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The film “The Class of correction” was in the Film Festival “Pacific Meridian” – Russian Newspaper

President of the Festival “Pacific Meridian” (Pacific Meridian) Vladimir Menchov departed from Vladivostok without waiting end of the festival. Respectful occasion: from the master of the national cinema jubilee – 75 years old and he wanted to spend a birthday with his wife Vera and his daughter Yulia Alentova men’shovoy.

Before departure Vladimir V. sailor’s vest and put on a yacht out to sea on a fishing trip. Himself caught flounder, fried and entertained friends – producer Alexei Ryazantseva and showman Alexander Revva whose comedy film “Mixed feelings” looked in Vladivostok. The festival Menchov received as a gift a large jar of the famous Avachinskaya herring and was very pleased. Like the festival itself, where it is quite pleasing to the role of President. For this position, “Meridian” is selected eminent cinematographers only for one year. But Vladimir V. certainly promised to return to Vladivostok, with the only condition: the city should see the film school, where he will be able to recruit students in the creative workshop.

What Vladivostok city of dreams for filmmakers, confirms the fact of the successful existence in it of a serious and quality Film Festival of Asian-Pacific region has been for twelve years. And, of course, the willingness of world stars to come to a distant city. It is noteworthy that even the prize of the governor of Primorsky Krai and is called – 9288 km. Just such a distance away, Vladivostok from Moscow. But ambitious metropolitan MIFF is not every time possible to get such a solid catch stars. On the “Pacific Meridian” came Catherine Deneuve and Liza Minnelli, Isabelle Adjani, Pierre Richard and Vincent Perez. Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu is no surprise, but he also flew to Vladivostok on the festival.

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This year’s” Meridian “second visit to Michael Madsen – Star” Reservoir Dogs “by Quentin Tarantino. If the last visit, he was the guest of honor, now for the first time in his life he became a member of a large international jury and very proud of assigned duties diligently watching all the films, and even still listen to the discussion after the display, when the authors communicate with the audience.

The first came to Vladivostok Oscar-winner Adrien Brody, who because of the thick black beard is not immediately recognizable fans. He said that immediately after the festival will return to the set of a grand Hollywood biopic “Emperor”. New Zealand director Lee Tamahori, best known for the James Bond film “Die Another Day, but not now,” invited him for the lead role of the Emperor Charles the Fifth.

– I am very passionate about this work – said Brody. – Extremely interesting to play a man who possessed unlimited power and crazy vices. His inner demons predict the existence of a vast empire under attack. To play such a complex and dangerous hero – a real challenge for an actor.

World fame brought you “The Pianist” by Roman Polanski, where you played a real-life person – Victor Spielmann. What is more interesting for you – play authentic biography or people born visionary writers?

Adrien Brody: It is difficult to answer unequivocally. All roles and characters are unique, not similar to each other. May create an image of a real person – a more responsible and difficult task. But the difficulties I only spur, stimulate, I love them to overcome. If the role of challenging me – I am happy to accept it.

When he learned that the program of the festival is the film “Two Women” starring Ralph Fiennes, shot on the play by Ivan Turgenev, Adrien Brody said he too would agree to play in the adaptation of the Russian classics, and if such a proposal is ready to discuss it.

Another bright movie star “Pacific Meridian” has suddenly become a senator from the Primorsky Territory, the legendary hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov. The film by American director Gabe Polsky “Red Army” of the complex twists and turns of the life of our great athlete was shown for two thousand spectators at a specially arranged a huge screen at the ice arena, named after the hero – “Fetisov”.

Not with such a big scale, but in the ever-crowded halls have been Russian premiere. They came to represent all the young actors who played the first big role on the screen. Pavlo Tabakov brought “Star” by Anna Melikyan, Gleb Puskepalis – “9 days and one morning” Faith Watchdog.

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The special attention of spectators enjoyed the second film adaptation of the novel by Ludmila Ulitskaya “Merry Funeral “(first implemented Vladimir Fokin). The film “Taste of America” ​​directed by Efim Gribov filmed in 2006, finished just now. The main role – the cheerful playboy Soviet times, the non-conformist artist Alik brilliantly played by Simon Strugachev who once studied in Vladivostok on the theater faculty, and then worked at the Seaside Theatre. Since then, it’s all here remember and love.

Directed by Shane Alexander brought to Vladivostok is not only a documentary about the artist, “Timur Novikov. Zero object”, but also own show “37 + 1 = Punk divination” which were placed in the exhibition space of the Center for Contemporary Art “Dawn”. Alexander now finalizing a feature film “VMayakovsky” – that is, in one word will be written in the name of experimental credits kinobiografii great poet, where each character of the era will have three modern artist. “Meridian” is already looking to the first show of this unusual film.

With his sensational debut with “Class of correction” on schoolchildren with disabilities participate in the international competition, Ivan I. Tverdovskiy. Competition it is a psychological drama Sam Flyayshnera “Caution: the doors are closed” – about a little Ricky, a teen with autism, who after a hard day of school runs the subway and travels to the underground city, while the mother desperately trying to find him. Chances of success and the picture has “28″ Sri Lankan director Prasanna Dzhayakodi – mystical drama that the soul of man does not disappear with the advent of death.

Among the competing films significantly rise in the skill, philosophical depth and exquisite visual beauty ” Quiet waters “Naomi Kawase – about the difficulties of growing up and comprehension of life. But it is unlikely the Grand Prix entitled “Sink” with a heavy monetary growth per 625 thousand. Rubles will get to her, an outstanding director of Japan. “Pacific Meridian” is almost always try to support the newcomers, and the films of the great masters are invited to the competition, so that young was obvious and undisputed benchmark in the art.


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