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“Running in the maze of” well ran in cinemas USA – Gazette

The new teen dystopia launched successfully continued inevitably

The new teen dystopia
New teen dystopia “Running in the maze” was launched in the United States successfully

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The film, took the baton from « The Hunger Games” and « divergents” took the first line of the rolling table and showed one of the best results in the history of the September starts ?? $ 32.5 million in. « divergents” was much more ?? $ 54.6 million, and « The Hunger Games” and does take a running level of $ 150 million, but the trick is that « Running through the maze” is much more modest budget: its production cost of $ 34 million, the majority of genre counterparts ( both success and failures) were about twice as expensive. Like all teenage dystopia, « Running through the maze” is addressed primarily to the extensive fan base-book source. But unlike analogues focused more on boys than on girls ?? male audience of the film was 49% ( for comparison: « divergents” was only 41%). Age Audience naturally showed the predominance of viewers under the age of 25 ( 64%). The film audience liked, earning high praise for the A scale CinemaScore. So PR company 20th Century Fox, has announced the release date of the second series ( September 18, 2015), can exhale all goes according to plan.

The second premiere week ?? and the second line in the table ?? Action « Walking among the graves” with Liam Neeson in the title role: $ 13.1 million ?? two and a half times less than the previous outing Neeson with a gun ( «Air Marshal”, $ 28,870,000 for start).

In third place ?? another premiere, comedy « Next live themselves” with Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver and Jane Fonda. She has $ 11.9 million ?? the result is not shameful, but it could be better. Analysts blame the marketers who sell the viewer actor names, but knocked him off in the sense of the genre: announcements promised not comedy, not a drama. Worked and criticism: aggregator Rotten Tomatoes showed only 43% positive reviews. The film went adults ( 86% older than 25), which has not attracted « Running in a maze”, and women ( 63%), which did not want to go out with Neeson among the graves.

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