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DOVLATOVFEST: «Seen criticism” – Pskov news

22.09.2014 21:33 PLN, Pskov

  The presentation of the festival named after Sergei Dovlatova – DOVLATOVFEST – was held in the Pskov Region on a secular height, which Sergey Donatovich with his constant “drawn to the plebs” hardly when- ever dreamed of. But this height probably typical for any event, if it creates and promotes the well-known Moscow producer Alex hooks.


 Over DOVLATOVFEST works his producer agency BokovFactory. And the sketch, sketch, binding to the terrain of the festival, which was held in the Pskov Region on September 19-21, promise in 2015 was such a great holiday that we, Pskovians, perhaps, there is nothing to compare and.

  About Light “unbearably generous»

 Well, maybe, with the Olympics in Sochi, when Saturday evening in the Pskov Academic Drama Theatre named after Pushkin already held the final presentation of the festival, there was a small technical pad. “Do not be revealed” part of the screen, which was the story of Pskov, on Pushkinskie Gory about Dovlatova, plans for the organizers of the festival for next year. This moment is “ironic beat” ceremony – Alexei himself lateral and intellectual leader of the “Club 418″ Hope Obolentseva – pictured with her many Pskov perhaps the first time saw the wife of the governor of the Pskov Cyrus Turchak (there was such a famous series of secular magazine TATLER house Hopes Hollywood Hills three years ago).

 Andrew and Kira Turchak, of course, were also in the room, greeted the guests. The head of the region and from the scene said a few words, saying that the idea of ​​the festival was born long ago, when he first looked in St. Petersburg “Reserve” directed by Vasily Senin, and then saw this show on the stage of the Pskov. And the idea “to throw a bridge” – including from Pushkin to Dovlatova.

 According to Alexei Bokova for Dovlatova Pskov region has become the place where he could escape from the hustle and bustle. “Pushkin in exile in Mikhailovskoe also drove in a sad mood, but” poetry as an angel consoling saved him, and he resurrected soul. ” You know Dovlatov also risen. History repeated itself! History in general keyword Pskov region “- said Alexey Bokov.

 It must be said that the participants of the presentation were rescued from the bustle of the Pushkinskie Gory in the morning: 20 September they went to the Mikhailovsky to Pushkin and Berezina – to Dovlatova.

 Tourist tour at least performed slowly and with pleasure: you also imagine what it is – golden autumn in Pushkinskie Gory! Last heat, silence, and even local journalists do not bother because they do not know in person the highest light. No, of course, were immediately identified future curator of the literary program of Viktor Erofeev, poetic curator Vera Polozkova, actress Maria Golubkina, TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva, writer Grigory Oster with his charming wife, Maya, and then curator of the theater program Kaplevich Paul, Aidan Salakhova (curator of the program Modern Art) at the Mikhailovsky them have already joined Dmitry Meskhiev actress Alena Khmelnitsky, Igor came Gavryushkin, from which immediately reminded of National Pancake and its broad presentation in Moscow – with Nikita Mikhalkov.

 Ours too tightened – and Andrey Kira Yevgenyevna, and vice-governor Victor Ostrenko, and the head of the internal policy of the Administration of the Pskov region and writer Roman Romanov (see it among fans Dovlatova was particularly surprising, perhaps, people can share their work and others’ work ).

 And in the meadow Michael was already established scene. And, perhaps, the first time since it sounded Dovlatov. Vera Polozkova read an excerpt from a “compromise” – about Eric Bush: “He was deprived of freelance work. Maybe Sorokin achieved this. Most likely, the editor has shown diligence »…

 Vera casually chosen this compromise because Bush – a poet. Read was the passage where everywhere ousted, hungry Eric, who decided to have to kill swans, unexpectedly meets a pond home game of his life – an aging woman Galina. And instantly slays her verse (Akhmatova – where about “light unbearably generous” and his, that is, it turns out Dovlatova). Students willingly laughed. They applauded and poems of faith itself. In addition, she read Pushkin – an explanation of Tatiana and Onegin (not in the village, and when she was “rich and noble»).

  As the sea is gaining river?

 In the evening we spoke with Vera skid in Pskov: she really keen on the idea of ​​the festival and is believe in it. Therefore, the proposal Alexei Bokova took gratefully: « We did together with Alex Tarkovsky Festival in Ivanovo region this summer, I also oversaw the poetic program, brought home the young poets, dear to my heart, arranges poetry readings, which, I think, have been with great success. And when Lesha had the idea, it is sensible, as Sergei Donatovich were very unique relationship with poetry and poets to make poetry program dovlatovskogo Festival, he called me and asked, “Would you like to join us?” What do you mean – would not want to ? Yes it is for me at all what I would like to engage in life! It was a very interesting job: find out how he’s relations with poetry, because in his youth he wrote poetry, drove dangerous acquaintance with almost all young geniuses from Leningrad Nyman to Brodsky, and continued his dating in New York. And I’d like to present the widest possible range of voices. I already have five sentences, if everything will turn out, it will be people from very different cities with very different fates. Some of them knew personally Dovlatov and noted: for example, if Alexei Tsvetkov join us, I’ll be happy. Well, quite young, the poets of my generation will be too.

  All of them, perhaps, united by the fact that so much to us in prose Dovlatova: incredible sensitivity to the man, to all of its smallness and weakness. And this amazing ability to not judge him in this, and taken for what it is, without didacticism and pathos. After all, one way or another with words, there is always the temptation to fall into some stuffy moralizing. And for me this much ends.

  My favorite Alexander Genis, who was friends with Dovlatov, when New York named a street in his name, he wrote an article in which the writer explained the incredible success as humility. He said that the Chinese have a proverb: “The sea is gaining river, because it is located below them.” Dowlati never exalted to anyone for all he has achieved. And all his deadly irony has always been aimed primarily at himself, which made him a man with whom I make friends. After each read the book I wanted to find him to drop and hug. Because you feel your soul mate, because too much now fine writers, whose irony deployed against anyone, but not against him. To himself, they are not able to make a joke just flatly. A Dovlatov, it seems to me, was a rare example of someone who put themselves last of all.

  I was pleasantly surprised to Berazino woman who spent hike (Nina Ryasintseva – approx. Aut.) Because the story itself about the house-museum about the trip – it all a bit contrary to how Dovlatov lived and how he touted. We are well aware that there is always the risk of falling into some kind of pathos, in anguish. But it is incredibly funny, fun, sensibly told without experiencing any sanctimonious feelings. This is very important – who leads the tour in your house-museum, it’s about saying something: you have got or did not approve of this life that you would like to adopt »

  «A Dantes still alive, comrades!»

 Vera Polozkova casual expressed the same thought, which, probably, in this day haunted many. Festival presentation Dovlatova turned out so elegant and again secular, that where there is the story of a small house-museum Dovlatova. As if he felt Sergey Donatovich in such a brilliant society, too hard to imagine. But I think Vera would have liked him to be sure. And with Victor Erofeev he gladly talked to, the more that they were familiar (many remember taken Viktor Dovlatov interview – “The Gift of organic bezzlobiya” that came into dovlatovskogo four-volume).

 When we stopped near the house in the Berezina, everyone was waiting for that promised Erofeev tell stories about Dovlatova – they eat dumplings together (I think that still it was a tale about “how we had a drink together”), but the writer did not want to know.

  – I’ll tell you better about Pushkin. I’m on French television doing a film titled “Rehabilitation of Dantes” – it’s an interesting project, there is no rehabilitation, of course not, I just came up with this story … I went to the city where Dantes died, visited the cemetery where he lies. .. – began Viktor.

  – Good lies? – Came a jealous question.

  – Poor – reassured all Erofeev. – All east-west lie, and he with Catherine (his wife, sister Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova nee) from south to north. This city Sults, Dantes was mayor there for a long time. And he’s so famous that there is a street Dantes, Dantes is a museum. And he was famous for the fact that he had spent in the sewers … Sultse Pushkin’s famous poem, but it – sanitation. And I came up with the story that Dantes dies Sultse in 1895. Already have a phone, a camera, which arose in the 39th year – shortly after the death of Pushkin. Dantes dies, comes to him a servant, he asks to call Catherine, and the servant replied that she went to the store, even though the rain and all night. Just Catherine died in 1843, the year … But the servant says, “Since you want to talk to a gentleman, a curled. He says his name is Pushkin. ” Well, it is clear that this is all happening in a delirium. And Dantes asked to call Pushkin to talk. And here begins this battle: I’ll bump off in the 37th year, due to some women, and you look after this kind of life – phones, cameras. And you had it? And what have I done in my life and what you’ve done? And then there is a dispute about creativity, about power, about power.

  There’s a museum there is a portrait of Dantes, he looks quite old looked like Turgenev. But … fake. Such “lzhebely mushroom”, seems to be similar to white, but in fact such a large toadstool. The museum in Sultse told that he was then returned to France after the duel “with a Russian writer,” and there is only one book exhibited Pushkin – “Gabrieliad” in French, 1924 edition (the year of death of Lenin). Dantes, by the way, went bankrupt, because it lies at the city cemetery, and not on the farm – out of their remains were moved. But in the former home of their show room, where Catherine died. I even asked – I would not want to sleep in it, but I refused. And I was invited to a restaurant in the same mansion. I went up to him, and then the name of the “Pushkin” – and I know who the winner is in this life.

  World Dovlatova

 Said Viktor Erofeev and about Dovlatova: « This writer – is the one who gets the opportunity to once create your own world. This can make the artist and composer. But what the world has created Dovlatov? After all, when a writer is really from God, he nourishes us with faith, some strikingly charged energy of the celestial spheres. Gogol wrote in a letter to Zhukovsky, that all my work – it’s my heavenly guests. Those guests who flew to Dovlatova, they were very similar to the philosophy of the second half XX century, which was called the philosophy of everyday life. This is not a literature of great ideas that hated Nabokov. It is precisely the ability of a glass of water to see the sea. Family relationships, relationships within the amorous couple, or at work – it’s day to day, it is not bulging, not rise, but when it is given to you, then from a drop of water really grows the world. So – there is a world Dovlatova. But this world is still laced with humor, laced with fluctuating feelings – from compassion to contempt. Dowlati himself part of this world, he is not a god of his, and the participant is not a meditator, and walking beside himself involved in it. I would like today, when we visit these two places, to connect them. It is clear that the world of Pushkin – is the first in Russian literature independent world. He created it and created a very free: general idea of ​​freedom permeates all Pushkin’s poetry, and in this world of freedom the world is born of love. Dovlatov through the world of everyday life is also very often comes to freedom ».

 Freedom was a very important word for the future DOVLATOVFEST, who was born in those days, when you can laugh at the written “compromise” is already laying the ground for new ones. Let’s see how the word fits into the year 2015.

 But most of all I want to look at the festival named Dovlatova in the Pskov region. His presentation was a serious bid for success. Probably because the organizers to the word used to. They are successful people.

 However, Dovlatov in the same interview Erofeev in 1990, said this: “In Russia, the success – a concept-to-one. It includes money, fame, comfort, fame, positive press, the reputation of an honest man, and so on.. In America success can be ten, twelve, fifteen. There is a market success, have success with university professors, have success with the critics, have success with the common people. My case, if you agree to call it a success, in English called “Knockers ekleym” – Seen criticism »…

 Sergey Donatovich not lived up to the time when, and in Russia the concept of success was very ambiguous. And these parts of his success is not the same as in New York, where he is now, however, there is a street named after him. And we have a house in the Berezina. And now here DOVLATOVFEST.

  Elena Shiryaev


Source: Pskov news


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