Thursday, September 25, 2014

“Yiddish jazz” under the corrosive gas. In Moscow, tried to disrupt the concert Makarevich – BFM.Ru

People in tracksuits with the first row during a performance artist sprayed gas in the hall, after which the audience was evacuated. In the “Other Russia” claim that the action committed activists of the unregistered party

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Leader of “The Time Machine” Andrei Makarevich. Photo: ITAR-TASS

In Moscow tried to disrupt the concert Andrei Makarevich. In the theater hall of the House of Music Artist represent the program “Yiddish jazz”, but after half an hour after the beginning of the performance people in tracksuits with the first row in the hall sprayed gas from a container. Spectators were evacuated.

Later, it was reported that the sputtering gas at a concert carried activists of the unregistered party “Other Russia”, headed by Eduard Limonov. About this they said in your account in Twitter, as well as Facebook.

«Today at the Moscow International House of Music, a concert of well-known musician and part-time supporter of Kiev punitive Andrei Makarevich. After the third song, the musician turned to the audience with a speech. And then the first series it flew tomatoes and eggs. “Makarevich traitor!” Shouted the NBP and dropped leaflets. The air was sprayed pepper gas, after which the audience left the hall. The concert was frustrated, “- said in the account” Other Russia “to Facebook.

The activists also claim that the alleged before it became known that the money raised from the sale of the guitar musician, were bought helmets and flak jackets for “Ukrainian executioners.”

We recall that the last of the scheduled concerts in other cities Makarevich just canceled. For technical reasons, as well as in cases with performances Diana Arbenina and groups “Okean Elzy” and “Lapis Troubetzkoy.” In general, all the musicians who have publicly expressed their position on the Ukrainian question, different from the general line.

It was believed that the cancellation of concerts in the regions – rather, it is an initiative of the local authorities. Cancel just in case something might not work out. But this time, and the scale of the actor and liberal in comparison with other cities of Moscow and the failure of which has already begun speaking. That’s what told Business FM is one of the spectators Leo Pushno.

Leo Pushno

witness what happened

It was only after two hours. According to spectators, originally from the scene did not hear a word about politics, and the gas started spraying and does on the song “He was older than her, she was good».

comment on the situation Business FM on the eve of the artist himself was not able to answer the call, Makarevich, coughing into the phone, said only that the talk at the moment it is inconvenient. Then he returned to the stage.

We have appealed to fellow musicians to learn their opinion about what is happening.

Alexander Kutikov

musician, member of the” Time Machine »

Rock musician Alexander F. Sklar recently recorded a song here:

When the war on the doorstep, it does not matter: warrior, worker, poet.

All their place in history and the only place there are no traitors.

When the war was at the door, we heard a voice from the treasured times:

“do not throw their Russian. It’s the law! »

So, Sklar refused to comment on the scandal with a concert Makarevich.

Producer Joseph Prigogine, who on political issues with Makarevich disagree commented sleduyushy way .

Joseph Prigogine


In this case, perhaps it should be recognized that for those at the top has become a problem anymore. When patriotism manifested in socially dangerous forms, probably, it is not love for the motherland, and the subject of proceedings for law enforcement agencies.


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