Monday, September 22, 2014

Makarevich concert organizer explained the abolition of poor ticket sales – RBC

RBC 09.22.2014, Moscow 17:13:30 The organizers of the joint statement by Andrey Makarevich and jazz musician Ildar Kazahanova said that the concert was canceled due to poor ticket sales. This was told Interfax spokesman club Jagger, where he was to go live.

«Concert canceled due to low sales dynamics. It sold enough tickets, concert pursue unprofitable, “- said the agency interlocutor.

« to “notes that the abolition of the concert the musicians were not warned. “The concert was attended six musicians. We plan should address the club, so they are all ready to play. This is the default. On some changes in me, none of them reported, “- said the publication Kazahanov.

Earlier official representative of the” Time Machine “Anton Chernin told RBC that the concert was canceled, as well as all tour musicians. “In St. Petersburg, canceled a concert featuring Kazahanova Makarevich. Just prior to this was abolished all round. On the 28th day of the concert in person, I learned when I learned about its cancellation, I do not even hang it on the site, “- he said.

Sam Makarevich sure that the club was forced to it to do.
 Over the past few weeks Makarevich concerts canceled in several cities: Samara, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Saratov and Krasnoyarsk.

«I can tell you that I am absolutely not interested in the fact that this information generally Split “- said Makarevich, told RBC. According to the musician, and the owners of the clubs called “soft recommend these concerts do».

«If they have enough perseverance, they prefer not to do so. If they choose not to communicate with the staff in plain clothes, they canceled concerts “- added Makarevich.


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