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Rome Film Festival will be the hero Alexei Fedorchenko – Russian Newspaper

Russian film director Alexei Fedorchenko at the upcoming Rome International Film Festival will be awarded an honorary award “Marcus Aurelius future” .

Yekaterinburg director became the darling of Italy a long time ago when he was played out under the hoax documentary “First on the Moon” received at the Venice Film Festival grand prize section … documentaries in the “Horizons”. Then the whole deposit Venetian Awards crowned its “Oatmeal”. Finally, visitors to the Rome Festival became the first audience of his ethnographic gaming almanac “Celestial wife Meadow Mari.” In addition, Fedorchenko has already produced the more than twenty films, as well as a screenwriter and novelist.

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After the ceremony Alexei Fedorchenko show viewers the Rome festival his new work” Angels the revolution. ” The picture is removed from the stories of permanent co Fedorchenko writer Dennis Osokina, and its action takes place in the time of Stalin’s Soviet Union, seen through the eyes of workers agitprop. In the story, a staunch fighter for the communist ideals – a girl nicknamed Pauline-Revolution – seduces his friends in arms – avant-garde artists, theater director, composer and leftist-constructivist architect to go to the tribes of the Khanty and Mansi, there to try to connect with the old Soviet avant-garde traditions of local cultures. In the case of Fedorchenko can never be sure of anything, but he argues that the plot is based on a true story.

The film stars Daria Ekamasova (“Celestial wife Meadow Mari”, “free floating”) and Constantine Balakirev (“Dudes”).

“Alexey Fedorchenko – absolutely original figure in the landscape of the Russian cinema of the new millennium – explains his choice of artistic director of the festival Marco Mueller. – From film to film, he has reinvented the genre and style , crossing a documentary with mokumentalnym translating dramatic landscape film in pantheistic comedy – in this sense, “Celestial wife …” began as a response to his “Oatmeal.” Beginning with his debut feature, “First on the Moon” Fedorchenko destroys the traditional structure Kinorasskaz. In their further “narrative” films, he went much further than a simple representation of a purely personal version of lyrical visual cinema: he’s takes a literary text with its logical structures in the background and uses kinoobraz to create analogies, allegories, metaphors and unrealistic, and in other cases and syurrealistichskih distortion. And the viewer is forced to face such values ​​and feeling that he must be prepared to accept before you try to understand them. In his new film Fedorchenko again is one of the few contemporary filmmakers who can from time to time to create constantly updated prospects for the movie “.

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IX Rome Film Festival will be held from 16 to 25 October.


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