Friday, September 26, 2014

Dead artist “Lavender” Jak Joala – Proceedings

Died artist


The Soviet and Estonian singer, multi-instrumentalist Jak Joala died at the age of 64. The cause of death is not specified.

Jak Joala born in Viljandi. Since childhood, music was betrayed, learning to play the piano and flute. Same time he was carting. Was expelled from the Tallinn Music School for playing rock music. Upon his return from the army as a bass player playing in the Estonian rock bands, including Lainer, Kristallid, Virmalised, reached maximum popularity as the lead singer of Radar.

The first major award was given at the international competition of art song in Sopot, then collaborated with David Tuhmanov, Alexander Zatsepin, Raimonds Pauls. Best known for his song, “Lavender”, “I’m waiting for the postman,” “I paint.” The success of the singer’s consolidated songs from the musical television movie “June 31.” Starred in several musical films.

In the mid-1990s, Jaak Yoalla almost completely stopped concerts. Settled on a farm near Tallinn, engaged in copyright protection of Estonian artists, teaching and producing young artists.

At the request of “Izvestia” memories of the deceased singer shared the composer Vladimir Matetskiy.

– We do not just cooperate, we were friends, talked a lot. And just a month ago I tried to find him. Call on the mobile, but it was then turned off, no one picked up the phone. So I could not catch him. In addition to my “Lavender”, which he performed together with Sofia Rotaru almost 30 years ago, he still sang “I’m waiting for the postman.”

Jak Joala was very interesting, talented, touching one another. Only recently I was reminded of how we met. Then Estonian actors seemed a bit foreign. Were very fashionable, stylish guys. And when we began to talk, it became clear that it is very simple and nice guy.

Jaak remarkably combined the delicate taste and performance skills. The Lord gave him an incredible talent singer, and a very good taste. For example, he knew western music. At some point, his favorite singers were Cliff Richard and Steve Winwood. I remember once we were in the same company, and he listened to a hundred times the same song Winwood, trying to understand all the nuances of performance. Of course, we are bound by many of the stories, but they are not for the press.


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