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Referendum: Scotland decided to remain part of Britain – BBC Russian

The Scottish and British flags

Better Together, the Scots decided to

In a referendum on 18 September Scots voted for is to remain in the United Kingdom, by a majority vote rejecting independence.

“No,” said the independence of 2,001,926 people (55%), while the “yes” vote 1,617,989 people (45%) . Turnout in the referendum was a record: 84.5%. A stronghold of supporters of independence have been only four of the 32 districts, among which, of course, stands out from Glasgow (“yes” – 53.5%, 194 779 people). Website led Click live coverage of this historic event.

Immediately after the official results are announced early in the morning on Friday the First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, chief enthusiast and initiator of the referendum, acknowledged the people’s choice and called for the rest of this. Many observers believe that the preparations for the referendum was the high point of Salmond as a politician, and now, after the defeat, he must give way to the young.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, whose political fate hung in the balance, said that happy about the fact that the United Kingdom remains a united country, and stressed that the plan to further strengthen the government for Scotland will be ready by January. The prime minister added that the rest of the UK – England, Wales and Northern Ireland – also deserve greater independence in their own affairs, and that hinted at the constitutional changes.

The result of the vote in Scotland was relieved perceived by many as the very UK and world. Welsh and Northern Irish politicians were pleased that the UK will not lose Scotland, European Parliament President Martin Schulz and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that respect the choices made by the Scottish people. In addition, Rasmussen expressed confidence that the United Kingdom will continue to play a leading role in maintaining a strong alliance.

the market reaction has been positive – the pound sterling has strengthened against the euro and the dollar, stock indexes have grown up, and a big pot Royal Bank of Scotland said that it will not transfer its headquarters from Scotland to England.

Not particularly upset were those in Europe, who oversaw the referendum, trying it for yourself. Thus, the representative of the Catalan independence movement, which seeks to Spanish authorities the right to hold such a plebiscite, said the Scottish vote sets a precedent. This is a success of democracy, he said, when the nation have the right to vote to decide their fate.

At the polling station

Supporters and opponents of independence in Scotland will now have to negotiate how to live together

Pretty predictable response referendum called in Russia. If the users of social networks preferred to sneer and offer to help the Scots Churov, some politicians in all seriousness Scotland compared with the Crimea (and, of course, is not in favor of Scotland).

Supporters and opponents of independence within Scotland itself will now have to negotiate how to live together. Now some cheering, others – deep disappointment. But the result of the referendum was decisive for the future of Scotland and the whole of the United Kingdom – perhaps, as noted by Alex Salmond, “for life”.

How to write a diplomatic correspondent of the BBC BBC Bridget Kendall, the world is closely watching how Britain continues to stand the test of democracy – in a civilized manner, without revolts and shooting. Yes, in many countries may find it incredible how all of Westminster could allow the Scots to hold such a vote. But the former British ambassador, Sir Stephen Wall emphasizes that this shows that British democracy is alive and well.

Scotland: the choice is made, what’s next?


Jan Litvinov in Edinburgh

The people of Scotland in a referendum opted to remain part of the UK . However, this does not mean that Scotland will not come a time of great change.

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