Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Luc Besson: the relationship between people creates not politics, culture and love – Arguments and Facts

Moscow, September 17 – AIF Moscow.

The famous French director Luc Besson, who came to Moscow for the premiere of his new movie “Lucy”, said in an interview with the weekly “Arguments and Facts” about politics in the film and about his attitude toward women.


In the thriller “Lucy” director brought this international team. According to him, people’s attitudes are not built through politics, but through culture and love.


«I am convinced that talent is everywhere. Talent does not need a passport, and the art does not need a visa. A huge number of Russian people love French literature. And millions of French read Russian literature. That’s why we know each other. People of our countries are very closely related to each other. Love and art in this great assistants. That’s my responsibility: to be the link between people, “- said the famous director.


Besson commented on how to find the actresses for their films. In “Nikita”, “Fifth Element”, “Leon” viewers are used to seeing strong women. Here and in the “Lucy” heroine Scarlett Johansson gets superpowers.


According to Luc Besson look feminine ideal is useless.


«I do not think that the ideal exists. If you are looking for it – will remain one. Each of us has flaws. And everyone has a great quality. I think it all depends on you – to notice the good in people or bad. So I decided to see a woman only good, “- said the director.


The inspiration for Besson was his childhood. As he confessed Frenchman, in films, he had translated many of his childhood fantasies.


«My parents were diving instructor, and I spent a childhood on the seas in different countries. I’m also going to become a diver, but because of an injury was forced to change plans. We were poor, and it’s incredibly helped develop my thinking. I picked up a stone and imagine what it is a planet out there that have a life, “- says the director.


The full text of the interview with one of the most famous directors in the world, visit the AiF.ru.


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