Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Very timely “book” – Kommersant

Literature Prize

In Moscow, for the ninth time passed literary award ceremony “Big Book”. According to the regulations Prize laureates direct secret ballot to elect the members of the literary academy. As a result, the third prize was awarded to Vladimir Sharov (novel “Return to Egypt”), the second – Vladimir Sorokin (novel “tellurium”). And the grand prize of 3 million rubles. got to Zakhar Prilepin for his novel “Resident”. ANNA Narinsky comments.

Accepting the award from the hands of the chairman of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin, Zakhar Prilepin thanked those who suffered for it. “Well, that to those who were against it, – he continued – is so you right.”

Indeed, so all and necessary: ​​and those who were for and those against. Because it is this – the main award winning literary award – the author of our present social life becomes more harmonious, equal in all directions, as Pythagorean pants in nursery rhymes. This “podhodyaschest” time and laureate was demonstrated already at the ceremony. There’s solemn part for a laugh and with, you know, stylized as a hint of the Soviet Writers’ Congress time: Central Television announcer Anna Schatiloff professionally intoning, read out written in the best traditions of stagnant annotations to the books of the short-list and played appropriate background music. When it was announced that the members of the literary Academy voted for the person to elaborate on sentiment, “what a great country we have lost”, it turned out that the Soviet reprise, she has even more in the arc than initially thought.

This trick organizers, of course, did not have in mind, though rewarding Prilepina no surprise to anyone not there. On the contrary, interested in Russian literature has long talked of him as the most possible candidate, and only about entering the novel “Resident” in the top three, no one doubted. And if we bear in mind that members of the literary academy “Big Book” (ie those who choose laureates), there are about a hundred and they basically make up the so-called literary community, we can say that making such predictions, many, even Without meaning to, “offered” for whom they will vote for yourself.

Most often these very interested prefer to consider this prilepinsky triumph in purely literary field. Like, no wonder literary prizes are called literature and that they are awarded for the quality of writing, and the views of the authors and do their ideology into consideration here should not be taken at all. This being only in the literary field, it is necessary to say that, although the novel “Resident” is allocated to its present general literary background accurate sense of the author’s design and the ability to work with the characters, it does not cancel the absolute Sovietness. As spontaneous (the author himself lived Soviet aesthetic values ​​and, consequently, their offers), and conscious (author deliberately plays the Soviet novel as it was, on the one hand, Leonov, on the other – Solzhenitsyn as a phenomenon). That is the victory of this novel (in a free and secret ballot in the presence of a short-list of this principle asovetskogo text as “tellurium”) shows a selection of the very “literary community” Soviet aesthetics and approach as the most amiable of her heart.

But generally talk about literary prizes exclusively on the territory of literature – employment of at least strange. Around the world – and it’s not a secret – the big prize, awarded in various kinds of arts, have a political component. This fact can not deliver a special joy, but to put it into question is impossible. And no matter how much shrugged their shoulders at the Nobel ‘orders, the politically correct “or” Cannes leftism “, one thing is clear: the world has become an integral politicization of premium process. Important Prize not awarded to the author in isolation from what views he demonstrates. So – at least in the eyes of a detached observer premium process – if the country’s intelligentsia presents a major literary prize to the person who wrote a “Letter to Comrade Stalin”, from her, intellectuals, name, showing how it is, the intelligentsia, is negligible, therefore, She shares this enthusiasm. Otherwise goes too silly.


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