Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hooligans thwarted Makarevich concert in Moscow – of

In the Moscow House of Music a few visitors tore concert Andrei Makarevich. It is reported by the TV channel “Rain».

«38-minute speech where a quarter of the first row in the VIP-zone rose, five or six people, men such middle-aged, I think, 25-30 years . With cries of “Makarevich – traitor sold the Motherland” and all sorts of words about the shame they have scattered many sheets of A4 white as if “- said one of the witnesses of the incident.

After the guard took away men from the audience, and the rest audience, coughing, and began to leave the first rows. It turned out that, unknown to the audience sprinkled pepper spray. As a result, the musicians and the audience had to leave the room.

Due to the large amount of atomized spray ventilate room did not work. People were given medical mask and reported cancellation of the concert and the possibility to return the money for the tickets.

The audience waited in the hallway. Later it became known on the resumption of the concert.


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