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In the former cinema “Drummer”, an exhibition of nominees eighth Kandinsky – a collection of beautiful projects in all respects, which, being dumped at the viewer all together, almost did not report any of the modern times, an art.

Labyrinth, in which a live mouse running around on their own virtual projections – not selected in reality ways. Mechanical dancing balls, interacting as well as celestial bodies, and reminiscent of the avant-garde kinoopyty Man Ray. Transposed into the language of electronic circuits Pushkin’s poem, Harms and Khlebnikov. Ekaterinburg group “Where dogs run” trapped in the long list up to three projects, without even knowing it, was the most symptomatic of the current nominee Kandinsky.

Just a long list of award – one of the two main Russian competitions in the field of contemporary art, which organizes the philanthropist and collector Shalva Breus and Cultural Foundation BREUS Foundation, – were 35 projects. Eighteen participants claim the prize in the category “Project of the Year” twelve vie for the title of best young artist and another five will face in the new category “Scientific work. History and theory of contemporary art ».

Most of them – a thoughtful and multi-layered art, the failures of the intellectual or metaphysical vacuum.

In addition to the future of the prize, diverse in form and content projects hardly related. Outdoor writing – instructions on how to do street art from twice nominated Timothy sake, here somehow rhyme with “household inscriptions” Olga Florensky, but no more. Because of this looseness of the plot called Fill the judgment of modern art or a slice does not turn language.

Private and Public Kandinsky Prize “Innovation” on a plan were always antagonists, but in fact were the award-winning twin, declarer the same combination in the formula “it gave, this given, and this has not given.” If the premium and groped sore points on the body of contemporary art, the instrument she served scandals NTVshnoy style.

So, in 2008, became the best played in imperial Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt.

But in 2012, the group «Pussy Riot» punk with a prayer service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is not even got to longlista, and have been calls for a boycott of the award. In 2013, the shortlist was not killed in the Bali artist Vladislav Mamysheva Monroe with witty and timely photoshoot-reincarnation “Pamyatay about gas” (later he said “Innovation” – Monroe posthumously awarded a special prize for “The creative contribution to the development of modern art “). In the same year, Shalva Breus shut the sound generated by the magazine “ArtChronika».

Today’s Kandinsky Prize – a substantial prize fund (the winner in the category “Project of the Year” will receive 40 million euros, young artist – 10000) and quality, it is desirable to have tested other competitions, art.

Even in the “younger” category this year faced photographer Daniel Tkachenko, who has become the first in one of the categories World Press Photo, Krasnodar grouping sets – last year’s winners of “Innovation” and winner of the sponsorship prize of the same award Timothy Radya.

On the one hand, the premium hard experience translates youth: among the numerous graduates of the School of Rodchenko (a major producer of content on the market of young art) look awkward wormed giants Paul Pepperstein Olga Florenskaya and Bogdan Mamonov. On the other – it is obvious that the present is not absorbed by the body.

In this case, for prize in the category “Project of the Year” is very conditional adult artists compete with the authors – classmates’ rodchenkovtsev “from the category of” young artist “. A graduate of this year Lily Li-mi-yang, for example, got into a “senior group” diploma work «Masters / Servants» – photo album of pictures of employers with a servant in bourgeois interiors. But the street-artist Timothy Radya and thirty painter Vladimir Potapov with pictures of the terrorist attacks in Volgograd, which are written in black pigment on the oil circuit on the glass – hit the “younger».

But in general there is no Yuri Albert with Catherine Tar and Dmitry Gutova who fought last year for “innovation” and are not to press, not to overtake.

The emergence of the category “Scientific Work” award has made a claim on a thoughtful understanding of contemporary art, the right to punish or pardon not only prize ruble. Prize in the new category “Scientific work. History and Theory of Contemporary Art “, which partly overlap the category of” theory, criticism, art history, “competition” Innovation “, will be the publication of scientific works in Russian or English. It claimed Olga Shishko and Lyudmila Bredikhina that have already been nominated for the “Innovation” with a collection of “Mythology media” Victor Miziano with “Five lectures on the curator,” exploring the left vanguard Igor Chubarov, Mikhail Yampolsky with an essay on Grisha Bruskin, as well as Marchenkova Victoria and her work “language features of narrative video art of Russia and China».

This academic weighting, however, has led to the fact that the topic of the day if you did not go out of the exhibited works, it became optional.

In one of the few media gestures – rusted and five thousand pieces of paper sprinkled with Olympic rings Timothy sake (the action took place in Sochi) – has fallen mass meditation.

And the only radical, ironically, turned out to Pepperstein with infantile-acidic Russian myths of a series of “Holy policy».

Probably, presented at the exhibition will be the art of stuffing for the future of the museum, which, as promised, will be opened in “Drummer” in 2016 – but the question of how to treat him, the premium for some reason is not given. In early October, the organizing committee will announce a short list of awards, and on December 11 – the winners.


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