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Sweet dreams, “Aurora”: Petersburg cruiser legend spent on repairs to Kronstadt – News News SPB Petersburg

September 21, 2014, 20:34

Today, the ship number 1 left Petrograd embankment to return with a refurbished appearance and greater exposure. As assured in the Defense Ministry, the cruiser will not change in appearance, but inside the exhibition will be doubled. Alexander Odintsov watched as the city accompanied the legend to the dock.

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September 21, 2014, 12: 43

«Elusive Rabbits” climbed on leaving “Aurora»

In another way this ship with the prefix “Number 1″ and could not let go. Under akkomponement unofficial anthem for the Petrograd embankment “Aurora” escorted Nakhimov, residents and visitors. Some surprise rounded eyes, others frankly do not hide emotions.

special operation begin in a few minutes, 4 towing boats are “Aurora” from a parking lot on the big water. The Neva, across the Gulf of Finland, the end of the route at the docks of Kronstadt. Just raid involved 11 support vessels.

Alexander Odintsov, correspondent: «Petrograd embankment emptied as rapidly as a cruiser left his eternal parking. In the tourist routes and favorite places citizens minus one point. And while it is not known exactly how long it will take to ship the number 1 back on a trick to naval school. In the meantime, do everything in the photo background empty promenade. Also will go into the archives – this picture was not here for almost 30 years. ”

For exceptional, historical events, and exceptional measures. Spans “Aurora” escorted three crossings. Happy to pass bred Trinity, the Palace and the Annunciation bridges. Towing are carefully: for fast, affordable and shallow. And at the entrance to the Winter move slow. Fit a huge cruiser and tugs need in a short distance. Embankments along the course of a special operation without exaggeration monitors tens of thousands of people.

Julia Tsivilko, peterburzhenka: «All’ve learned that” Aurora “standing in one place. As a symbol of the city, as a symbol of St. Petersburg. And today is the day when everyone will understand that this is a real ship, not a monument, which stands in the same place. ”

Stepan Mednikov, from St. Petersburg: «Specially prepared. Here, said the younger generation that will necessarily go and look at the “Aurora.”

For those like “Aurora” walks along the Neva River, has been observed by several generations. And always ship escorted and met throughout the city. That footage Footage where the cruiser sent to the docks for repairs. It is of 1984. However, after the restoration of the Leningrad saw another ship. But those who was then working in the shops, they say all that was in their power saved. Now scope of work is not so large, will account for the major part of the cruiser, which is below the waterline.

Gubankov Anton, head of the Russian Defense Ministry of Culture: «In ships of this type, which are in the water, the lower part of the body – the most vulnerable section. First of all, it will order. Secondly, the number of units will be replaced and a new fire-extinguishing system. ”

Navigation “Aurora” took almost 5 hours. At the finish line the cruiser was forced to make a turn. Parked vehicle was brought stern. First of all, because of the technological features of the dry dock. So, experts say, it will be easier to work with.

In addition, the “Aurora” on the Kronstadt Naval plant was already waiting for a neighbor. Icebreaker “Krasin” came here yesterday. The process of mooring here jeweler verified. On special wooden supports with metal cells “Aurora” was set for about an hour.

Sergey Krestnikov, first deputy director of the Kronstadt Naval Factory: «Repair” Aurora “in the technical component is fairly typical amount of work. Technical surprises we do not expect. Attention will be increased. ”

The first in line – the so-called deffektatsiya body. Specialists will align all dents and seal cracks. And after inflict on almost 3000 square meters of a fresh coat of the original, gray paint. Check valves, an equally important part of the ship, because the water has to flow into the ship for cooling devices. Already in the first days parking here will know how much a symbol of the revolution left Petersburg. And there is not intrigue with the further destiny itself “Aurora”: it will remain floating museum. However, the exposure will be dramatically different, “red” rhetoric will give way to the history of the fleet as a whole. On an example of it one of the brightest pages – the cruiser “Aurora».


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