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Andrei Konchalovsky put “Crime and Punishment” in the Moscow theater musicals – ID Altapress

on the production of “Crime and Punishment” to music by Edward Artemiev will work in the coming months. When Dostoevsky allowed to transfer his novel to the stage, he said, that you can change the story – the main thing that has remained an idea. After such a declaration director Andrei Konchalovsky’s obvious that the classical reading of the history of Raskolnikov’s little that remains. Site of action is a modern city, and the characters will fight hatred, swept the world. The director does not hide the main thing – is that he himself liked, reports bfm.ru.

Andrei Konchalovsky

In a world almost everyone knows “Crime and Punishment”, everyone in the West knows the name, and the name, but read, probably not many. We try to find the adequacy of one of the fundamental concepts of the world, which was proposed by Russian writer so accurately and brilliantly that served as the basis for the development of Western and European philosophy.

“Crime and Punishment” conceived by the composer as a modern rock opera. Artemiev worked on this music in America. What happens on the way out is hard to say. The main thing is that in trying to please the public, not the creators have gone too far, says music critic Maria Babalova.

Marie Babalova
music critic:

Konchalovsky and Artemyev had a long human friendship, and that in such a case, an important thing. The second point that Konchalovsky has extensive experience in the production of the opera at the Metropolitan Opera in New York and worked with Valery Gergiev at the Mariinsky Theatre. Another question is whether to pick up a decent performers, because the score of this work requires extraordinary skill.

As a rule, the actors on such projects are selected on the basis of untwisted, but Konchalovsky, it seems, intends to expand the search area: in the right genre in the country there are three hundred people, and in a type need to get perfect – so why limit yourself. The premiere will take place next year.


Musical “Crime and Punishment” is looking for the lead actors – Russian Newspaper

In the two weeks before the premiere of the new production of “All Cinderella” at the Theater of the musical its artistic director Mikhail Shvydkoi, general producer David Smelyanskiy and CEO Alexander Novikov, held a press conference. But she was devoted not Cinderella – it announced the next, fifth, the performance, which will go into the theater season of 2015 – “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky.

In addition to those named above, to meet with the media came to the director of the play Andrei Konchalovsky, composer Eduard Artemyev and librettist Yuri Ryashentsev.

We have experience Konchalovsky opera productions in leading theaters of the world. For example, “War and Peace” or “Boris Godunov.” But here’s a musical based on the classic literary work – whether it is new for him? It turns out – not quite.

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– Two and a half years ago Smelyanskiy told me that he talked with Andrew Sergeyevich, and have an idea to implement a stage version of the musical composition, which was previously written on the disc, – said Mikhail Shvydkoi. He added: “I would not call it a rock opera like to drive, this stylistic musical creation, in which there is a chanson and folk music, and elements of grand opera”.

– As for the story, it is long as the world. Because we started working on this play for a long time, even when it was popular in the world of opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” – continued Andrei Konchalovsky. – It was about 40 years ago, even back then I did not go to America. I then saw a performance of “Strider” in the BDT, I liked it, I found out who was working on it with Tovstonogov. Then wrote Mark Rozovsky and Yuri Ryashentsev. And I told them, let’s do “Crime and Punishment.” Soon, the company appeared in Edward Artemyev …

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Three years ago there was a lot of work on the text, and Edward wrote wonderful music. We began to look for an opportunity to put the show, but it was long, massive, cumbersome, and I decided this idea to someone to give. However, nothing happened, and then we decided to make a new concept, a new look. Those people for whom we wanted to have something to do, “Crime and Punishment”, became pensioners. And we learned to think, how to make a play for a new generation.

You probably know that when Dostoevsky was asked about the stage interpretation of “Crime and Punishment”, he said, they say, you can do what you want, importantly – do not lose the basic idea. In this we rely. I would call it a musical performance. Not even a rock opera, it’s something else. We are co-authors have tried to find an adequate form of musical Russia forever. Probably the closest to this collage of Igor Stravinsky.

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The new production, we decided to do on the basis of all the music that is written Artemyev for 30 years. We changed the concept and moved the action to the new time that resonates with yesterday, and today, and tomorrow. We would like to travel back in time.

– Judging by what you say, the action of the play moved to the present days – specified Browser “RG”.

– Theatre allows you to move in time as you want, – said Andrey S. – Yes, we can say that modern heroes: Today a young man and woman today. But in the play can be elements of the 19th century. For example, there is no organ grinders. We will travel through time, but not in such a way that the viewer was a shock.

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Andrei Konchalovsky also said that he came to the meeting with the media with a pragmatic purpose:

“For the two main characters – Sonya and Raskolnikov – we need musical talent, and we would like to find them. Two young people who would get the role and made a career. Without them, hardly a performance can be achieved. Both games are extremely complex music. And artists should not be guest performers, and that they went with us in all things, and then I hope the show will live “.

Mikhail Shvydkoi said that auditions will start in November, after the premiere of the play “All Cinderella”: “We are in talks with one of the channels, which will expand the audience for invitations. Moscow has 350 artists who work in this art form, and our task is to extend the search range from 350 of these artists, who we need to be on the one hand young, and on the other – have dramatic art and a good voice “.

” Figuratively speaking on the role of Sonny, we need Edith Piaf, “Vorobeichik” – summed Mikhail Shvydkoi.


“Sunstroke” Mikhalkov comes out in cinemas in Russia – Utro.Ru

In the Russian hire October 9 is a film by Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Sunstroke”, based on the works of Ivan Bunin. “I desperately wanted to find a cinematic incarnation of Bunin air breathing. This is the real challenge for the director. I can not say that I have achieved this, but for sure I can say that long and hard for this was,” – said the director in an interview ” Izvestia “.

In order to comply with the historical veracity of the filmmakers re-read a lot of historical documents and studies about the Civil War, the red terror in the Crimea, the White movement, examined records, judgments, transcripts of interviews, re-read the memoirs of the Civil War. Mikhalkov says that the resulting material was so impressive that he decided not to include all of the film.

“We focused on the most, in my opinion, the main thing – answering the question” How does all this happened? “. This is the central question of the picture. As happened” sunstroke “How happened” Cursed Days “How to” sunstroke “was replaced by” Cursed Days “How did all this happen? Where is this face, share era?” – quote director of “The News”.

According to the director, while there was a production of the picture, the war started in Ukraine and “Sunstroke” acquired a special significance. “This issue is relevant now more than ever. Let’s look at the Maidan. How nobly all began – with a few hundred people who had gathered to express their outrage at the Yanukovych government, corruption, theft and pointless bureaucratic luxury on a background of poverty of the majority. And what is all end? “- says Mikhalkov.

In his film Mikhalkov tries to answer the question: how to start a war that does not spare anyone then? One of the heroes of the Whites in the “sunstroke” argues that the revolution blame Russian literature of the XIX century. Director agrees with this phrase: “If you think about it, which is often done by our venerable writers? Methodically abused all: and the priests, and kings and lords and peasants, and the power, of course, with any authority. This principle trends of the liberal intelligentsia, which are still alive.

In “Sunstroke” Mikhalkov filmed mostly little-known young actors. Victoria Solovyov, who plays the Stranger, the creators found in Kiev, actor Martins Kalita, performing the title role, arrived on the set of Liepaja. Serbian artist Milos Bikovich playing one of the Whites, especially learned Russian to star in “sunstroke.” In addition to the full-length version of the film, and the creators have prepared a television version of a five for the TV channel “Russia 1″.

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Raskolnikov in the Theater of the musical. Konchalovsky put “Crime and Punishment» – BFM.Ru

Andrei Konchalovsky put “Crime and Punishment” in the Moscow theater musical. His head Mikhail Shvydkoi promises that the show will be tough without sentimentality inherent Dostoyevsky

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Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky before a press conference on the launch of a project to create a musical “Crime and Punishment.” Photo: TASS

Over production of “Crime and Punishment” to music by Edward Artemiev will work in the coming months. When Dostoevsky allowed to transfer his novel to the stage, he said, that you can change the story – the main thing that has remained an idea. After such a declaration director Andrei Konchalovsky’s obvious that the classical reading of the history of Raskolnikov’s little that remains. Site of action is a modern city, and the characters will fight hatred, swept the world. The director does not hide the main thing – is that he himself liked.

Andrei Konchalovsky


«Crime and Punishment” was conceived by the composer as a modern rock opera. Artemiev worked on this music in America. What happens on the way out is hard to say. The main thing is that in trying to please the public, not the creators have gone too far, says music critic Maria Babalova.

Maria Babalova

music critic

As a rule, the actors on such projects are selected on the basis of untwisted, but Konchalovsky it seems, is going to expand the search area: in the right genre in the country there are three hundred people, and in a type need to get perfect – so why limit yourself. The premiere will take place next year.


Producers comedy “Kiss!” Want to challenge sending for “Oscar” in the United States the film “Leviathan” – Radio Echo of Moscow

They consider it unfair choice of the Russian Oscar Committee. As arguments, they draw attention to the fact that “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev showed only a week in a single Russian cinema. While their picture set records at the box office, and the number of viewers.

The perturbation of the producers of the film “Bitter!” Is understandable, but it can not affect the decision of Russian Oscar Committee – told the Echo of Moscow film director, committee member Paul Chukhray. Wins and concluded that he did not see any problem in dissatisfaction with the film’s producers “Bitter!».


Monday, September 29, 2014

In Belgrade, Oct. 3 premiere of the new film Mikhalkov – RuNews24.ru – hour news service


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In Belgrade, Oct. 3 premiere of the new film Mikhalkov




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in Belgrade at the beginning of next month, will be held the premiere of the film “Sunstroke”, shot by Nikita Mikhalkov.

The corresponding event in the capital of Serbia, held on October 3. First about the film will be in the walls of the Belgrade Sava Center.

The new movies of the famous Russian director was created based on the works of Ivan Bunin and a series of diaries, known as the “Cursed Days».

The author explained his choice of venue for the premiere of his new film created by the fact that this event is going to happen between friends.

According to Mikhalkov’s movie premiere can be seen as his birthday, but these days should be near with family and friends.

Photo: open source




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U.S. box office leader “The Great Equalizer” – Bulletin

earned $ 35 million, the film Antoine Fuqua showed the fourth result of the September starts. Better just started rolling « Monsters on vacation» (, 2012, $ 42.52 million), « Astral. Chapter 2 » (, 2013, $ 40.27 million) and « Sweet Home Alabama» (, 2002, $ 35.64 million). And the pictures of Denzel Washington at « The Great Equalizer” third ?? after « American Gangster» ( , 2007, $ 43.56 million) and « access code « Cape Town» (, 2012, $ 40.17 million) .

the film’s success is due primarily to the name of Denzel Washington, which today ?? One of the heroes of the American film. « The Great Equalizer” was his twelfth film, starting with the result of more than $ 20 million ?? all the more impressive that ten of the twelve ( including « Equalizer”) came out with a hard age rated R.

The role of a former intelligence officer, alone showed gruel Russian mafia, perfectly blended in with the image that Denzel Washington cultivates last ten years. And the fans were satisfied. The film has been praised by the A scale CinemaScore. Critics were restrained ?? « tomatometr” aggregator Rotten Tomatoes showed only 60% of fresh tomatoes, vol. E. Positive reviews.

Followers « Equalizer” was predominantly adult ( 65% over 30) and evenly split between men ( 52%) and women.

The second weekend was the premiere « Family of monsters” studio Laika Animation. Painting started in third place with $ 17.25 million ?? best for the puppet cartoon from the time of « Corpse Bride” by Tim Burton (, 2005, $ 19.14 million). The audience, mostly female ( 57%), took « Bunch monsters” well ?? rating of B + on a scale CinemaScore. Were supportive and critics ?? 72% positive reviews.

According to the materials boxofficemojo.com


New film by Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Sunstroke” the first to see the inhabitants of Belgrade – Belarusian News


The world premiere of Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “Sunstroke” based on the works of Ivan Bunin held October 3 in Serbia in the Belgrade Sava Center. The first picture will be able to see about 4,000 spectators. Prime Minister visited the leading Serbian politicians, major cultural and public figures.

The film is based on two works of Ivan Bunin – the story “Sunstroke” and diaries of the writer “Cursed Days”.

«The film is woven from the very weave of air, light, haunting moments” sunstroke “of 1907 and the grim, devastating and tragic events” Cursed Days “in 1920 – a time when the Russian world was” torn to shreds ” civil war, when tens of thousands of Russian people had to flee their homeland, seeking refuge in Europe, and in particular in Serbia “, – quotes Nikita Mikhalkov The Hollywood Reporter .

According to the director, the choice of Belgrade for the premiere – not random, because “in the 20 years Serbia has contributed significantly to the tens of thousands of Russian immigrants, becoming for them, in fact, a new home.”

The Russian premiere of “Sunstroke” will take place on October 4 in Simferopol.


The film “Running in the maze” keeps the palm at the box office in Russia – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, Sept. 29 – RIA Novosti, Natalia Kryuchkov. A movie “Running in the maze” (The Maze Runner) Sensory Ball second week in a row remains the leader of the Russian film, according to the portal Kinobusiness.com.

According to the website, over the weekend added to the picture of his piggy bank $ 3.1 million, bringing its total gross to $ 10.5 million. The film – James Deshnera bestseller, it is assumed that in the future will be filmed two more parts of the book. In the first part of the trilogy role played by Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Patricia Clarkson.

In second place was the movie “The Great Equalizer” (The Equalizer) Antoine Fuqua with Denzel Washington in the lead role. For starting the weekend in the Russian box office film about CIA agent on pensions earned 2.9 million dollars. In addition to Washington in the film was played by Chloe Grace Moretz, Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman.

The third place belongs to the horror film “The Curse of Annabel” (Annabelle) John R. Leonetti. The film, which is a pre-history “Sworn”, was launched in Russia with the result of $ 2.1 million.

Fourth place went to “Lucy” (Lucy) Luc Besson. Last weekend, the film added to the piggy bank $ 1.8 million, bringing its total gross to 19.8 million dollars. In the tape played by Scarlett Johansson – she played a girl forced to become a drug courier. According to the plot plan for the carriage fails, resulting in the body of the main character begins to enter the experimental drug, due to which Lucy gets superpowers.

The top five leaders of the box office cartoon “Family of monsters” (The Boxtrolls). Over the weekend starting tape, based on the popular book series by Alan Snow, earned $ 1.2 million.


“Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev will be nominated for the “Oscar” of Russia – Russian Newspaper

On Sunday 28 September the Russian Oscar committee met to determine our contender for the Academy Award in the category “Best Foreign Language Film.” Their choice fell on the film by Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan”.

In recent years, the committee chronically unlucky all nominated films they did not reach until the “short-list”, which allows the film officially considered nominated for “Oscar”. Possible in the first place because the committee members tried to guess the possible tastes of American academics or focused on the commercial success of the paintings in the domestic box office on its big name director. But the game is in the “guessing game”, as shown, has never led to success in such a serious matter – because art as in such cases are taken into account in the last turn.

the development of the theme

The greatest chance to be among the nominees were, of course, the two films – Andrei Zvyagintsev’s drama “Leviathan” and in many ways groundbreaking film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “White Nights postman Alexei Tryapitsyna.” The first was not only the most prestigious prize of the Cannes Film Festival for best screenplay, but also numerous awards at other festivals and almost unprecedented level of enthusiasm the international press. This film, like its author, has developed a strong reputation in the world, new works Zvyagintsev always waiting with great interest, and this time, according to the world’s leading newspapers, he took off his best picture. “Lefiafan” is already out in the car in some theaters of Russia, so that compliance with the formal conditions of the Academy it is also all right. A significant role in his life in the world screens, as well as in the promotion of the award, will play and that his car came from one of the largest companies – Sony Classics.

On the eve of the meeting of Andrei Konchalovsky, also received the prestigious award – Venice Film Festival Silver Lion for Best Director – wrote a letter to the chairman of the Russian Oscar committee, Vladimir Menchov, which shot his film from the list of applicants. His position, he put it, “In recent years, I am quite sharply criticized Hollywoodization Russian market and the pernicious influence of the commercial American cinema on the formation of tastes and preferences of our audience. Due to this struggle for the possession of premium Hollywood seems to me simply absurd.” In the absence of the film Konchalovsky majority of the members voted for the “Leviathan”.


“… the Americans Himeyere I heard back in 2008, we long walk around this figure. Later came another source: Heinrich von Kleist’s novella “Michael Kolhaas.” These two stories – just twins, even had a thought – whether to make a film based on Kleist?

The theme of the film … finally formed, when we went to Hobbes. He believed that man – a “war of all against all,” and in an attempt to protect themselves from the people of this war created a state, giving all of their sovereign freedom in exchange for social benefits and security. Hobbes considered the most perfect way out. (the name of the biblical monster called the work of Thomas Hobbes, English philosopher: “Leviathan, or the Matter, Form and Power of ecclesiastical and civil” – Ed.) … I thought was important, that a person sacrifices his freedom in exchange for social security and the security of justice. It is, in fact, deal with the devil: to give his freedom in exchange for the illusion. And what is this if not an illusion – all of these guarantees?

… Initially, our script was different: house demolition is not the main character as a residence, and under the federal highway. And since Himeyer in a similar situation took the caterpillar tractor, soldered inside a multi-ton of armor and carried a factory, with whom he had a lawsuit – and then our hero in the first embodiment, the tractor demolition of the building of the city administration. But we felt that something was wrong, something stirs, not a final here! And it’s a solution: Nicholas does not reach the desperate revolt, he just quietly goes nowhere. It is this final, I think, gives a sense of truth, crushing your spirit and at the same time elevating him over what’s happening.

… Here it is: the story happened in America and could happen anywhere – but the details are taken entirely in Russia “.

Letter Andrei Konchalovsky

Chairman of the Russian Oscar Committee VV Menchov.

24 September, 2014

Dear Vladimir V.!
 Dear colleagues!

For various reasons I have not been following the events after the Venice Film Festival, and was not notified that my film “White Nights postman Alexei Tryapitsyna” was qualified for consideration Oscar committee for the nomination.

I would like to inform you that I revoke the film from consideration by the Committee, and ask him not to discuss. The reasons for this are two – personal and social.

In recent years, I am quite sharply criticized Hollywoodization Russian market and a detrimental effect of commercial American cinema on the formation of tastes and preferences of our audience. In connection with this struggle for the possession of premium Hollywood, it seems to me simply absurd.

On the other hand – herself an Academy Award today is extremely overvalued certain part of the filmmakers, it creates the illusion of global recognition and is a kind of testament to the indisputable qualities cinematographic, that is natural, not a fact.

The very wording of the category “Best Film at the” foreign language “- should raise a laugh at the film artists of the world, in fact, is the segregation of world cinema from the anglophone world (USA, England, Australia and New Zealand), which is in my opinion, is moribund Western idea of ​​its cultural dominance.

In the modern world, the development of world film culture has long been determined not massive success or psevdoamerikanskogo American cinema, and artists from Asia, Latin America, the Far East, including Russia. I can not even rule out the creation of the world in the future of the cinema, where a separate category will be allocated “a film in English”.

In view of the above, I ask you to delete ” White Nights “from the list of films discussed.

 Andrei Konchalovsky


Oscar committee shouted “Kiss!” – TVNZ

On Sunday, it was reported that for obtaining one of the most prestigious film awards world of Russia nominated drama Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan”, already awarded the prize for best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival. It reacted with lightning speed creators another picture radically different from the “Leviathan” in the mood.

Producers comedy “Kiss!” Attracted audience of 4.5 million people (with a budget of $ 1.5 million painting raised more than $ 25 million) are ready to challenge the decision of the Russian Oscar Committee. Ilya Burets and Dmitry Nelidov wrote an open letter calling for move “Leviathan” and send them to America project.

«Without prejudice to the merits of the movie,” Leviathan “, we express our protest against his participation in the Oscar race in 2014 and the nomination of on competition of the cinema of Russia.

According to the rules of the American Academy, each country has the right to nominate one film, which was released in rent for the period from 1 October 2013 to 30 September 2014 and is shown in a commercial theater for at least 7 consecutive days. “Leviathan” meets these conditions only formally, his weekly rent in a single Russian cinema was organized specifically for the Oscar race. The picture has not been evaluated a wide audience, and did not even have such a possibility, while “Kiss!” Only in theaters for seeing more than 4.5 million people. Once in the car for more than 1,500 movie screens, film and now, a year later, continues to stand in the repertoire of several theaters of the country.

As producers “Bitter!” We did not take any attempt to influence the members of the Oscar committee and sway them in favor of our film. And it’s not just about the direct pressure, but even to participate in an active information campaign that was unleashed in the Russian press and on the eve of which we have deliberately avoided. Despite this, it is the “Kiss!” Was the second by a vote of the committee members, and in the absence of a list of “Leviathan” would be a prime candidate for the award of Russia. And we are absolutely convinced that “Bitter!” Deserves it. The film could not be better reflects the national character and identity of the Russian people, and, unlike many domestic festival pictures is made not with disdain and even contempt for him, and with sincere sympathy and love.

We call the film’s producers “Leviathan” to take, as we think, a fair solution: take rejection and qualify for the “Oscar” in the next year, after a full rolled steel in Russia. Otherwise we will have to appeal the decision of the Russian Oscar Committee ».

Meanwhile, it became known as the” Komsomolskaya Pravda “, the eminent director and producer Timur Bekmambetov, whose film company” Bazelevs “engaged in the creation of” Kiss! ” not supported the initiative of colleagues and the letter is not signed. Under-treatment is not necessary, and signature of the main star comedy, co-producer of “Kiss!” Sergei Svetlakova. And the film’s director Jora gooseberries on the initiative of producers learned from the Internet.

– There is no formal mechanism for the nomination of the film within the committee – said in an interview with gooseberry “KP”. – As far as I know, at some point in “Basileus” the bell rang, the man said: “We want to ask you about 30 discs for viewing.” From what we guessed that are considered as possible candidates. Next I did this story did not attend. Firstly, there are other things to do, and secondly, I do not really believe in such a possibility. If believed, was interested and experienced would be stronger.

I did not know that the producers have decided to fight and write an open letter. Basically, that’s their business. As I know, in the Oscar committee as much as 8 people voted for “Kiss!” To 14 for “Leviathan” – and that’s a lot of …

In all honesty, do not understand how to treat this. I’m sort of relationship is not yet formed. I watched the movie “Leviathan”, I thought he was very good. This movie with a capital letter. Cinema grand style. Like I have not seen. And so the situation is kind of weird. Will be meeting with the producers, talk, find out what it is to monitor developments.

Reactions Russian Oscar Committee has not yet followed.


Hollywood surprised that Russia sent on “Oscar” film “Leviathan” – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Today at 13:09, Views: 2096

Russia shocked by its decision to nominate a picture Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan” to represent the “Best Foreign Language Film” American “Oscar “says The Hollywood Reporter. Earlier it was reported that this decision was the Russian Oscar committee chaired by Vladimir Menchov.

The film tells about the residents of a small northern town, enter into an unequal battle with the corrupt mayor, who is trying to take away the hero all his belongings.

According to the publication, the nomination of “Leviathan” to “Oscar” raised eyebrows “in all of Hollywood,” because this film has received critical acclaim, is “literally iconoclastic».

A similar material and publishes edition of Variety under the heading “Russia proposes” Oscar “surprise.” In this paper, it is noted that from an artistic point of view, the choice is reasonable and politically – awesome, according to Gazeta.ru.


“Leviathan” Zvyagintsev nominated for “Oscar” – Dni.Ru

film by Andrei Zvyagintsev “Leviathan” nominated by Russia on the “Oscar”. Painting has already been demonstrated for a week in one of the theaters of Russia, to comply with formal procedures and to qualify for the extension of Russia on the prize in the category “Best Foreign Language Film”.

Andrei Zvyagintsev. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press / DAVID SILPA

The film by Andrei Zvyagintsev “Leviathan” Russian Oscar Committee selected to represent Russia at the “Oscar”, said a source in the Oscar committee. “Painting Zvyagintsev chosen by a majority vote and represented us in the” Best Foreign Language Film “- said the source agency” Interfax “.

Oscar committee members were selected from two nominees – “Leviathan” and Jora gooseberry film “Bitter!” . Zvyagintsev’s film has received as a result of twice as many votes as the film gooseberry “- said the source.

Commenting on this information, the producer of” Leviathan “ Alexander Rodnyanskii hoped the award .” Course We very much hope that our relationship with the “Oscar” will continue, and if it does, how would anyone not applied to the film itself, it will be a great victory of Russian cinema, “- said Rodnyanskii.

” Leviathan “participated in the main competition program of the last Cannes Film Festival, where he was honored with the award for best screenplay. film is about the confrontation between the small Russian businessman and the state in the face of corrupt officials. Starring Alexei Serebryakov, Elena Lyadova, Roman Madyanov Vladimir Vdovichenkov. Earlier Zvyagintsev became the owner of “Golden Lion” Venice Film Festival for the film “The Return”.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

nominated for “Oscar” of Russia was the film Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan” – TOP News.RU

Latest news Russia 09.29.2014: before his bid for the prestigious withdrew another director from Russia – Andrei Konchalovsky.

 On the prestigious award “Oscar” award for “Best Foreign Language Film” Russia will present a film by Andrei Zvyagintsev “Leviathan”. ITAR-TASS referring to a member of the Russian Oscar Committee, directed by Paul Chuhraja.

 “We have decided by majority vote. From Russia with” Oscar “goes” Leviathan “”, – quotes agency Chuhraja.

 Earlier, the “Leviathan” has already been shown for a week in one of the cinemas Russia to comply with the formal procedures and the qualification to be nominated “Lefiafana” on the “Oscar” of our country.

 We add that the world premiere took place in Zvyagintsev basic competitive program under the 67th Cannes International Film Festival. There the film won the award “for the best scenario.” In Russia, “Leviathan” due for release in November 2014.

 Recall also that the earlier our country at the “Oscar” was supposed to represent the film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “White Nights postman Alexei Tryapitsyna”, but filmmaker withdrew its application, citing the fact that the American cinema detrimental effect on the viewer.


Night. Street. Lantern. Bicycles. Pushkin. I – TVNZ

This is the eighth velonoch in Russian history. In the days of Pushkin Pushkin velonochi were extremely rare, as, indeed, and bicycles. The poet himself was also not an avid cyclist, preferring to coach him .. Because the first bike with pedals and the steering wheel was created in Russian serf blacksmith Artamonov in 1801. That it rolled out the first cyclist Verkhoturye the Urals to Moscow. Second birth bicycle held in 1808 in Paris, where there was a two-wheeled scooter without pedals and steering. Bicycle “, translated from Latin -” quick feet. ” Why night – Pushkinskaya and not Nekrasovskaya: ask not very avid Pushkinist? And here is why. Two hundred years ago, in 1814 in the Moscow magazine “Herald of Europe” under the pseudonym “Alexander N. k. Lat. n “published his first poem of Pushkin’s” To a friend the poet. ” Unfortunately, not everyone knows it! I myself is only just now learned through Pushkin velonochi.

But today the bike, like Pushkin velonochi, firmly entrenched in our already fast-moving and poetic life. Rare Pushkinist-cyclist miss a rare opportunity to go hang out on a dark night on a bike of his own kind of eccentrics who do not like to sleep at night, and like to read Pushkin. And love to sleep in the afternoon. Judge for yourself, well, what’s the point to sleep at night, if you have a bike with a flashlight? And just lazy sleepy to go to bed at dusk, and will not go to ride on the Moscow night. I know at least a dozen of these weirdos. Yes, even if you are not a fan of baysikala, then certainly, nevernyaka, a fan of Pushkin, or at least, you know who he is. I could not indulge in such Pushkin night! It would be immoral and cruel to ourselves and to the people.


We live in a great time. Today it is not necessary to buy a bicycle so that it hung in the hallway in the winter, and you touched his head. Today you can take the bike for the night, as the girl for hire. Bike cheaper. Rental stations in Moscow more than McDonald’s, but less than a brothel! Bike you can take home as a pizza or rolls. Book. There is this joy of 800 rubles per day.

– you with luggage or so? – Interested distributors. I ordered just in case with the trunk. And suddenly “bomb” have to “recapture grandmother” for hire? I sit. Waiting. Hour, two hours, half a day. Already nearing midnight, and all the big no! Calling. And I answer:

– We now work! You know that today in Moscow velonoch!

– So why I am taking the bike? What do you think?

I had to rush kicked in Sokolniki – from velonoch started, and already there hotel’s rental bikes.


Cyclists race to the park Sokolniki from all parts of the capital. And bicycles are not simple, they wheel gold. Glow, flash, as Christmas trees. Every one himself invented luminous zakovyka to hit the surrounding pedestrian and automobile loshara besfonarnyh. Generally on velonoch assumed registration of participants. Some are registered, but you can have. This – like marriage! Not far away, with a roar, screech, Crack, groan, fell to the ground big as Atlanta, killogrammov eighty, cyclist in a wonderful pink tracksuit. But I could be in her place! But I’m not so powerful! I admired this unusual spectacle. She is so beautiful erotic slowly rising. On the central avenue – a huge, brightly lit stage. With her are spread throughout the park poetry, play music rock band. And what do I hear? Familiar from childhood words! Songs on poems Delvig! Sorry Delvig not lived, he would have a joy it was !!!! It seems to me that Pushkin could be a good gangsta rapper. Work all night cafes and coffee and tea a tavern items. Anyone can take advantage of a unique opportunity to ride a bike on your favorite Pushkin places: the famous Tverskaya mentioned in Eugene Onegin, Prechistenka and Arbat, Ivanovo slides and Basmannoe street. But it seems that everything is normal and there is felt. Drove up to one of the organizers named Maxim.

– When moving out to the route?

Maxim seem somewhat at a loss.

– Planned in 11 But you see how many cyclists? How to inform them all? A group of volunteers will go to 12 I think the rest of them catch up …

I am today, by the way, became a fan VELONOCHI

I am a talented food on the bike at Sokolniki dodging speeders. Passing by on a tricycle bike man, in a black top hat and frock coat, transforms himself in Pushkin. Hark! Another Pushkin, but in white. Holiday after all! A dozen different Pushkin I counted that night.

And here they come running up TV crew from the first channel to the camera. Because I’m the only white-haired cyclist. Urge the camera and the girl-presenter asks that captured me with its audacity and singularity:

– What led you to Pushkin velonoch?

I tell them, with characteristic frankness me, without guile and affectation, as befits a progressive journalist.

– Because there’s a lot of beautiful bicyclists, pushkinistok and TV presenters. Can be any wise go with me into a bed in an alcove in the night, instead of stupidly drive on Moscow.

– Can you read something of Pushkin?

In these requests, I can not deny anyone. And especially – lady. I started reading with expression favorite that a child reading a familiar ladies to quickly captivate them:

– Tsar Nikita once lived

Idly, fun, rich

King worked a little

to eat, drink, and prayed to God

And by different mothers

Presser forty daughters …

I that moment, he felt, to some extent irrepressible educator. And when I got to the place, which describes that the princesses between the legs, something there is not enough, TV crew turned off the camera because, apparently, did not want to disappoint the viewers. After all this work, AS Pushkin, full of terrible human tragedy. How can you live when between the legs of something lacking. Invalids all forty persons. Yes, and begotten by different mothers. Promiscuity some wicked reigned in this realm! So Pushkin gradually exposed the appalling manners tsarism. But then, thanks fantasy Pushkin, was the prince, went to distant lands and brought the girls missing limbs. Forty pieces. And the doctors all the girls sewn. Perhaps from the point of view of modern medicine such transplantation – nonsense. But it’s Pushkin wrote – and I just played! I have this poem is not the program learned, not under compulsion, but out of love for poetry, and education. And then I thought: how did the history of literature is unfair to other poets and creators. Why not Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Balmontovskoy, Petrosyan velonochi? Sorry for what? Yes, you can make every night velonochyu behalf of someone and ride and ride! I hope that we in this still ever come. Enough sleep at night! You can also ski and night to make Samokatnaya. And let sleeping prosaic loshara spiritless.

(Home came in the morning. And slept like a log, a light day! Eh! Wish velonochi we are so rare).


Hackers posted a new intimate photos of stars – Dni.Ru

the third batch of intimate photos of the current month posted on the network by hackers to hack personal Archives stars. This time the victims were actress Anna Kendrick, three-time Olympic gold medalist in beach volleyball Misty May-Trainor, model Carly Foulkes and Kara Delevin and a number of other famous people.

Jennifer Lawrence. Photo: ntv.ru

Hackers posted on the Internet a new batch of stolen photos, nude stars of the catwalk, film and sports . In addition, the attackers were not kept from being able to boast of inventory: allegedly in their possession about 50 pictures stolen from the famous actress Jennifer Lawrence. Star, recall, and the first and second time are among the victims of a hacker attack.

Intimate photos of stars have been published on the imageboard 4chan and site Reddit. They also found that website, promising to publish intimate photos of actress Emma Watson proved false, and publication is not followed.

 Frame: youtube.com

We recall that this is the third party candid photos of stars, ranked in network. The last time the victims of hackers began to Hayden Panettiere, the bride Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko, Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, and actress Emma Stone, Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olsen and goalkeeper USA women’s team.

Frame: youtube.com

Actress and former model Gabrielle Union, along with other celebrities affected by kibermoshennikov, addressed to the FBI. Actress complained that the network got her personal pictures that she sent to her husband, basketball player Dwyane Wade, but after sending removed.

 Frame: youtube.com

In early September, an unknown hacker posted on the Internet the first batch of intimate photos of dozens of Hollywood actresses. The list of stars whose pictures have been published in an anonymous forum 4chan.org, hit the star of the film “The Hunger Games” Jennifer Lawrence, the actress and singer, Ariana Grande, actress Kirsten Dunst, singer Selena Gomez and Avril Lavigne, as well as many other celebrities. Total on the list is more than 60 names.


French actress Brigitte Bardot celebrates 80th anniversary – Official web-site of radio Vesti FM

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 French actress Brigitte Bardot notes
 80th anniversary. She first starred in a movie in 1952. Gained worldwide
 the popularity of his role in the film “And God Created Woman” 1956
 year. In the 50s-60s it was for Europe in the same sex symbol Marilyn Monroe
 for America.

In the course of his 21-year career in
 show business Bardot starred in 48 films, recorded 80 songs, performed in different
 music shows. After completing the film career in 1973, Bardot began active
 activities for the protection of animals.

Since the 1990s, repeatedly made
 criticized immigrants and Islam in France, as well as homosexuality and interracial
 marriages, resulting in five times was sentenced “for inciting
 ethnic hatred “, reports Radio” Vesti FM “.


Zvyagintsev’s film “Leviathan” nominated by the Russian for “Oscar” – the Russian Newspaper

Film director Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan” will represent Russia at the film award “Oscar” award for “Best Foreign Language Film.” ITAR-TASS.

read as

In the painting voted most members of the Russian Oscar Committee.

– We have decided by a majority vote – he said . – From Russia with “Oscar” goes “Leviathan” – said after a meeting of the committee director Paul Chukhray.

Note that on the 67th Cannes International Film Festival awarded the painting “In the best-case scenario”.

The main competitor of “Leviathan” in the fight for the nomination for the “Oscar” of Russia was the movie “White Nights postman Alexei Tryapitsyna”, but last Friday, director Andrei Konchalovsky voluntarily refused to participate in the “Oscar race.”

“The reasons for this are two – personal and social. In recent years, I am quite sharply criticized Hollywoodization Russian market and the pernicious influence of the commercial American cinema on the formation of tastes and preferences of our audience. Due to this struggle for the possession of premium Hollywood seems to me just ridiculous, “- said Konchalovsky.


Brigitte Bardot. Biography – RIA Novosti

Brigitte Bardot during a march for animal rights in 2007

© AP Photo / Jacques Brinon

French actress Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot (born. Brigitte Anne- Marie Bardot) born September 28, 1934 in Paris, in the family of a businessman Louis Bardo (Louis Bardot).

From childhood she danced, in 1947 passed the entrance examination to the National Academy of Dance, and was among the eight enrolled in training . For three years she attended the class Russian choreographer Boris Knyazev.

In 14 years, first appeared as a model for the magazine “The Garden of Fashion” (Jardin des Modes), in 1950, her picture appeared on the cover of Elle. This photo struck Roger Vadim, who at the time was the assistant director Mark Alegre. Bardot was invited to audition, which were successful, and she got the role, but filming was canceled. Acquaintance with Vadim influenced future life and career of the future actress in 1952 Brigitte married Roger Vadim and in the same year, she made her debut in the movie, starring in “Norman hole” (Le Trou Normand).

 Brigitte Bardot during the filming Shalako 1968

© AP Photo

From 1952 to 1956, Bardot appeared in seventeen films – lyrical comedies and melodramas, including in the movie “The big maneuvers” (Les grandes manoeuvres, 1955 ) together with Gerard Philip and Michelle Morgan. Played in the theater in “Invitation to the Castle” (L’invitation au château) by Jean Anouilh.

In 1956, the title role in Roger Vadim’s “And God Created Woman” (Et Dieu … créa la femme) led Brigitte Bardot in the world stars. The actress has played the main character, eighteen Juliette Hardy. Painting shocked European audiences due to challenging behavior heroine Brigitte and scenes in which the actress appears naked and dancing on the table. But in America, the film became a sensation.

As a result of the success of films Bardot became involved in more serious productions. She actively worked with such meters cinema as Christian Jacques, Jean-Luc Godard and Louis Malle.

Filmography actress has more than 50 films, including “Parisienne” (La Parisienne, 1957), “In case of an accident” (En cas de malheur, 1958), “Babette Goes to War” (Babette s’en va-t-en guerre, 1959), “The Truth” (La vérité, 1960), “The famous love stories” (Amours célèbres, 1961 ), “Private Lives” (Vie privée, 1962), “Contempt” (Le mépris, 1963), “Viva Maria!” (Viva Maria !, 1965), “Three Steps in a delirium” (Histoires extraordinaires, 1968), ” Shalako “(Shalako, 1968),” Novices “(Les novices, 1970),” The Rum Boulevard “(Boulevard du Rhum, 1971),” Neftedobytchitsy “(Les pétroleuses, 1971)” If Don Juan were a woman … “( Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une femme …, 1973), and others.

Partners Brigitte Bardot on the films were well-known actors Alain Delon, Jean Gabin, Sean Connery, Jean Marais, Claudia Cardinale, Annie Girardot, Marcello Mastroianni, Robert Hossein.

Jobs in the movie “The story about Colina yubochnika” (L’histoire très bonne et très joyeuse de Colinot Trousse-Chemise, 1973) was the last in the film career of actress.

After the film’s release in 1973, shortly before his fortieth birthday Bardot announced the completion of a cinematic career.

In 1969, Bardot met singer and composer Serge Gainsbourg, together they recorded a series of hit duets: Bonnie and Clyde, Harley Davidson, Comic Strip, Contact.

In 1986, she opened the Fund for Animal Welfare – Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals.

In recent years, Brigitte Bardot lives in seclusion resort of Saint-Tropez, is actively engaged in the protection of animals.

Brigitte Bardot was a defendant in several lawsuits on charges of inciting religious and ethnic hatred. In 1997, she was fined 10,000 francs in 2001 – 30 thousand francs in 2004 – to 5000 euros in 2008 – 15 thousand euros.

Brigitte Bardot was several times Single: for director Roger Vadim, Jacques Charrier actor, German photographer Gunter Sachs and multimillionaire, politician Bernard d’Ormalem. I have a son Nicolas Bardo (born in 1960) from his marriage to Jacques Charrier.

The material is based on information RIA Novosti and open source


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hollywood bachelor George Clooney married in Venice – Russian Newspaper

The most eligible bachelor in Hollywood 53-year-old George Clooney married his girlfriend Amal Alamuddin. The wedding took place in Venice, the hotel overlooks the Grand Canal, “Interfax”.

The bride and groom arrived at the ceremony wearing sunglasses. Bridesmaid dress by Alexander McQueen was a black-and-white, Clooney was in a suit Giorgio Armani.

The new Mrs. Clooney – English lawyer of Lebanese descent. It specializes in the protection of human rights. It is discussed how the attorney founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange.

Wedding celebrations will last three days. Among those invited to the wedding – model Cindy Crawford and her husband, American actor Matt Damon, lead singer of U2′s Bono, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as well as a former mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni.

Before meeting with Alamuddin Clooney was married only once – to actress Talia Balsom, but after her divorce in 1993, remained the most famous bachelor in Hollywood. Clooney had relationships with actresses Renee Zellweger, Kelly Preston and Julia Roberts, as well as Cindy Crawford and Italian model Elizabeth Canalis.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin occur in the autumn of last year after they met at a charity event in Venice. In April, they announced their engagement.


Died the former leading ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre Rimma Curly – BFM.Ru

She was 87 years old

 & # x420; & # x438; & # x43C; & # x43C; & # x430; & # x41A; & # x430; & # x440; & # x435; & # x43B; & # x44C; & # x441; & # x43A; & # x430; & # x44F ;.
Rimma Karelian. Photo: ITAR-TASS

88-year life of People’s Artist of Russia, died in the past leading soloist of the Bolshoi Ballet Rimma Curly, according to “Evening Moscow».

Ballet dancer born in Kaluga and graduated from the Moscow Choreographic School (now the Moscow State Academy of Choreography).

It is almost 30 years old appeared on stage of the main theater of the country. She danced the ballet “Raymonda”, “Giselle”, “Don Quixote”, “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai”, “Les Sylphides”, “Firebird” and “Swan Lake.” After retiring from the stage Curly took up teaching activities.


Hooligans thwarted Makarevich concert in Moscow – of Polit.ru

In the Moscow House of Music a few visitors tore concert Andrei Makarevich. It is reported by the TV channel “Rain».

«38-minute speech where a quarter of the first row in the VIP-zone rose, five or six people, men such middle-aged, I think, 25-30 years . With cries of “Makarevich – traitor sold the Motherland” and all sorts of words about the shame they have scattered many sheets of A4 white as if “- said one of the witnesses of the incident.

After the guard took away men from the audience, and the rest audience, coughing, and began to leave the first rows. It turned out that, unknown to the audience sprinkled pepper spray. As a result, the musicians and the audience had to leave the room.

Due to the large amount of atomized spray ventilate room did not work. People were given medical mask and reported cancellation of the concert and the possibility to return the money for the tickets.

The audience waited in the hallway. Later it became known on the resumption of the concert.