Thursday, September 18, 2014

The site appeared FSSP video – a simulator of the day the bailiff –

Federal Bailiff Service of the Russian Federation has released an interactive Flash-game “Try yourself as a police officer.” Appendix published on the site FSSP.

In the simulation the player is invited to experience for myself what is the responsibility of the bailiff. During the training, the game introduces you to the basic tools in the official: institution of enforcement proceedings, issue decrees on administrative offenses, fines, alimony and various documents, which are involved in processing the bailiffs in the department, writes TJournal .

After the bailiff starts enforcement proceedings, he goes to the city to bypass their sites and sent to debtors for the collection of fines. If the debtor does not make money on their own, the bailiffs are sent to them by car, property inventory form acts and take a different technique: refrigerators, microwaves and computers.

In addition to standard tools like the collection of fines and Slip documents at a later levels in the game there, and others. For example, with the help of the Federal Migration Service can be limited leaving debtors abroad, and with the help of the TV tower to be interviewed.

Time to perform the actions the player is given a little bit – about 3 to 4 minutes on the first level. The user can buy upgrades for bonus points that simplify gameplay: for example, to hire an assistant or buy office equipment office, which hangs on the wall calendar for the year 2010. Progress is saved in the application even if you close the tab.

TJournal suggests that the game was created not only for entertainment but also for the promotion of a data bank of enforcement proceedings: for the transition to it from the game the user is given bonus cup of coffee to speed the character’s actions.

So FSSP seems to be trying to simplify the search for a debtors find themselves in the database, the debtor can pay the fine on their own and not to wait for his recovery with the help of bailiffs.


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