Seraphim beautiful “,” Glaciers »):

I was quite shocked series” Rasputin “, filmed at the highest level! This is a real movie, serial feature film. And the “Thaw” is made incredibly talented. Now our series a very high level. When I have the time (this is, of course, rarely happens) and I find myself watching TV – happy to watch a TV show. I do not know why they say allegedly serials are bad. I’m curious. I’m sure that viewers watching with pleasure. I’ve heard so many positive comments!

However, I think that is not enough, for example, quality comedy projects – this is my personal opinion. I mean, not the endless sitcoms where a bunch of episodes, namely some short comic stories. It is understood that comedy – it is very difficult genre. And Americans, frankly, not particularly excelled here … I rarely watch Hollywood comedy, although there are certainly some classics. But the general level – the humor below the belt. American jokes are not close to me. But there is our lovely series – “Kitchen”. I accidentally saw it too and thought – very professional movie filmed masterfully. And beautiful, and the material is good. In general, it seems to me that we have in relation to television serials booming, very worthy.

And if we talk about detectives … We do policeman – a hero! This hero of our time. I, frankly, it always surprised. In life, in my opinion, everything is different. Yes, the president is right here, all too often made about the police, the police, about the detectives about the investigators, etc. This is the most popular genre today. I do not know, someone apparently orders. On the other hand, it is clear that the detective – the most fascinating genre. While I believe that we have an overabundance of police series.

Michael Porechenkov on the set of the series

Michael Porechenkov on the set of the series “Doctor Tyrsa»

Actor Michael Porechenkov (“Agent of National Security”, “Elimination”, “Case deli №1», «Kuprin»):

It is impossible to say what genres viewers prefer. People watching different TV shows – everyone loves a good movie. The main thing that the series was made qualitatively. I’m not a very close watch over what is on TV, especially for serials. It seems to me that each channel is responsible for its direction. Here CTC, as I understand, prefers comedies, they often guess the audience preferences, it’s easy genre. And now on the First “Miracle Worker” is. Wonderful movie, in my opinion. Each episode finds its audience. Can not say that any series has a high priority with the public, and no other trouble.

I’m not so much foreign TV shows watched, but what I saw … You know, a very noticeable difference in funding for them and us. And to fill some inner … yes, there shoot series on a high level. But we have a history of cinema! And we’ve got something to tell people his audience, not necessarily only watch western movies. There are universal values ​​that can tell. In this sense, our series is not worse. And the biggest budget, of course, we are far behind.

From our I would call such series (qualitative), as a “thaw” the same “Miracle Worker” … And, in my opinion, a fine comedy series “Interns.” I’m afraid to offend someone, because people have invested in the work soul, heart. Many wonderful series goes – it’s not as bad as it may seem.

Tatiana Davtyan

Tatiana Davtyan

Producer Tatiana Davtyan (“Father’s Daughter”) :

I think the quality of the Russian series grows. In general. But do not compare sitcoms and serials movies, right? What is meant Putin? On television became more humor and a little less than the cops. Although, of course, the last did not disappear. I personally observed this trend: in the last year we had a surge of serials Military History, patriotic content. Many biographical projects, like the recent “Gregory R.”. It is clear that if you compare with the American project of the “Orange – the new black” or “real detective”, it appears that such a level we have not yet reached. But actively seek it.

We have good comic series. I, for instance, I believe that the best project of the last decade have been and remain “Real boys.” Like we did not have all the new: the original idea and way of shooting, and the corresponding high ratings.

As for kinoserialov were decent, historical. I honestly think it’s better “liquidation” until we have no one took off. But, basically, we’re going in this direction. Say was the series “Life and Fate” – too beautiful, but unfortunately, the figure gave a very small because it was parallel with the “grouse”. Spectator went toward the latter.

A major problem – not enough money. But the most important thing – the lack of good scripts. Authors are very few, and to them for years all worth it. And on the bad scenario is not a good movie snimesh. I do not know where the good writers go? People able to write quality stuff is very, very little. It is clear that Western serials are on the order of our more, though, on the other hand, we and the labor is cheaper. But in general I must say that each channel has its target audience: what channel will, people and shoot.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First teleekstrasens USSR: From Kashpirovsky we drank, became friends, and then I gave him a promise – Interlocutor

This week’s events at the “Channel” – series “Miracle Worker.” Prototypes of the main characters, played by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Philip Jankowski, easily guessed – Anatoly Kashpirovskiy and Allan Chumak.

punctuated by several subjects (love triangle, a secret Soviet laboratory for the study of paranormal abilities, etc.) ” Miracle Worker, “focuses on the story of how on our screens first appeared psychics. We chatted with the pioneer of this movement Yuri Horn. It was he who paved the way for all current magicians on TV.

– I was the first of the so-called miracle workers, who were invited to the TV in the USSR – said “companion” Yuri Gavrilovic.

At the time, he was much more famous than Chumak and Kashpirovskiy together. With 60 spoke with hypnosis, repeating in public stunts Messing.

– Before the start of the 80 psychics and any other miracle of people close to the television screen were not allowed. Although we went on tour around the country, gathered wild sold out and earn a huge sum in those days. And in 1980, I was invited to mega program “New light”. Speech was a huge success. How to say now, “giant ratings».

– What first appeared on TV and Kashpirovskiy Chumak?

– Shortly after me. First brought Leonid Kravchuk. The future president of Ukraine then headed the Department of Agitation and Propaganda of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, was a Soviet party elite. He offered to show them to the doctor from Vinnitsa – they say, and here are my talents. Well Chumak worked as a journalist, cool on TV. And also have realized, on what you can earn.

– Chumak, then fake psychic?

– Chumak just a sweet man, nothing more. As for Kashpirovsky I gave him a promise not to criticize him publicly. Although still believe that mass hypnosis, which he owned, is extremely dangerous to human health, especially the so-called mobile psyche. As a large company we watched TV: Kashpirovsky parodied Vladimir Vinokur. And one girl in my eyes fell into a trance – just from the phrase “I give the installation!»

/ A as in life?

The wife Chumaka: I have not had an affair with Kashpirovsky!

We tried to find another prototype of the hero of the series – a woman, by which the mad both psychic. Do Kashpirovsky ladies rather virtual (in the sense of a little-known), but at Chumaka there is more than a real wife. Ludmila heartily laughed at our question: “Because of me, Allan V. and Anatoly certainly not competed … I did not even know Kashpirovsky!»


Monday, November 17, 2014

Ministry of Culture will create regional monitoring centers of international relations – ITAR-TASS

MOSCOW, November 17. / Corr. TASS /. Ministry of Culture plans to create a regional monitoring centers of international relations. This was stated by the head of department Vladimir Medina in forum-exhibition “Multinational Russia” opened in Moscow.

“Given the situation, we think about the creation of the Ministry’s subordinate agencies that would be involved in the monitoring of interethnic and interfaith relations,” – the minister said, adding that such centers will work on a regular basis.

He recalled that in view of the abolition of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Ministry of Culture was transferred 35 staff units.

forum- Exhibition “Multinational Russia” opened at the Moscow State Musical Theatre folklore “Russian Song” with the participation of 43 subjects of the Russian Federation.


Penza poet Vladimir Navrotsky entered shortlisted “Debut” – Penza-Press

The cycle of poems « From the book” Penza poet Vladimir Navrotsky included in the short list of the literary prize « Debut “in the category « Poetry “, the official website of the award.

In addition to Vladimir Navrotsky nomination also stated Afanasyev Anastasia from Kharkov with a book of poems « Prints” and Anna Tsvetkov from Moscow with a cycle of poems « Coffee Cigarettes Apples Love».

Just a short list of , which is awarded in five categories – “Major Prose,” “Small prose”, “Poetry”, “Drama”, “essays”, included 15 young writers from Russia , Ukraine , of Israel , writing in Russian. Winners selected by the jury , which included literary critic Pavel Basinskiĭ , novelist , editor of the publishing house “Kommersant” Yuri Buida , poet Alexander Kabanov , and literary critic philologist Vladimir Novikov , playwright Yaroslava Pulinovich. Names of winners , that will receive the grand prize – one million rubles , will be announced on December 11 at the awards ceremony.

Independent Literary Prize « Debut” has been awarded since 2000. In 2014, the premium « Debut” will be held for the fifteenth time.

Vladimir Nawrocki was born in 1979 in the village Zyrianka Verkhnekolymsky District Sakha ( Yakutia). He studied at PSU , lives in Penza , works as a programmer.

To write literary texts began 20 years. First published in 2003 in the anthology « Babylon».


Sunday, November 16, 2014

On the children’s “Eurovision” kuryanka Alice Kozhikina won fifth place – TVNZ

Kuryanka, winner competition “The Voice. Children » 11-year-old Alice Kozhikina November 15 will represent Russia at the children’s contest” Eurovision-2014 “. The contest was held in Malta in the small town of Mars. There attended by representatives of 14 countries of the world.

According to the results of voting representative of Russia won the fifth place.

Young kuryanka submit to the jury the song “Dreamer”, written in collaboration with his Producer Maxim Fadeev . A word invented myself Alice using soloist Olga Group SEREBRO Seryabkinoy.

Just before the final of “Eurovision” went online voting for the contestants. Young performers were evaluated by a professional jury, the jury of the previous winners of “Eurovision” and the audience directly. As a result, the small Russian woman was in first place in the number of likes.

– The super-talented girl. It uses the technique of professional voices. I just have nothing to say, I gave her the maximum score – told participants of previous “Eurovision” Misha Puntov .

«Komsomolskaya Pravda” has already told of the triumphal victory of the young Alice kuryanki Kozhikinoy on children’s “voice” in the spring of this year. Then a 10-year-old Alice voted 400 thousand Russians.

Alice Kozhikina then received a certificate for half a million rubles for vocational education. In addition, her mentor – Maxim Fadeev – promised that soon they will record their first single. In fact, the victory in the “voice” and cooperation with Maxim Fadeev and opened the way to Junior kuryanke «Eurovision 2014»

On the eve of the competition, we contacted mom young singer Anna Kozhikinoy .

– After winning the “voice” we signed a contract with Maxim Fadeev for 10 years. Thus, all the while watching and Alice will be producing center of Maksim Aleksandrovich. They organize tours of the proposed project, develop scenic image for Alice – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Anna Kozhikina. – While no major changes in the appearance and repertoire Alice did not happen. But the girl’s tight tour schedule.

– How Alice combine study and touring?

– girl – smart, she does very well, and the school with are sensitive to the fact that she is away on tour. Of course, there are certain disadvantages – we still live in the Leningrad region, and tours are held throughout the country. We have to take books with them to travel and engage in the school curriculum itself. I’m always accompanied by her daughter. Youngest daughter Ariadne on the tour remains with the pope. This year, she went to the first class.

– What are the immediate plans of creative Alice?

– In the framework of the signed contract, we have no right to divulge details. I can only say that in the spring of 2015 screens will cartoon Maxim Fadeev, the working title is “Sawa – The heart of a warrior.” Alice is also working on the soundtrack for this film. In addition to voicing her film Lolita, Glucose, Tears for Fears, Nikolai Baskov. On this film Maxim Fadeev worked for almost six years.

– Some of the teachers are now engaged with Alice singing?

– No, she’s studying music independently . Plus production center Fadeev.

If you recall the victory in the show “The Voice. Children “, then kuryanka bypassed by a large margin in the final of their competitors Lion Axelrod and Ragdu Khaniyev. Alice received 58.2% of audience votes, and Leo and Ragda 17.1% and 24.7% of the votes respectively.

In the final schoolgirl beautifully sang “better.” It was seen as kuryanka enjoys, charged from the audience and shares its energy with the audience.

In the second round of the finals of each of the three leaders spoke again solo. And only after that, taking into account the number of votes cast for the finalists determined the winner of the project. Alice spoke last. She sang Mariah Carey’s “All”.

prepare for the contest “The Voice” Alice vocal teacher Veronica Voroship .

– I think that the “Voice . Children “was brighter than adult” voice. ” A lot of talented children, with great vocal abilities. Alice, except for the wonderful vocals and beautiful artistic abilities, and still a great character. She is persistent, hardworking, responsible and quite modest, which is important for the future star.

Just before the contest Alice was interviewed Irish TV , which told me that she loved it and rehearse feels comfortable on the stage of “Eurovision».

When asked where he got such a strong little girl’s voice, Alice said:

– I do not know the secret. When I go on stage as if he wakes up in me.

On the children’s “Eurovision” Alice stood at number 13.


In 2014, adult and children’s “Eurovision” Russia represented kuryanki

Recall Alice Kozhikina – not the first-born of the Kursk region, which represents Russia at the contest “Eurovision”. In 2006 a resounding victory in a similar oknkurse won kuryanki Masha and Nastya Tolmachevy. and in 2014 girls represented our country in the adult “Eurovision” in Copenhagen.

From the file “KP”

Alice Kozhikina was born on 22 June 2003 in the village Uspenka Kursk region, where her family moved to live in the district town of Kurchatov. Since 2013, the family lives in the city of Pine Bor, Leningrad Oblast. Alice’s father is an engineer at a nuclear plant. Alice – fifth grade pupil Sosnovy gymnasium, excellent student.

According to mum girls abilities in the young singer found early. In three years, Alice gave to different circles, but the craving for singing emerged most strongly. In six years, the young singer has won first place in the city competition in Kursk.

Lyrics “Dreamer”

How do you say I love you.

With the wind behind us catching the rays of the hand.

And you will want to sleep, and I will sing.

And so close above the star.

And I give my dream.


White angels.

The sky we flew.

And just like we are.

Wings to touch the sky.

We white angels.

The sky we flew.

And just like we are.

Wings to touch the sky.

What now and where to run.

instead of the sky to fly with you again.

Or you want to be sleeping.

And I will sing.

And I’ll be over you.

And I dreamed of you.


and I learned to fly with the wind

I will be very dream of you and us.

I’m just dreaming.

You are my everything.

So how can I tell you this.

You are my all everything.

My love till the end of the time.

Can I be your everything.

Can I be your everything.

Or maybe I’m just little dreamer.

You are my everything


Cocked hat of Napoleon sold at auction for € 1,9 млн – RBC

One of belonging to Napoleon treugolok auctioned in France for nearly € 1,9 Mill. The auctions were held in Fontainebleau, reports TASS referring to the organizers.

On sale were exhibited objects from the Napoleonic collection Prince of Monaco Albert II. “Purchase personal belongings of Napoleon – means not only enhance their prestige, but also the prestige of the company,” – said one of the organizers.

In late September, the hammer is gone prenuptial agreement Napoleon and Josephine. The initial cost of the document was € 80 thousand, while trading it rose to € 438 thousand.