Tuesday, September 16, 2014

“Lucy” exceeds expectations – BBC

Russian box office: “Lucy” and Besson come to Russia won the second “History of the Dolphin” is not interested in our audience, and Helen Mirren and her culinary delights have nothing.

According to Russian screens finally passed “Lucy” – new fiction thriller by Luc Besson with Scarlett Johansson as a helluva lot of smart women. Director and producer returned to action, familiar to “Leon” (1994) and “The Fifth Element”, which from him and waited for fans of these films for nearly two decades. The result seems to be satisfied and the director and the actress and the audience, and producers.

«Lucy” was published in the United States almost two months ago and has already become the highest grossing film in the career of Besson, ahead of “The Fifth Element».

That, however, is not surprising: in the past, the price of a movie ticket has increased significantly. Now revenue “Lucy” in the world is $ 354.5 million, which is very, very bad for a film with a budget of $ 40 million.

In Russia, the start of “Lucy” also proved to be the best – painting has gathered for the weekend of 11-14 September, 363 million rubles., far surpassing all forecasts.

This revenue more than it was, for example, the “Planet of the Apes: Revolution” ( 346 million rubles.) and slightly less than earned at the start of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (407 million). “Revolution”, by the way, in Russia gathered nearly 750 million rubles., Fees and “Turtles” exceeded a billion, so that “Lucy” can count on a pretty good addition to the already earned.

Novelties this week Russia turned out to be a lot – it was about ten pictures, but in wide release came only “Lucy” (more than a thousand copies), and the rest were smeared with a thin layer on domestic cinemas. However, “History of the Dolphin 2″ also received good help in the form of 850 copies, but could not get it – the sequel picture of dolphin-handicapped Russian viewers interested enough. According to the portal “Film Business Today ‘, he earned only 21.8 million rubles. and only got up to the third place ranking. Start this in the United States, too, is difficult to name the best – to $ 15.8 million and second place.

The second place went to the leader of the previous two weeks, an exorcist thriller “Deliver us from the evil one “, the main role in which he played Eric Bana.

In the third week of Russian rolled picture has collected 23.3 million rubles., increasing its revenue to $ 295 million. Worldwide, two months since the release of the film has earned $ 72.4 million – nothing outstanding, but a $ 30 million budget to recapture managed.

Fourth was the melodrama “Blame the Stars”, a screen version of the novel by John Green with Shayleen Woodley as a terminally ill girl.

In Russia, this film too – like “Lucy” – came much later released in other countries, where he earned an exorbitant 12-million budget $ 299 100 000; in our country, such sales do not happen, so that the “Blame Star” gathered in the Russian hire a total of 65 million rubles., of which 17 million was spent on the last weekend.

finished fifth culinary melodrama “Spices and passion” – an international project. The picture was shot in the United States Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom (“Hachiko: The most faithful friend,” 2008), and British actress Helen Mirren acted as a harsh mistress pathos restaurant of the French provinces, came into conflict with the hard to open a small diner Indian emigrants. The film is too late with the Russian release: in America, he went a month ago, and its fees ($ 49.3 million) is enough to justify the 22 million budget. As for us, he was released on 400 copies, from which he collected only 10 million rubles., Which was only enough to close the top five Russian rating.


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