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the award ceremony of “The Big Book” and “Kniguru»

 literary awards, fiction, children's literature, Pashkov House Parade laureates: Zakhar Prilepin (first place), Svetlana Aleksievich (first place as a result of the reader’s vote), Vladimir Sorokin (second place) and Vladimir Sharov (third place). Photo Anatoly Stepanenko


Winners Announced national literary award “Big Book»


On Tuesday in Moscow held a traditional ceremony of awarding the winners of the National Literary Prize “Big Book”. Although the word “traditional” is not quite appropriate. Yes, the award takes place for the ninth time – and for the eighth time in the same place, Pashkov House (there is the Russian State Library – the former Leninka). However, unlike many other awards, where every year repeats the same procedure – long speech jury lapidary winners and thanks to the most long-awaited audience behind the scenes-standing buffet part – organizers of the “BK” approach to honoring the winners of a sparkling fantasy. This occurs not only at the final ceremony, but also at the stage of announcement of finalists. Then head of the Assembly of Experts (experts selected members of Long and Short-list) writer Mikhail Butov trick out a chef’s hat. Then turn the room in the “playground” (along with “BC” in recent years in the House of Pashkov summarize the national competition for the best literary work for children and youth “Kniguru”). Then organize it in the battlefield of paper and electronic books. That cinema. That Counting Commission will be located in the “cherry orchard” – in the year award in standing apart nomination “For contribution to the literature” was awarded to Chekhov (obviously deprived during his lifetime literary awards Anton Pavlovich probably would have rejoiced). In general, the ceremony always shine diversity.


This time the ceremony was organized in the nostalgic style of “a la scoop.” Before the start of the screen profiles Russian classics alternated so that each time there were three – like Marx, Engels and Lenin. The event started with the song “Once again, the battle begins, and the heart of anxiety in my chest, and Lenin was so young, and the young in October to come …” and led him to the cult TV presenter Anna Schatiloff, best known for the program “Time” and “blue light”. Teleconference with the Counting Commission, accepting the obligation to complete the calculations for 30 minutes, was designed saver “Intevidenie.” In accordance with the Soviet rhetoric were presented all participants “short” list. There were nine – sparsely given the fact that the short-list can go from 8 to 15 pieces. So: Svetlana Aleksievich “Time second hand”, Xenia Buksha “factory” Freedom “Alexander Grigorenko” Ilget. Three names of fate, “Alekseĭ Makushinskiĭ” Steamboat in Argentina, “Zahar Prilepin” Resident “Victor Remizov” Will freestyle “, Vladimir Sorokin” tellurium “Yevgeny Chizhov” interlinear translation with “Vladimir Sharov” Return to Egypt. “


«Big Book” features another feature – almost every year one of the three prizes battered someone’s biography. Mostly writing. It began with the first season in which the “gold” took zhezeelovskoe biography of Boris Pasternak created by Dmitry Bykov. Then there were two books about Tolstoy – Alex (author Alexey Varlamov) and Leo (Pavel Basinskiĭ), about another Leo – “Gumilev, the son of ENU” (Sergei Belyakov), Solzhenitsyn (Ludmila Saraskina) and Aksenovo (Alexander Kabakov and Evgeny Popov ). In such cases, receiving the award, the author usually modestly said that he did not win, but his character. This year among the finalists of the characters do not.


Aside from Sharovsky “Return to Egypt.” But – do not count. Firstly, it is not a biography or even artistic biography, namely a novel. Secondly, although the central character and is named Nikolai Gogol, but Gogol – but not that: it is an indirect descendant of the classic, which is trying to finish the unfinished volume of “Dead Souls”. Third, the present Gogol this year was 205 years since the birth – still not an anniversary, but just a round number. Fourth (and perhaps in the first place), we have a novel in words of Pushkin’s “wonderfully long, long, long,” and not just (or even at Gogolian and rare) reader gets even until the middle of , stuck in abundant and “cultural”, but monotonous correspondence Gogol Jr. with his many uncles and nedyadyami … Although the volume of “The Return …” is definitely worthy of “Big Book” (interview with the author, devoted to this novel, read ” NG-EL »from 24.10.13). As prilepinskaya “Resident” of the Solovki camp 20s, also characterized by monotony and longueurs and abounding fun for the modern reader stylistic quirks like “tart something swayed in the soul” or “burlykalo in the head.” The remaining finalists are much thinner (by volume). And the “production” novel Xenia Buksha (see review on it. In “NG-EL» from 03.27.14). And dramatic, bloody recent Russian history, polyphonic outlined Svetlana Aleksievich in documentary form of interviews with eyewitnesses (see. “NG-EL» from 01.23.14). And Sorokin already familiar futuristic-geopolitical mosaic (see “NG-EL» from 11.14.13). And taiga village Action Victor Remizov, from which could leave a good mini-series for TV. And addressed to lovers nabokovschiny “Steamboat in Argentina” – although perfectly willing to wade through long sentences can be much less than fans Prilepina and ball …


While counting commission finishes its work, the stage invited the head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications Mikhail Seslavinskiy to announce the winners of the award “Kniguru” – the award for the best work for children and youth. Michael V. said that this prize is awarded on the results of online voting, and this year it was attended by more than 7 thousand. Young readers. In general, the site is visited by about premium of 15 thousand. People a month, Michael Seslavinskiy called him “Youth social network dedicated to reading».


The third place was awarded to Tatiana Rick for the same nostalgic as the whole ceremony, the story of a girl 70 “Chur, Volodya my fiance!”, The second ranked Dmitry Kazakov with the mystical story “Moscow blizzard” (so he did not expect it will be noted that, according to rumors, went to Thailand, where for several years running scuba diving instructor), well, in the first place was Nina Dashevskaya with the product “About music».


Writer Leonid Yuzefovich invited for the announcement of the results of the reader’s Internet voting, was brief. Third place – Alekseĭ Makushinskiĭ; the second – Zakhar Prilepin; first – Svetlana Aleksievich. Makushinsky said he did not expect the literature of such complexity, as he tries to write, it may be perceived. Aleksievich just expressed pleasant surprise at the reader’s reaction: “Friends assured that I have no chance, they say, Russian society is in such a state that the truth that I’m trying to say in his books will not be accepted. But I’m glad that the society was smarter than politicians. ” She also said that now the writers divided into races, depending on the generations, and it is – from the ’90s. A Prilepin confessed that he did it, but, despite the fact that he is from zero, would be happy to meet with representatives of all other races “in the field of literature».


President’s Advisor for Culture Vladimir Tolstoy and Director of the State Literary Museum Dmitry Bak presented the award in the category “Contribution to literature.” She was awarded the author of the famous “Pokrovsky Gates”, playwright Leonid Zorin, recently celebrated its 90th anniversary; with 80 years of these 90 were given literature. Russian literature elder said that hails from the Caucasus, where in the course of anecdote: “To aksakal came to report that his younger brother died before reaching one hundred years. And he answered and said, “I always knew that this boy will not survive long» …


And finally announced the decision of numerous (more than 100 people – that’s another difference between “BC” from other awards) the jury. Third place went to Vladimir Sharov, admitted that he wrote his novel a few years. In second place was Vladimir Sorokin. He said: “The second time the second place – it’s not bad. My novel about the New Middle Ages … And even if the new Middle Ages come not, that old, certainly our stay ».


Well, the main prize was awarded Zakhar Prilepin. He joked that, in his opinion, at least three books of short-list could claim the first place, but the decision of the jury to award him, he will not contest.



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