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Musical “Crime and Punishment” is looking for the lead actors – Russian Newspaper

In the two weeks before the premiere of the new production of “All Cinderella” at the Theater of the musical its artistic director Mikhail Shvydkoi, general producer David Smelyanskiy and CEO Alexander Novikov, held a press conference. But she was devoted not Cinderella – it announced the next, fifth, the performance, which will go into the theater season of 2015 – “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky.

In addition to those named above, to meet with the media came to the director of the play Andrei Konchalovsky, composer Eduard Artemyev and librettist Yuri Ryashentsev.

We have experience Konchalovsky opera productions in leading theaters of the world. For example, “War and Peace” or “Boris Godunov.” But here’s a musical based on the classic literary work – whether it is new for him? It turns out – not quite.

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– Two and a half years ago Smelyanskiy told me that he talked with Andrew Sergeyevich, and have an idea to implement a stage version of the musical composition, which was previously written on the disc, – said Mikhail Shvydkoi. He added: “I would not call it a rock opera like to drive, this stylistic musical creation, in which there is a chanson and folk music, and elements of grand opera”.

– As for the story, it is long as the world. Because we started working on this play for a long time, even when it was popular in the world of opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” – continued Andrei Konchalovsky. – It was about 40 years ago, even back then I did not go to America. I then saw a performance of “Strider” in the BDT, I liked it, I found out who was working on it with Tovstonogov. Then wrote Mark Rozovsky and Yuri Ryashentsev. And I told them, let’s do “Crime and Punishment.” Soon, the company appeared in Edward Artemyev …

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Three years ago there was a lot of work on the text, and Edward wrote wonderful music. We began to look for an opportunity to put the show, but it was long, massive, cumbersome, and I decided this idea to someone to give. However, nothing happened, and then we decided to make a new concept, a new look. Those people for whom we wanted to have something to do, “Crime and Punishment”, became pensioners. And we learned to think, how to make a play for a new generation.

You probably know that when Dostoevsky was asked about the stage interpretation of “Crime and Punishment”, he said, they say, you can do what you want, importantly – do not lose the basic idea. In this we rely. I would call it a musical performance. Not even a rock opera, it’s something else. We are co-authors have tried to find an adequate form of musical Russia forever. Probably the closest to this collage of Igor Stravinsky.

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The new production, we decided to do on the basis of all the music that is written Artemyev for 30 years. We changed the concept and moved the action to the new time that resonates with yesterday, and today, and tomorrow. We would like to travel back in time.

– Judging by what you say, the action of the play moved to the present days – specified Browser “RG”.

– Theatre allows you to move in time as you want, – said Andrey S. – Yes, we can say that modern heroes: Today a young man and woman today. But in the play can be elements of the 19th century. For example, there is no organ grinders. We will travel through time, but not in such a way that the viewer was a shock.

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Andrei Konchalovsky also said that he came to the meeting with the media with a pragmatic purpose:

“For the two main characters – Sonya and Raskolnikov – we need musical talent, and we would like to find them. Two young people who would get the role and made a career. Without them, hardly a performance can be achieved. Both games are extremely complex music. And artists should not be guest performers, and that they went with us in all things, and then I hope the show will live “.

Mikhail Shvydkoi said that auditions will start in November, after the premiere of the play “All Cinderella”: “We are in talks with one of the channels, which will expand the audience for invitations. Moscow has 350 artists who work in this art form, and our task is to extend the search range from 350 of these artists, who we need to be on the one hand young, and on the other – have dramatic art and a good voice “.

” Figuratively speaking on the role of Sonny, we need Edith Piaf, “Vorobeichik” – summed Mikhail Shvydkoi.


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