Thursday, September 25, 2014

“Other Russia” took responsibility for the failure of the concert Makarevich – of

are not officially registered party “Other Russia” on his page on the social network “VKontakte” claimed responsibility for spraying pepper gas during a concert Andrei Makarevich at the House of Music on Thursday.

«Today in Moscow International House of Music, a concert of well-known musician and part-time supporter of Kiev punitive Andrei Makarevich – written by supporters of the “Other Russia”. – After the third song, the musician turned to the audience with a speech. And then the first series it flew tomatoes and eggs. “Makarevich traitor!” Shouted the NBP and dropped leaflets. The air was sprayed pepper gas, after which the audience left the hall. The concert was disrupted ».

Earlier police began tracing several unknown 25-30 years, who allegedly sprayed at a concert musician, one or more gas cylinders.


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