Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A new variant of the basis of cultural policy will present in November – Russian Newspaper

The updated version of the Fundamentals state cultural policy will be ready in November. Paper commissioned by Russian President Vladimir Putin will become a kind of “culture of the Constitution”, hoping to relevant ministries. However, without an increase in funding this sector to realize it still does not work, decided yesterday at the expert meeting of the Russian Popular Front (ONF).

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It should be reminded that the purpose of the document under discussion – to determine basis of the state cultural policy and help to change attitudes in this area in the community. Broad discussion of the project at the site completed on September 30. Currently processed more than 1.2 thousand citizens’ proposals and experts told the “People’s Front” presidential advisor Vladimir Tolstoy. Many of them are contradictory, he said, and because in the end it is necessary to create a text that, in his words, “at least would not cause rejection hard and irritation in most people.” It is the officials in October, for which the entire array of proposals will drive together.

A “maximum program” – a kind of answer to the West. “It is necessary, if you want to surprise the world that Russia pays special attention to culture, despite the fact that now the military-political issues were to the fore,” – said Tolstoy. For this culture, he said, should be a priority in the field of finance.

The next level of legal work will be the adoption strategies for implementing cultural policies

In ONF this position is certainly supported. “We treat culture as a residual, and this attitude must be changed. West is afraid of our unity in terms of culture – a sign of growing strength of Russia, – said the director, co-chairman of the Central Staff of the ONF Stanislav Govorukhin. – The people can not be defeated, it will not break the spiritual backbone” .

The other “veterans” in the discussion, too, have repeatedly stated that in the West the document under discussion is considered dangerous – after all it is the “spiritual scrapie” of the nation, as his time in the Russian president said.

The document still needs work, emphasizes Tolstoy: it is necessary to take into account the geopolitical features of the regions, linking the development of the cultural sector to education, the state policy in the field of media and the Internet.

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First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Aristarkhov hopes that eventually get “the Constitution of culture.” “On the significance of this area is no less important than defense and the economy,” – he supported the idea of ​​a new priority. According to him, with the final version of the Principles of the state cultural policy will be finalized by the law “On Culture”. “It will be a modification of all regulations that now exist in scattered form, – explained Aristarkhov. – A next level of legal work will be the adoption strategies for implementing cultural policies. It is on this basis we” reformat “the state program and other projects”.

The deputy minister stressed that the implementation of a unified cultural policy is not to be equated with uniformity and stamping.

In cultural figures, of course, there were proposals for a new version of the document. Most Popular – the struggle with the dominance of cultural import. In particular, the director of the Taganka Theater Renata Sotiriadi invited to register as a base, and in the law of quotas on imported products – particularly one that is intended for children.


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