Friday, September 19, 2014

Moderation and modernity – Kommersant Applications

Contemporary Art Fair

The Bolshoi Manezh goes only so far International Contemporary Art Fair in Russia. Attended the opening ceremony TATIANA MARKINA.

came to Moscow only six foreigners, so that the ratio of participants (out of 26) has changed dramatically in the direction of Russian – when almost a year ago, the fair director Margarita Pushkin Sandra Nedvetskaya undertaken a fair, it was assumed that the Western participants will prevail. In the design to minimize the impact this fair is very beneficial: in the great hall Manege full space, stands look light and airy. But the empty square meters will not bring commercial benefits – and although Margaret Pushkin is no stranger to support non-profit cultural undertakings (such as magazine “Project Classic”) and any profit it sort of did not expect at all interviews representing fair project more infrastructure if stands will not buy anything, galleries do not want to be more involved. And Cosmoscow die – she died just “Art Moscow”.

However, a comparison with the “Art-Moscow” is impossible – here everything is different, starting with the service for exhibitors, which Moscow gallery owners as one called the great and truly European .

For foreign participants also had no problems. Organizers did their best to facilitate their rapprochement with Russian buyers – for example, could advise what is in demand at local. By following these tips, galleries in London and New York brought the works of artists known in the art, “oil on canvas” (or acrylic), no nudity and extremist plots, adding to them a little bit of something more original. For example, at the stand of Michael Werner (New York, London, Trebbin) were represented by the paintings Georg Baselitz and Sigmar Polke, reinforced already quite classic – a modernist work of Francis Picabia; for liveliness added readymade “Hanger” Marcel Broodthaers 1965: hanger with a coat and a bunch of eggshells. The gallery Massimo de Carlo (London, Milan) presented a huge black canvas Rudolf Stingela (sold for $ 1.5 million, perhaps it is the most expensive work at the fair) and red clowns monsters George Condo. However, not all obeyed the advice – for example, Beck & amp; Eggeling (Dusseldorf) brought members of the group schedule Zero (to create art, devoid of color and emotion). There is no censorship on the part of the organizers was not. On one side of the gallery stands “ArtSvit” (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) is a shrill project Kiev artist Nikita Shalennyi “Album of the war.” On the stand are khaki coffins, symbolic “cargo 200″, they spread the artist’s drawings of war, watercolors, in which khaki uniforms so beautifully with the scarlet color of blood. This is a “bare emotions and impressions traumatic reality” that the modern artist – as an artist any other time – can survive only vyplesnuv on canvas or paper.

Russian gallerist organizers predict other frames: on the bench could be shown only two names, no more. “At first this condition plunged us into shock, – said Sergey Popov, gallery owner Pop / of / art (Moscow, Berlin) .- And today, I think it’s very true.” On its stand monochrome canvases Cyril Chelushkin (by € 20 thousand.) And bright polychrome to Olga and Oleg Tatarintseva (€ 25 thousand.). “It was not a limitation, it is – the problem” – agrees Lydia Tarasova of “Gallery 21″ (Moscow), presented to Ivan Yegelsky (iPad, covered with ancient inscriptions, for € 3 thousand.) And sculpture of Anna Titova (€ 5 thousand. ). It was assumed that with a smaller number of names will be easier to get used to a Western audience, the arrival of which was planned by the organizers. For reasons beyond their control, this visit is unlikely to take place, but the stands were very beautiful and articulate. Each of the Russian participants chose their best and favorite artists: gallery “Regina” shows Paul Pepperstein gallery Frolov – Rauf Mamedov, gallery “Triumph” – group AES + F, gallery XL (presented twice as a commercial gallery and non-profit foundation) – group ISP.

His mission Cosmoscow sees and promoutirovanii young Russian art in the West. On the first day by a multi-stage selection of four finalists (their work shown at the fair) was chosen one – it Taus Mahachev artist, whose work fund “Victoria – The art of being a modern” buy and give to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp. In addition, in the framework of the fair in support of the fund Natalia Vodianova “Naked Heart” was a charity auction, which raised € 209 thousand., Was leading a British work on it, Rachel Howard, sold for € 32 thousand.


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