Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hemingway, Pushkin and the hammer – BBC

In rolling out “The Great Equalizer” Antoine Fuqua with Denzel Washington, whose character restores justice in a cruel world with the help of construction tools and other available tools.

There are, at least in the movies, exemplary good people, and there are even better – this plays in the new film by Antoine Fuqua (“The Replacement Killers,” “Training Day,” “Tears of the Sun,” “King Arthur,” “The Fall of Olympus “), actor Denzel Washington. His character Robert McCall working in the construction supermarket: will be held between the shelves of neatly stacked boards – illuminate rows of hammers, anchors, drills, nail puller and Nailgun. Storekeeper smiles – and the heart of the worker Determined faith in a better future, where he will be able to lose weight and take the exam at the guard. Even outside of work, Mr. McCall gives hope to others: after listening to his stories about the work of Ernest Hemingway, the prostitute Teri (Chloe Moritz Grey) decides to inform the employer about the plans for a new life, and then begins a very different movie.

Teri is Alina and in the hospital. Mr. McCall is a man who promised late wife not to indulge in their skills, but can not bear to look at how strong offend the weak.

But look at how the character of Washington restores justice , is a pleasure. Previously, he gave that joy in Tony Scott’s films, most of which was “Anger».

Now that Scott is gone, not so much Fuqua returns to the better in their lives Cooperation (“Training Day” brought fame to the director and “Oscar” the actor), but brings to life the spirit of the deceased. Over radiating confidence grizzly bear (something like the heroine called Washington Dakota Fanning in “anger”) to fast forward the dark clouds and filters, when he takes up the old – time itself almost stops.

If Fuqua and copies, is cleverly and skillfully, with sincere affection to the performer and such a native image for him.

A simple story about how to tie a killer broke and unleashed acquires lovingly concocted parts: in the den of scoundrels Russian – Russian icons and rap, Washington again speaks Spanish.

When complicate life hero send a man in an expensive suit, he is a Russian version of Anton Chigura by Hungarian Marton Chokasha (Yorgey in “Three Iksah” Lamech in “Noah”, Dr. Kafka in “New Spider-Man: High Voltage”). Cyrillic tattooed “Do not touch me if you want to live,” “Beat the enemy” and “Darkness. Terror. Death “here you can admire, not worse than in Cronenberg’s” Eastern Promises. ” Nothing new, but a nice old.

Separately, we note that at this time, the persons responsible for the translation into Russian of the film, the address is not a traditional beam tired disapproval and genuine contempt. And not for the prefix “Great” to the original name “Equalizer» (The Equilizer), and for the conversion of a cowardly villain Russian oligarch Vladimir Pushkin (Czech-born specialist in the image of the Vikings and Vladimir Kulich) in some Pushkevicha.

From the series of the same name from the 1980s with Edward Woodward in the title role here, perhaps, there was nothing left, except the hero, which is taken to compensate for the inequality in forces and administer justice, where the system is either powerless or pitted corruption, but this topic is even older.

It is gratifying that the mission Equalizer lacks credibility in the new movie, the hero turned into a comic book hero – invulnerable, without the drawbacks, such as a child, only better, stronger, kinder.

In the “great equalizer” everything closes on Washington, which by its physical presence, if you use tracing paper with English overrides other contexts. Even the theme of the failure of the hero, like a former alcoholic failure (and they, as well as security officers, are not definitively ex) can lead to the recent “crew”, where the actor played hard-drinking pilot. Violation of the vow – the triumph of good. A second before the decisive step into the past through the eyes of the hero looks around the room and people like bottles in the bar looks at after a long separation.

It is noteworthy that the firearm Mr. McCall would prefer not to use, thus setting a symbolic line, proving that he still controls its dangerous addiction.

But the course is all that comes to hand: a bottle, a glass, a corkscrew and, of course, an assortment of native store.

It is foolish to grasp Nietzsche whenever an action hero takes a hammer in his hands, but forgivable when it makes a strong man, a couple of scenes back without a hint of irony to explain that the fish is a fish, and the old man is an old man – everyone should be who he is. Washington do it well: “The circumstances against you? Need help? Call the Equalizer “- invited a newspaper ad in the series. Now it is possible to send e-mail, I want to do it immediately.


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