Thursday, September 25, 2014

Makarevich resumed the interrupted a concert at the Moscow House of Music – RBC

RBC 25.09.2014, Moscow 22:00:24 musician Andrei Makarevich resumed the interrupted a concert at the Moscow House of Music, Interfax reported. Earlier it was reported that unknown disrupted concert Makarevich, spray in the auditorium of pepper gas. Press secretary of the leader of the “Time Machine” Anton Chernin said RBC that the incident occurred at about 30-40 minutes after the beginning of the performance.

All the victims was taken out of the hall, the audience also were on the street and have come to expect the resumption of the concert. The musician feels good, added Chernin.

Previously, one of the eyewitness of the incident told the TV channel “Rain”, which is about half an hour after the beginning of performance Makarevich five or six men to the VIP-zone rose from their seats and started shouting, accusing the musician of betraying the motherland. In addition, they are scattered around the room, “a lot of white A4 paper».

«Thank you, if you are finished, allow me, I will continue to live,” – responded to the incident Makarevich and the audience supported him applause. Trying to disrupt performance men were detained guard. But then people started to cough and go from the first series: unknown sprinkled pepper spray in the hall. As a result, had to leave the room as Makarevich with the group, and the rest of the audience.

In St. Petersburg, was canceled earlier joint statement Andrei Makarevich with jazz musician Ildar Kazahanovym – the concert was to be held 28 September club Jagger.

«In St. Petersburg, canceled a concert featuring Kazahanova Makarevich. Just prior to this was abolished all round. On the 28th day of the concert in person, I learned when I learned about its cancellation, I do not even hang it on the website “, – told RBC Anton Chernin.

Sam Makarevich sure that the club was forced to do it. Over the past few weeks Makarevich concerts canceled in several cities: Samara, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Saratov and Krasnoyarsk.


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