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Penguins flown below jays – BBC

US box office: “Penguins of Madagascar” can not cope with “Mockingjay” and may fail at the box office, and “Interstellar” and “City of Heroes” together coped with the second and last ” Horrible Bosses ».

The secondary characters are sometimes so interesting that they get the right to own film. In the animation of the characters in the last ten years had accumulated several. Cat from “Shrek” to go fascinated spectators and ten years after the first pictures of the huge ogre appeared in the title role, and even managed to earn good money – “Puss in Boots” grossed $ 555 million at 135 million budget. In 2015, will be released “Minions” – a separate film about the plight of young helpers funny villains, a spin-off animated film “Despicable Me.” Well, this week at the box office history appeared penguins from “Madagascar”, about which already has a cartoon series, and which appear in every movie that is actually a full-fledged franchise.

Over the weekend with 28 to 30 November in the United States and Canada “Penguins of Madagascar” earned $ 25.8 million, and became only the second.

Start the penguins came not the best. The same “Puss in Boots” earned in its first weekend $ 34 million and became the leader (it was in October 2011); However, this week in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving Day, but because all the releases came a couple of days earlier than usual Friday. Total revenue from the “Penguin” – $ 36 million in North America, and with the rest of the world – $ 59 million. This, of course, is not enough for the 130 millionth budget, but there is a chance that the child will be able to film linger in the top 5 at to the exit of the third “The Hobbit” (scheduled for December 17). And the cat three years ago competitors actually was not. But “Penguins of Madagascar” had to compete with the leader of last week – and this competition advance was doomed to failure.

Last weekend dystopia with a complex called “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Part I »(the first film final book of the trilogy fantastic Suzanne Collins) earned $ 122 million, to these lost slightly more than half of fees and raised $ 56.8 million, which was enough for first place.

Total charges 125 millionth picture now total $ 480 million.

The first “Mockingjay” has the potential to surpass the previous films about “The Hunger Games”: in the first part 2012. raised $ 691.2 million, and the second in 2013 – $ 864.9 million worldwide. In any case, before the release of “Exodus” by Ridley Scott (and it will be in two weeks) Rolled major releases free; situation can spoil the “Penguins”, but then as lucky – either spoil, or not. In any case, all the financial problems a film about people who, led by Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) seeking justice, as opposed to the “Penguins” had already decided.

Movies – leaders of the previous weeks indicative retreating. Finally flew out of the top five “disappeared” by David Fincher – and immediately in eighth place ($ 2.5 million for the weekend and $ 332.4 million in total). Moved to third place “City of Heroes”, earned over the weekend $ 18.8 million; total fees of the tape ($ 224.1 million) do not allow to speak about payback (budget – $ 165 million). The fourth was the fantastic “Interstellar” Christopher Nolan: revenue for the weekend was $ 15.8 million, and the total fees for the month rental – $ 477.6 million.

Fifth place was taken black comedy “Horrible Bosses 2 ‘, which brought together over the weekend $ 15.7 million.

The first film that apparently unsuccessful franchise released in the summer of 2011 and showed their best side – $ 28 3 million starting fees and total revenue of $ 209 million looked good for the 35 millionth picture. In addition, the picture almost praised by critics (69% positive reviews on kinoretsenzy aggregator Rotten Tomatoes), and the cast was pretty strong – even starring got young actors own boss played by Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey. The second part of the former slaves became leaders themselves, and the story does not seem recouped part Aniston or Spacey. Critics ‘Horrible Bosses 2′ more abused (35% “fresh”), and the audience chose “Penguins of Madagascar” and “Mockingjay.” But the budget picture is not too different from the first portion ($ 43 million versus $ 37 million), fees for five days were $ 23 million, is scheduled rental worldwide – and thus, the film is likely to pay off. Here are just a third of producers are unlikely to be removed.


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