Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Karma cyclist and pink taxis – BBC

Berlin Wall, the lost generation, feminism, and the crime of the century architectural masterpieces – the festival kicks off in Moscow BLICK. During the week from 13 to 19 November in the capital will be showing a documentary film in Germany – in the original language with Russian subtitles.

One of the main themes of the festival, taking place against the backdrop of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin walls, was the theme of the division of Germany. Thus, the actor and director Stefan Weinert shot movie about people whose relatives died in the “death strip».

Subject divided Germany is traced in the film Sandra Prehtel and Sasha Hilpert “Cyclist Lёtch “- one of the most famous athletes of the GDR, in an absurd coincidence got to prison Stasi,

have gone through 11,000 prisoners, most of which has been accused of political crimes. The film won the Audience Award at DOK-Festival in Leipzig.

In its own theme of postwar Europe reveals Arne Birkenshtok in his film “Beltrakki: art forgery».

This is the story of a brilliant deceiver – Beltrakki Wolfgang, who created a number of imitations of famous paintings of famous artists.

Subsequently, the deception was uncovered and the forger was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment. In 2011, on the site The Art Newspaper published a list of famous fakes. It included 53 paintings, the German police said that the list is far from complete.

The festival features paintings devoted not only to confront the state and the person, but also the struggle of man with himself. David Ziveking took a sad picture of her mother with Alzheimer’s disease. Within a few weeks he shoots manifestation of progressive disease. The picture won a number of awards at regional documentary film festivals, particularly in Locarno and Leipzig.

In addition, a Retrospective BLICK director and screenwriter Uli Gaulke, which included five of his films and a master class. Among them it is worth paying attention to the film “Goodbye, GI!”, Dedicated to the release of the last American soldier – the US withdrew its troops from Germany only in 2013. Or, conversely, into a light and witty painting “Pink Taxi” about three female taxi drivers who work exclusively for persons of the weaker sex.


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