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Night. Street. Lantern. Bicycles. Pushkin. I – TVNZ

This is the eighth velonoch in Russian history. In the days of Pushkin Pushkin velonochi were extremely rare, as, indeed, and bicycles. The poet himself was also not an avid cyclist, preferring to coach him .. Because the first bike with pedals and the steering wheel was created in Russian serf blacksmith Artamonov in 1801. That it rolled out the first cyclist Verkhoturye the Urals to Moscow. Second birth bicycle held in 1808 in Paris, where there was a two-wheeled scooter without pedals and steering. Bicycle “, translated from Latin -” quick feet. ” Why night – Pushkinskaya and not Nekrasovskaya: ask not very avid Pushkinist? And here is why. Two hundred years ago, in 1814 in the Moscow magazine “Herald of Europe” under the pseudonym “Alexander N. k. Lat. n “published his first poem of Pushkin’s” To a friend the poet. ” Unfortunately, not everyone knows it! I myself is only just now learned through Pushkin velonochi.

But today the bike, like Pushkin velonochi, firmly entrenched in our already fast-moving and poetic life. Rare Pushkinist-cyclist miss a rare opportunity to go hang out on a dark night on a bike of his own kind of eccentrics who do not like to sleep at night, and like to read Pushkin. And love to sleep in the afternoon. Judge for yourself, well, what’s the point to sleep at night, if you have a bike with a flashlight? And just lazy sleepy to go to bed at dusk, and will not go to ride on the Moscow night. I know at least a dozen of these weirdos. Yes, even if you are not a fan of baysikala, then certainly, nevernyaka, a fan of Pushkin, or at least, you know who he is. I could not indulge in such Pushkin night! It would be immoral and cruel to ourselves and to the people.


We live in a great time. Today it is not necessary to buy a bicycle so that it hung in the hallway in the winter, and you touched his head. Today you can take the bike for the night, as the girl for hire. Bike cheaper. Rental stations in Moscow more than McDonald’s, but less than a brothel! Bike you can take home as a pizza or rolls. Book. There is this joy of 800 rubles per day.

– you with luggage or so? – Interested distributors. I ordered just in case with the trunk. And suddenly “bomb” have to “recapture grandmother” for hire? I sit. Waiting. Hour, two hours, half a day. Already nearing midnight, and all the big no! Calling. And I answer:

– We now work! You know that today in Moscow velonoch!

– So why I am taking the bike? What do you think?

I had to rush kicked in Sokolniki – from velonoch started, and already there hotel’s rental bikes.


Cyclists race to the park Sokolniki from all parts of the capital. And bicycles are not simple, they wheel gold. Glow, flash, as Christmas trees. Every one himself invented luminous zakovyka to hit the surrounding pedestrian and automobile loshara besfonarnyh. Generally on velonoch assumed registration of participants. Some are registered, but you can have. This – like marriage! Not far away, with a roar, screech, Crack, groan, fell to the ground big as Atlanta, killogrammov eighty, cyclist in a wonderful pink tracksuit. But I could be in her place! But I’m not so powerful! I admired this unusual spectacle. She is so beautiful erotic slowly rising. On the central avenue – a huge, brightly lit stage. With her are spread throughout the park poetry, play music rock band. And what do I hear? Familiar from childhood words! Songs on poems Delvig! Sorry Delvig not lived, he would have a joy it was !!!! It seems to me that Pushkin could be a good gangsta rapper. Work all night cafes and coffee and tea a tavern items. Anyone can take advantage of a unique opportunity to ride a bike on your favorite Pushkin places: the famous Tverskaya mentioned in Eugene Onegin, Prechistenka and Arbat, Ivanovo slides and Basmannoe street. But it seems that everything is normal and there is felt. Drove up to one of the organizers named Maxim.

– When moving out to the route?

Maxim seem somewhat at a loss.

– Planned in 11 But you see how many cyclists? How to inform them all? A group of volunteers will go to 12 I think the rest of them catch up …

I am today, by the way, became a fan VELONOCHI

I am a talented food on the bike at Sokolniki dodging speeders. Passing by on a tricycle bike man, in a black top hat and frock coat, transforms himself in Pushkin. Hark! Another Pushkin, but in white. Holiday after all! A dozen different Pushkin I counted that night.

And here they come running up TV crew from the first channel to the camera. Because I’m the only white-haired cyclist. Urge the camera and the girl-presenter asks that captured me with its audacity and singularity:

– What led you to Pushkin velonoch?

I tell them, with characteristic frankness me, without guile and affectation, as befits a progressive journalist.

– Because there’s a lot of beautiful bicyclists, pushkinistok and TV presenters. Can be any wise go with me into a bed in an alcove in the night, instead of stupidly drive on Moscow.

– Can you read something of Pushkin?

In these requests, I can not deny anyone. And especially – lady. I started reading with expression favorite that a child reading a familiar ladies to quickly captivate them:

– Tsar Nikita once lived

Idly, fun, rich

King worked a little

to eat, drink, and prayed to God

And by different mothers

Presser forty daughters …

I that moment, he felt, to some extent irrepressible educator. And when I got to the place, which describes that the princesses between the legs, something there is not enough, TV crew turned off the camera because, apparently, did not want to disappoint the viewers. After all this work, AS Pushkin, full of terrible human tragedy. How can you live when between the legs of something lacking. Invalids all forty persons. Yes, and begotten by different mothers. Promiscuity some wicked reigned in this realm! So Pushkin gradually exposed the appalling manners tsarism. But then, thanks fantasy Pushkin, was the prince, went to distant lands and brought the girls missing limbs. Forty pieces. And the doctors all the girls sewn. Perhaps from the point of view of modern medicine such transplantation – nonsense. But it’s Pushkin wrote – and I just played! I have this poem is not the program learned, not under compulsion, but out of love for poetry, and education. And then I thought: how did the history of literature is unfair to other poets and creators. Why not Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Balmontovskoy, Petrosyan velonochi? Sorry for what? Yes, you can make every night velonochyu behalf of someone and ride and ride! I hope that we in this still ever come. Enough sleep at night! You can also ski and night to make Samokatnaya. And let sleeping prosaic loshara spiritless.

(Home came in the morning. And slept like a log, a light day! Eh! Wish velonochi we are so rare).


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