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“Penguins of Madagascar” in “Empire of Dreams”: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Prapor against Dr. Octopus–

For fans of the animated series about four penguins – Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and prapory – goes great cartoon! November 27 he started in theater “Empire of Dreams”. And most importantly, it is suitable for all ages. This means that you can have a good evening with your family. And so you had no doubt tell you the most interesting moments.

We’re penguins!

This is a story about the favorite characters from Madagascar – Brothers quartet of penguins: Skipper, Kowalski , Puerto Rico and ensign. Finally, we know where they were born. And why did you decide to become a spy. On one of the jobs they get into the hands of Dr. Octavius ​​Brown, which actually turns out to be an angry octopus. Because of his fame penguins thrown out of the zoo. Then he becomes an outcast and plotting revenge. Brian wants to turn all the penguins into horrible monsters and destroy the world. In this difficult task will help the penguins spy special team “North Wind” – the wolf, owl, seal and bear. But the task will be difficult, and they almost lost prapory …

Humor marked 0 +

To be honest, go to the cartoon was scary. Every year the number and quality of cartoons falls. And if they go further, then it does not always live up to the original. But here it’s different!

The history of penguins spyware began back in 2005, when the first part of Madagascar. During this time, they became heroes of individual promo videos, TV shows and even comic books.

The Penguins got their animated life. At this time the director Eric Darnell, who owns all parts of Madagascar, decided to devote their stories big animated feature. And deservedly so. After all, the last part of Madagascar distributors to bring more than 745 million dollars.

The skipper and his team have long been eclipsed by a lion, hippopotamus, giraffe and other characters. Unfortunately, the director of the film seems to have decided to join in a cartoon everything that was invented in the cinema in the last 5-10 years.

This is a secret group with a leader in the style of the movie “Bolt”, and a terrible doctor who very smacks of “Despicable Me.” And the list goes on – the chase, Antarctica, laser systems, the crash. Sometimes it’s hard to name a movie or cartoon, which was the basis of the frame. But apparently the writers reviewed films 007 and Born.

But the humor does not disappoint! I think in a few weeks catch phrase will be distributed throughout the Internet. This is a universal sense of humor, which is suitable for adults and children. It’s antics and jokes on taxes and more “adult” things. The child does not understand them, and adult laugh.

try and artists who have successfully created a new image. They are unique, each has its own character and style.

New Heroes: Secret of the wolf, seal Gunpowder, owl – Eve and the Bear – Cpl. They are unique characters, but I think worth a separate cartoon.

Successful spin-off

Penguins – this is one of the most successful spin-offs. They obviously will be able to gain the trust and interest of the audience. What could not do, such as “Puss in Boots».

By the way, it was not without errors. When penguins are trying to save the egg, you will notice that a snowball, which was an egg, and a snowball in which there were penguins disappear at the time of the attack seals.

And do not think that you saw in the trailer all The most interesting. The most interesting will be in the film. Be sure to half an hour of laughter and great graphics are worth the price for a ticket!

Check showtimes animated film “Penguins of Madagascar” and book your tickets by phone 905-515 or visit izhevsk.imperiyagrez.rf.


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