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Life without filters – Russian Newspaper

September 20 Italian film legend Sophia Loren celebrates 80th anniversary. In honor of the round date Lauren decided to give his many fans candid autobiography “yesterday, today and tomorrow. My Life”.

In his memoirs, published the largest Milanese publishing house “Rizzoli,” a native of Rome, Sophia Loren (real name – Sofia Villani Shikolone) decided to tell us about your most interesting and eventful life “without filters” and other middlemen.

“There are a lot of my autobiography, some of which are full of inaccuracies and incorrect facts. Approaching the anniversary, I thought that would be nice to once and for all put the “dot” and tell the audience about myself directly. I finally had the opportunity to tell about my life in the first person “, – has explained the birth of memoirs actress chosen for their name the same name trilogy, in which she played three different roles.

books written by Sophia Loren, readers can enjoy almost all over the world. September 10 it was published simultaneously in nine countries, including Russia. And in December of this year, is scheduled to be out in the United States, Canada and the UK.

In this 400-page publication, which occupy 64 pages of old and rare photographs, the actress was very honest with the reader, letting him “for the scenes of his incredible life. ” Sophia Loren told uncut about the hungry child and always missing in her life, her father, on the first faltering steps in the film and a fateful meeting with her future husband, producer Carlo Ponti and directed by Vittorio De Sica.

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It was he who took her in such cult films as “Chochara” (for him, the actress received her first “Oscar”), “Marriage in Italian”, “Sunflowers,” a long-awaited joy of motherhood, as well as its relationship with a close friend and partner Marcello Mastroianni and singer Frank Sinatra.

Sofia Shikolone that a child was referred to as a toothpick, became, by her own admission, a world-famous actress named Sophia Loren, thanks largely to Carlo Ponti. That’s not just sponsored her movies, and made a star out of actress global, changing radically its image and literally forcing the Neapolitan to the bone to learn English.

The individual chapters in the book “Yesterday, today and tomorrow. My Life “,” written from the heart, “Lauren devoted friendship with the famous actress Audrey Hepburn, and her passionate affair with a famous actor, movie star 60s Cary Grant, which broke out on the set. As it turns out, these relationships and jealousy of Grant “helped” married while Ponti finally decide to divorce and to make a proposal of Sophia Loren.

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The number “80″ does not fit with this taut, statuesque and always luxurious looking woman, continued to be active secular lifestyle. Apparently so, according to many critics, the output of the book in no way be regarded as a summing up. Presence in her chapter “Tomorrow” says that Lauren’s film career continues to this day – the last film “The Human Voice” with its participation, the son of an actress shot Eduardo Ponti, was released in 2014.

Between so the whole of Italy enthusiastically joined in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the favorite. In Milan, Fashion Week, at the Palazzo Dzhurekonsulti opened photo exhibition of Charles and Maurizio Riccardi on the life and career of a film star. A favorite in Naples Lauren (actress childhood took place in the town of Pozzuoli) in her honor even created a pizza “Sophie”, which can now compete in popularity with the famous “Margarita”.

The very same Hero of the Day, winner of five “Golden Globes “and two” Oscars “, chose to celebrate the birthday away from the public, in the circle of the” most dear to her heart people and family members “.


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