Friday, September 26, 2014

Sasha Grey, Woody Allen, and other premiere week – BBC

Return to “Training Day,” the new Woody Allen, Sasha Grey in danger and revolutionary Pyotr Fyodorov on the run – “Times” has chosen the most interesting film premieres next weekend.

The Great Equalizer

A humble clerk materials have to remember the past spetsnaz after his casual acquaintance begins to disparage Russian mafia. Such a plot would have done honor to any other late-Soviet fighters with Nikolai Eremenko and Vladimir Gostyukhin, the more interesting that it took the honored director Antoine Fuqua, and the main role has invited his partner in “Training Day” Denzel Washington. Appointed returning duo in the spirit of the late psychedelic action films of the late Tony Scott’s “Anger” and “Deja Vu”, which fans and recommend “Great Equalizer».

Open Window

won the dinner with your favorite movie star, the administrator of her fansite and did not suspect that soon its modest geek shoulders will rest much more honorable task – saving the life of an idol. Picture of one of the most gifted young Hispanic directors recommended primarily, of course, fans of Sasha Grey, continues to successfully make a film career without the “porn».

The Magic of Moonlight

Woody Allen continues to vigorously explore Europe, taking on the film a year. This time he took about retro 20s. Englishman arrives at the Cote d’Azur, to expose a successful speculator, but instead falls in love with her. Actors Colin Firth and Emma Stone. Woody Allen, Emma Stone, Colin Firth – you need some other recommendations?

Family of monsters

The only leaving this week cartoon, a variation on a theme “Romeo and Juliet” (or rather, pozaproshlogodnih “Parallel Worlds”) for the little ones. Hero comes from a family of monsters living in a cave, and happy freedom which gives a similar “untouchable position.” This continues for as long as it does not meet the “normal” girl and starts to provoke the inevitable collision of the two universes.

The Runaways

adventure movie in the center of which – to escape from prison in the early XX century revolutionary Pavel Nechayev by Peter Fedorov. Making their way to freedom through the Siberian taiga hero to be in the company of a mute girl named Ustia (Elizabeth Boyar) and the severity of the plot will give the fact that in the wake of the fugitive is a gang of bounty hunters.

Class correction

Heath has several festivals (especially “Kinotavr”), full-length feature debut Tverdovskogo Ivan talks about first love, a disabled kolyasochnitsy Lena, first published in the real world after years of home education. In the first shows the audience emotions ranged from hysterical laughter to paralyzing terror has not left anyone indifferent.


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