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Andrei Konchalovsky put “Crime and Punishment” in the Moscow theater musicals – ID Altapress

on the production of “Crime and Punishment” to music by Edward Artemiev will work in the coming months. When Dostoevsky allowed to transfer his novel to the stage, he said, that you can change the story – the main thing that has remained an idea. After such a declaration director Andrei Konchalovsky’s obvious that the classical reading of the history of Raskolnikov’s little that remains. Site of action is a modern city, and the characters will fight hatred, swept the world. The director does not hide the main thing – is that he himself liked, reports bfm.ru.

Andrei Konchalovsky

In a world almost everyone knows “Crime and Punishment”, everyone in the West knows the name, and the name, but read, probably not many. We try to find the adequacy of one of the fundamental concepts of the world, which was proposed by Russian writer so accurately and brilliantly that served as the basis for the development of Western and European philosophy.

“Crime and Punishment” conceived by the composer as a modern rock opera. Artemiev worked on this music in America. What happens on the way out is hard to say. The main thing is that in trying to please the public, not the creators have gone too far, says music critic Maria Babalova.

Marie Babalova
music critic:

Konchalovsky and Artemyev had a long human friendship, and that in such a case, an important thing. The second point that Konchalovsky has extensive experience in the production of the opera at the Metropolitan Opera in New York and worked with Valery Gergiev at the Mariinsky Theatre. Another question is whether to pick up a decent performers, because the score of this work requires extraordinary skill.

As a rule, the actors on such projects are selected on the basis of untwisted, but Konchalovsky, it seems, intends to expand the search area: in the right genre in the country there are three hundred people, and in a type need to get perfect – so why limit yourself. The premiere will take place next year.


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