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In the fight for the Verkhovna Rada suffered photojournalist Reuters – UNIAN

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In the fight for the Verkhovna Rada suffered photojournalist Reuters / UNIAN

As noted Shroud of protesters, demanding recognition of warriors and freedom for political prisoners, according to a story TSN.

the rally cheered the president’s decision to postpone Poroshenko holiday Defender of the Fatherland from February 23, the historic day of the Ukrainian army – Intercession, October 14.

Read also Poroshenko called collision under the Rada “an attempt to open a second front»

People thought that after that, the deputies from the first attempt to vote for recognition of UPA belligerent in World War II.

Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov put it to a vote 8 times. Not once the bill has not received the necessary support.

This angered the protesters from the courtyard of the Verkhovna Rada. In the parliament building flew firecrackers and stones, a fight broke out with police officers.

In the clashes and goes to random people. Reuters photojournalist someone cut his head. The leader of the “Freedom” Oleg Tyagnibok first took responsibility for the behavior of the crowd. But after a few minutes of his words refused.


Nationalists march in Kiev ended battering the walls of Parliament – BBC News

Arranged in Kiev today nationalists march to mark the anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army ended carnage near the Verkhovna Rada. Injured 15 policemen and 11 soldiers the National Guard. Fifty people have been detained. And all because of the fact that Parliament has not complied with the radicals – not recognized Bandera fighters for Ukrainian independence and equated them with veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Beat policeman chain backhand. Waste movement, scream, shot. For a moment, can not see anything – somewhere near a smoke bomb explodes. Thugs in masks covering the face, to the attack of the Verkhovna Rada, punching holes in the police cordon. The situation is out of control.

All who are in the building are locked, the police cordoned off Parliament, Brawls occur. Rada before a crowd of several thousand people. Over their heads – yellow Blakitnogo prapory, interspersed with black-CHervonnye. Radical party “Svoboda”, teaming up with “the right sector,” again demonstrate they – together – they are the power.

They gathered in the morning on Independence – a crowd of thousands, had already conquered the Independence Square, under the mantra of their leaders, ready for new challenges.

“Bandera – our hero, Cover – our holiday!” – Shouts from the podium Chairman of “Liberty” in the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tyagnibok.

A short meeting – to warm up. And then, the beat of drums – to the main purpose. All of this column under the flags of “Freedom” and “right sector”, shouting Nazi slogans, moves Hrushevskoho to the Supreme Rada deputies voted today to the way you want the crowd.

Frightened members seem ready to sign Anything, as long as this – the last before the election, the session – ended without bloodshed. The crowd on the street, armed with cobblestones from the pavement, just in case, impatiently waiting. After all, she already promised today, to celebrate the anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Parliament adopts a law that equate UPA fighters – those who are side by side with the Nazis fought against the Soviet army, guerrillas, slaughtering Jews and Poles – to soldiers-liberators. The law, which will allow these “heroes of the nation” to call themselves veterans of the Great Patriotic War. For these veterans that gave their lives for their homeland – it’s like a slap.

But after the break, some of the people’s representatives to the meeting room is not got. Speaker Turchinov desperately trying to muster a quorum. But the deputies, apparently relaxed, having more in the morning to endorse the new defense minister, represented by the president. Two hundred and forty five votes – no doubt – for namesake and follower of Stepan Bandera – Stepan Poltorak. Former now, the commander of the National Guard, replacing camouflage military uniform, takes the oath. Not paying attention to what’s going on outside the window. And could – the new defense minister, as well as the former – of the police ranks. But now here these bolts struck the glass and miraculously no one was hooked in the building, headache related departments. Such trifles Minister is not exchanged.

In supporting the new defense minister praises members dispersed throughout the building. And not remembering the great accomplishments scheduled for day education UPA. Concerned about it only the leader of “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko. She promised – in the new convocation of the first thing to go back to the question of the status of the fighters of the rebel army.

However, if the return to the parliament itself “Fatherland” with untried sniper korrektirovschitsey Savchenko, the first number – one more question. As radicals “Freedom” that methane in the parliamentary window Molotov cocktails. The votes may not be enough. An act of intimidation, with shooting and fighting – a farce for “patriotic” voters.

Quorum collect failed. The last session of the Verkhovna Rada of this convocation crumpled closed. Soldiers in masks, realizing that the deputies had already left the building through the back door, began to diverge. Apparently consoled by the fact that the president signed a decree on the eve of Poroshenko – transfer the celebration of the Day of Defender of Ukraine from February 23 to October 14 – day educational rebel army.

The results of the last meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of the convocation. Broken glass, the broken asphalt. Fifteen victims of law enforcement workers. Fifty arrested nationalists. Parliamentary elections enter final straight.


Monument to Marshal Zhukov will remain on Manezh Square – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Experts categorically rejected the idea of ​​moving it to Kaluga

Today, 20:46, Views: 20260

The Commission on monumental art at the Moscow City Duma considered a proposal to move the monument to Marshal Zhukov to Manezh Square in Kaluga. Criticizing the idea to the nines, the experts decided to leave everything as it is. In addition, members of the committee supported the proposal of the head of the Union of Journalists of Moscow, the chief editor of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Pavel Gusev to erect a monument to journalists killed in the editorial tasks.

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Photo: Alex Moshchenko

Perhaps Zhukov monument can be placed on the second place after Dzerzhinsky in the list of monuments that are the most frequently move. However, if such ideas usually throw up mentally unstable citizens, this time it was serious. With the postponement of an equestrian statue of the heart of Moscow to Kaluga, where he was born Zhukov, addressed the State Duma deputy chairman of the Russian Union of Veterans M.Moiseev. His letter was signed by the entire group of veterans, including generals and marshals.

Since then, as this initiative became known to the general public, the Moscow City Duma threw letters outraged citizens, who called the idea of ​​vandalism. However, the authors believe offer reasonable: in place of the empty pedestal they want to install a new equestrian statue, which, in their opinion, would be “more harmoniously with the historical ensemble Manezh Square».

to finance this castling ready Committee in memory of Marshal Zhukov . Moreover, as the representative of the Moscow Department of Culture Sergey Polovinkin, authors of the idea on the phone assured him that can arrange the transfer in one night without attracting public attention.

Arguments “against” found a whole lot. As the head of the commission Leo Lavrenov, no one saw not only a photo of the monument, but even the authors of this idea – at the commission meeting, they were not. In addition, the currently existing monument is by the decree of Boris Yeltsin and is federal property. The land on which it stands, is not only in the buffer zone of the Kremlin, but is under the protection of UNESCO.

It should be added that no one has discussed the idea with any relatives Zhukova, nor the authors of the monument itself, which is infringement of copyright. Incidentally, one of the authors of the horse sculpture – the national architect Yuri Grigoriev – attended the meeting of the committee.

– I think that the vandalism that occurs to the monuments in Ukraine should not sink to our country, to the capital – said Grigoriev. – Work with the sculptor Klykov was not easy. Remember Yeltsin asked him, “Where did you get such a horse?” And he said, “From the pictures.” Actually, we had planned to install the monument on Poklonnaya Hill, but when all was ready, the team arrived on Manezh Square. When we put it, it turned out that the hand points to Zhukov restaurant “Moscow”. I talked Klykova deploy figure, and Zhukov became indicate Tver.

– To us, the deputies asked other veterans with the requirement to keep this monument – said deputy MHD Yevgeny Gerasimov. – The monument – an integral part of the city, even if someone does not like the way the horse stands.

And yet, not all members of the committee were unanimous. Colonel Claus from the General Staff Academy, for example, the offense – he said that personally acquainted with General Moses, and would not draw an analogy between his idea and vandalism in the Ukraine. But the voice Morozova “against” was the only one.

But the President’s proposal Moscow Union of Journalists, the chief editor of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Pavel Gusev to erect a monument to fallen journalists members of the committee unanimously supported. As told Secretary of the Union of Journalists of Moscow Viktor Cheremuhin, in 2007-2008, the Government of Moscow has already approved a similar proposal, but the monument is still no. Meanwhile, since 1991, while on duty, killing more than 70 employees of the Moscow Media and more than 300 Russian. Only in the last six months in Ukraine killed 4 journalists.

The idea was supported by the monument, but the place is not yet determined. Initially offered a place on Gogol Boulevard, near the House of Journalists. But the Moscow government recently banned erect monuments on the boulevards.

In addition, the Commission supported the proposal of the Russian military-historical society about installing on the Sparrow Hills monument to Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles the Great, as well as the memorial sign in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory. Supported by experts and the idea to erect a monument to the composer Dmitri Shostakovich on the territory of the House of Music.


Moscow City Duma Commission decided not to move the monument to Marshal Zhukov to Manezh Square – BFM.Ru

Commission on monumental art in the Moscow City Duma saw it rejected the initiative violation of the rights of creators of the monument

The Commission on monumental art of Moscow City Council rejected a proposal to move the monument to the public Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov mounted on Manezh Square. The decision was made after the position voiced by representatives of the relevant departments, according to the press service of the Commission. Read also: Moscow City Duma Commission may decide to remove the monument to Marshal Zhukov to Manezh Square

Rejected officials initiative belongs to the Society of memory Zhukov. This veteran organization made to the authorities with the idea to remove the pedestal horse track and move it to the village Strelkovka (Kaluga region), the birthplace of Soviet Marshal. The Company’s management memory Zhukov offered to put on the present site of the monument another horse track, which would also be captured famous commander. The organization was ready to assume all the costs associated with moving and setting of the monument at the new location.

Despite this, representatives of the initiative Moscomarchitecture found unacceptable. “The proposal is absolutely precedent and completely ignores copyright compliance architect and sculptor – the authors of the work. Based on the foregoing, the committee sees no reason to support the proposal, “- said in the conclusion of.

A similar view was expressed by representatives of other specialized agencies of the capital, highlighted by the Commission.

A public discussion on transfer monument strangely coincided with the incident, which happened with the very monument. October 11 at the monument at full speed crashed into the car VAZ 2107 Driver chained himself to the steering wheel and tried to set fire to chain two gas canisters that had brought with him. Walking along the pedestrian area citizens stopped a man. Inadequate motorist was detained by police and handed him over to psychiatrists.


Producer Bjork and Depeche Mode Mark Bell died at the age of 43 – Fontanka

 Became aware of the death of Mark Bell – musician, one of the founders of the British electronic duo LFO, producer and singer Bjork group Depeche Mode. He was only 43 years.

 As follows from the statements of the representatives of the label Mark Bell Warp Records, musician, died last week due to complications that arose after the operation. Details of the illness were not disclosed.

 In 1997, Mark Bell became the producer of Bjork, and then came the album Homogenic, which has become one of the best in the career of the famous singer. In 2001, members of the British rock band Depeche Mode invited Mark to produce their new album. Appeared in cooperation producer and musical group Exciter album received positive reviews listeners and critics.

 We also know that Mark Bell worked on the soundtrack for Lars von Trier’s “Dancer in the Dark.” Since 1988, Bell has performed in a duo LFO, other Gezom Varley playing the keyboard. Within a few years, they have released five singles and three albums. The first single of the same name LFO immediately got on the top of the music charts in the UK.

 It should be noted that cooperation with Bjork producer continued until 2011, when she released her album Biophilia.




In Kiev, clashes of protesters and police – Utro.Ru

Participants in the rally for the recognition of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army as fighters for Ukrainian independence during the Great Patriotic War, went on the wall of the security forces, which ranks in the two rows of guard pass to the main entrance to the parliament building.

the square near the Parliament are now several thousand people, they are holding flags of the nationalist party “Svoboda”. To the side of law enforcement officers fly firecrackers and smoke bombs. In addition, between the demonstrators and the police have begun a serious collision. In particular, they throw themselves with wooden sticks and Molotov cocktails, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“At the moment about the building of the Verkhovna Rada is about 8 thousand. People from different political forces and nationalist organizations. They make different demands, “- said the press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine. Data on victims and detainees have been reported yet. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov called protesters at the Parliament building to conduct share responsibly. “I am informed that the tire has some began to burn. I appeal to the people who do it: your actions do not help to pass laws,” – he said at today’s meeting. Turchynov also noted that such actions will lead to the fact that some of the deputies to leave the courtroom and there will be nobody to vote. He urged not to disrupt the work of Parliament. Later, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada adjourned the meeting for 10 minutes and invited the leaders of factions and groups to his office.

After that, the speaker adjourned the meeting of parliament. “Due to the fact that now in the Verkhovna Rada, there is much less than 226 deputies, and no question we can not see, I close today’s meeting”, – announced Turchynov .

Yesterday the Parliament of Ukraine at its meeting on Tuesday refused to consider a bill recognizing the activities “of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – Ukrainian Insurgent Army,” the struggle for the independence of the country during the Great Patriotic War. The inclusion of this item on the agenda was supported by 187 MPs only the required minimum of 226 votes. Earlier, Ukrainian President Poroshenko admitted the possibility of recognition of Representatives UPA one of the belligerents during the Second World War against the Soviet occupation.

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Cat Vasilisa gave the authorities of the Central District – Public control

SPSU representatives handed sculpture cat Vasilisa Petersburg authorities

Cat Vasilisa kidnapped in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow found, some time was Vice-Rector of St. Petersburg State University with Sergey Bogdanov. Now art object handed over to authorities. Despite the fact that the sculpture is not an official monument and was set arbitrarily, the management of the Central district promised to soon return Vasilisa at its usual place.

To restore the cat to return to the place will not be, because it is not damaged, marked in the administration.

Recall: cat Vasilisa was stolen from the Little Park Street on September 25. Shortly after the disappearance of the unknown Rufer found sculpture in Moscow and handed alley in St. Petersburg State University.

 Author: Olga Solntseva


Monday, October 13, 2014

About Breivik started filming the series – TVNZ

On the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who was convicted 21 years for the murder of 77 people, the show will be removed. On the painting already started working directors – Sarah Johnsen and Paul Shletaune speaking as a screenwriter.

The film is not the act of terrorism, and the joint work of police, doctors and journalists. The director said that he “will try to show a portrait of Norway.” The painting will include a lot of fiction, TV channel NRK.

By the way, not so long ago, Anders Breivik complained of intolerable usloviyasoderzhaniya in prison. Terrorist claims that he was tortured. In a letter sent in late November, journalists and human rights activists, “the Norwegian shooter” says his constantly searched, watching as he takes pills, and do not give a mop for cleaning the camera.

Recall maximum possible Norway terrorist got punished for the murder of 77 people, which he shot in cold blood on the island of Utoya.


Pyatigorsk officers take a ball in honor of the 200th anniversary of Lermontov – Herald Caucasus

Mon October 13, 2014 19:16:09

Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Kanshin reported that in Pyatigorsk (Stavropol Territory) on 14 October for the first time will be held the ball officer, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov lieutenant.

“Officer’s Ball in honor of the anniversary of the poet decided to hold his poetic homeland – in Pyatigorsk. Indeed, it is here that the lieutenant Lermontov, a member of the Caucasian War, in the brilliant poetic form told his contemporaries about the cruelty of bloodshed on the southern borders of Russia, for the first time, perhaps, to comprehend the atrocities of war as way of resolving conflict. And here, in Pyatigorsk, many decades cherish the memory of the great Russian poet, and his final resting place today and is open to every visitor who wants to touch the great poetic heritage Lermontov “- was quoted as” Interfax “

The organizer of the ball Lermontov officer, according Kanshin, addressed the Public Council under the Ministry of Defence with the command of the Southern Military District, with the support of the administration of Pyatigorsk.

Celebrations of the anniversary of Lermontov, will begin in the park, which bears the name poet. To his memorial flowers will be laid, held a solemn meeting with military honors and tributes salute of honor. “In the Saviour Cathedral City will host a solemn prayer for the repose of the souls who died tragically in a duel of the poet, then at the Cathedral Square will include representatives of the cadet corps and school teams with creative rooms Lermontov’s poetry. Final chord of these celebrations will be an officer of points, which will be held in the historic hall of restaurant” – said Kanshin.

He said that “enormous poetic talents and military valor of Lieutenant Mikhail Lermontov and now play enduring role in maintaining and developing the best traditions of heroism, honor and dignity of the Russian officer corps”.

In addition, the next day on October 15 in Pyatigorsk Lermontov held the ball, whose organizers claim that it will have a grand scale, by analogy with the famous Viennese ball and meet the criteria of UNESCO under special protocol ballroom.

Kiev got sick to buy Russian gas prepaid Kiev got sick to buy Russian gas prepayment

Mon Oct. 13 2014 20:40:29

Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan, introduced today the next element in the conflict was emerging was the settlement of the gas dispute with Russia, saying that Kiev no longer considers to be a valid purchase of Russian gas prepayment.
 “If we start paying part payments, then …

The Russians are owed to the state 134 billion rubles, The Russians are owed to the state 134 billion rubles

Mon 13 October 2014 20 : 20: 31

The Minister of Construction and Housing, Mikhail Men reported today that the Russians are owed for utility services to 134 billion rubles. According to him, five of the most hard-core defaulters among the regions make up Tverskaya, Moscow, Sverdlovsk, Ulyanovsk and Volgograd regions.
 Meng added that …

Turkey is trying to engage in a conflict with Russia? Turkey try to engage in a conflict with Russia?

Mon October 13, 2014 19:28:47

The West may try to use the Crimea as the “Achilles’ heel” of the Ukrainian crisis, organized on the peninsula different kind of provocation, in order to draw Turkey into conflict with Russia, – said recently correspondent “Bulletin of the Caucasus,” Turkish political scientist Hasan Oktay. His words proved prophetic: the day before there were reports of one of these provocations, which anti-Russian media already present as the Russian aggression against Turkey’s history: unknown vandals desecrated the memorial complex in memory of those killed during the Crimean War of Turkish soldiers and officers.

Pyatigorsk officers take a ball in honor of the 200th anniversary of Lermontov's Pyatigorsk officers take a ball in honor of the 200th anniversary of Lermontov

Mon October 13, 2014 19:16:09

Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Kanshin reported that in Pyatigorsk (Stavropol Territory) On October 14, the first officer to be held the ball, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov lieutenant.
 “Officer’s Ball in honor of the …

Ulyukayev: West must first lift the sanctions Uljukaev: West must first lift the sanctions

Mon Oct. 13 2014 18:52:51

Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev said today that Russia is ready to lift the embargo on Western food, but the first European to lift the sanctions required to countries.
 “Of course, it is possible”, – he said, answering a reporter’s question about the possibility of …


“Dracula” is worth all the “disappeared” – BBC

Box office Russia: “Dracula” left rivals out of business, “Graduation” did not become the second “Kiss!” And “Sunstroke” by Nikita Mikhalkov settled in the middle of the top ten.

Fantasy “Dracula” was almost never reached America, slightly behind David Fincher and “disappeared”. But he took heart in Russia. Over the weekend from 9 to 12 October kinoskazki of which became immortal vampire valahskogo Prince Vlad Tepes led the ranking of the domestic box office: according to the portal “Film Business Today ‘, this villain and bloodsucker earned 392 million rubles.

Fees first weekend allowed” Dracula “on the move to break into the top ten starts in 2014 in the domestic box office: The film moved occupied ninth place cartoon” Rio 2 “(376.8 million rubles. March) and almost caught up with the” Hercules “(397.5 million rubles. in July). Apparently, it will bring major international distribution profits picture Irish director Gary Shore and Luke Evans in the title role: the proceeds of the film in the United States and Canada still makes only $ 23 million, but in the rest of the world he has collected over the weekend $ 62.6 million.

In general, the 70 millionth “Dracula” is unlikely to have to worry about returning the money spent on production.

The gap between the revenue leader and the rest of the films in the top 5 so monstrous that it is difficult to rejoice in the national cinema, to get to second place – especially given the fact that almost all the news came out about the same number of theaters (a thousand copies each).

Russian comedy “Graduation” earned for the weekend of 79 million rubles.

directed by Vsevolod Brodsky and produced by Sergey Svetlakovym (he also co-wrote) was presented as a picture comedy “from the creators of” bitter, “but the success of this” Graduation “is not repeated. After a week and a half it will try to make himself gooseberries – 23 October will be released “Bitter 2».

The leader of last week, David Fincher’s thriller “Vanished” rolled right on third place, brought together for the last weekend of 77.8 million rubles. In Russia, the revenue picture is 255 million rubles., A worldwide picture of the missing wife starring Ben Affleck earned $ 140.3 million.

In the fourth place the family film ” Alexander and the terrible, horrible, bad, very bad day “, an adaptation of the eponymous children’s book became a bestseller 40 years ago in the United States.

In Russian literary source is almost unknown, but the picture on it earned 36 6 million rubles., beating one of the main prime weekend.

This is the title on the right is “Sunstroke” by Nikita Mikhalkov – the screen Bunin stories that are of interest the past two years, with the announcement of the start of the project. Mikhalkov began to “Sunstroke” in difficult conditions for themselves. In the spring of 2010 at the box office failed miserably the first part of “Burnt by the Sun 2″: “Anticipation” earned only 217 million rubles. with until the end and not the expanded budget (estimated at 33 million euros).

However, “Anticipation” at the start was the first in the ranking, but only due to failure of the theater other releases.

Released a year “Citadel” only consolidated failure – charges this amounted to only 42 million rubles. But even then, the rhetoric of the “great cinema” has been forgotten, and “Sunstroke” positioned very chamber and unambitious.

However, the premiere of his new film Mikhalkov organized on a large scale, in three places – in Serbia, Crimea and Moscow.

«Sunstroke” has earned over the weekend of 30 million rubles. and finished in fifth place in the ranking.

This is almost twice as much as it was in “The Citadel”, but the film came out and half the number of copies. In this budget, “Damages” is almost the same: according to “Film search”, it is $ 24 million (or nearly one billion rubles).


Kobzon with Russian singers going to perform in the “DNR” – Latest news in the world

Josip Kobzon


Kobzon goes to “DNR”

Russian singer Iosif Kobzon that sue Latvia because of the “New Wave” , going to a concert at the “DNR”.

Now, according to the artist, the question of security, after which he, together with other Russian artists will come to the East of Ukraine

“It will all depend on when will the good because of the security” – said the singer.

At the Kobzon in “DNR” are going to come Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Interior Ministry of Russia under the leadership of Victor Eliseev, singer Tatyana Ovsiyenko, singer and composer Igor Demarin.

Recall that in early September Kobzon commented depriving him of his honorary citizenship . According to the singer, he is happy with the decision of the authorities of Dnepropetrovsk.

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Brad Pitt could play a major role in “Sunstroke” by Nikita Mikhalkov – TV Center – The official website of TV channel

Tags: United Kingdom film actor Vatican music Obama USA Australia Madonna sport Mikhalkov Russian Press Review

Today in the review:
 Why Brad Pitt did not take part in the filming of Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Sunstroke”; Justin Bieber played soccer in the walls of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican; daily workout at the gym can cause serious addiction.

 In “Sunstroke” by Nikita Mikhalkov could withdraw Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. This was stated by Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medina. Agreement on the participation of Pitt in the film adaptation of the same name story by Ivan Bunin has been achieved in 2011, but later decided to change the concept of Mikhalkov film and to participate in the film Hollywood actor had to be abandoned. According to Medina, with Brad Pitt movie was not about Bunin. He also stressed that, most likely, the picture would be easier to get a foreign car. “Sunstroke”, the main role that played Latvian actor Martins Kalita, went into wide release on October 9. Estimated Bookers film started steadily, in line with expectations. “Such a deep movie, unfortunately, a small audience,” – say the employees of the Russian theater.


 Vladimir Putin will arrive in Australia at the summit Big Twenty, which will be held in Brisbane. As the British The Guardian, his displeasure about the decision of the federal opposition leader expressed Bill Shorten. He has already said that Australia could use its status as the mistress of the summit, in order to prevent the Russian leader to take part in it. However, the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, have repeatedly expressed their displeasure with the foreign policy of Russia, said that Australia has no right to decide who should be invited to the summit, and who is not.


 Singer Justin Bieber is again in the center of the scandal. This time, he was attacked by internet users and religious leaders following the publication in Instagram photos with a soccer ball on the background of the Sistine Chapel. Catholics accused teen idol that he played football in the church, built in the XV century by order of Pope Sixtus IV. Religious subscribers Bieber, as well as the locals told him to go home and is no longer displayed in the Vatican, according to Christian Today. The singer did not apologize for his actions.


 Well-known American magazine about music and pop culture Rolling Stone published an article economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman about Barack Obama. According to Krugman, who had previously responded sharply initiatives US President Obama was one of the most consistent and most successful presidents in history. The article emphasizes that the work of the president’s administration and himself should be aimed at changing the country for the better, and that Obama has dealt with this, and his achievements in this field will continue in the future.


  In a new scandal was involved Madonna. The other day, her 14-year-old son Rocco published in social network video of mass execution of children by terrorists “Islamic state”, accompanied by a rude comment. Residents of Albion immediately accused the son of Madonna and film director Guy Ritchie in violation of ethics and harming the fragile psyche of children, as the majority of subscribers star offspring – minors. Once Madonna learned about a new prank son, immediately rose to his defense, saying that he was trying to say that “our problems – that’s nothing compared to what is happening now in the world” and called on all to pray for peace, writes The Independent .


 Daily workout at the gym can be a symptom of dependence, which, according to experts, is no better than the addiction to drugs or alcohol. According to psychologists, many visitors use the gym classes at the gym as a way to cope with emotional problems. Compounding their situation and what society encourages exercise, workout considering something positive. However, the lessons to exhaustion can lead not only to the deepest depression, but also to health problems, writes the American edition of The Huffington Post. In New York, has launched training program for sports clubs to help them identify customers who may need help.


Exhibitionism on the basis of race – BBC

imitation of anti-racist “human zoo» XIX century with black actors as exhibits in the MMSI show in the framework of the controversial project «Exhibit B» South African artist and curator Brett Bailey, who is a part of the festival “Territory ».

A dozen black actors and one Kyrgyz silently stand on pedestals sit in cages and aviaries, lie on the operating table, wear muzzles and get stuck in the Dutch still life.

Project «Exhibit B» is recreated “human zoo”, which were a favorite attraction of Europeans in the XIX century.

White people brought Africans to the fairs and sideshows, laughed at them, experimented, proving racial imperfection blacks and flaws of evolution.

The exhibition itself is made in the genre of “blekspluatatsii” – as films about black people:

good cop stands by, caught the bad guy’s hand – the viewer (of course, white, well-fed and evil).

The story is woven canvas of documentary stories about the planters with baskets of severed hands black, Africans, who were forced to cook the head tribesmen on osvezhevanii and castration, quasi-scientific experiments and racial theories.

For the soundtrack meets choir severed heads – the last chord of the exhibition.

Just a month ago in London performance Brett Bailey – white, by the way, an artist from South Africa, a fighter against apartheid – boycotted the spur of the moment, without having to consider. Almost 23 thousand. People have signed a petition demanding it be banned. Another two hundred activists blocked the display of the art center Barbican: it had to be canceled due to “security threat performers, spectators and staff».

Opponents performance blew the right of the “savages” even today is not to be victims, shouted that silent negros in the exhibition showcase only multiply racial stereotypes.

After their suffering sabotaged parody, and the atrocities of the exploiters turned into a torture attraction.

Supporters, however, rests on the adequacy of the chosen topic and language reminiscent of the Enlightenment and humanistic pathos project.

But the punitive policy of tolerance as a result still turned restrained story about becoming racism discredited show.

After the London stories bans and boycotts have become part of the program. It’s amazing that at the displays in Moscow did not show any Enteo Dmitry and his knights of morality.

«Exhibit B” Bailey was created as a project for export: in 2012, he toured the world festivals.

At first glance the performance really looks Disneyland with bloody historical lining in the form of stories killed, humiliated and insulted.

But in fact, moody colonial discourse combined with provocative program work the same way as the “Mouse” Art Spiegelman –

received the Pulitzer comics about the Holocaust: frivolous, masskultovy format does not discredit the content.

In this case, almost all the characters are looking at the viewer from the top down, as the hosts. This top-down view gives dostoevschinoy (“Yes you killed, Rodion Romanovich, You and killed-a”), birth trauma, which drags on itself not a victim and abuser.

a single character – Kirghiz, brother killed in Moscow expat solo exhibition brings out the philosophical and historical context of the back – in the social, our, Moscow.

Without it, the feeling of belonging to a global catastrophe ( whether the Holocaust or the pogroms in Biryulyovo) would not have arisen and performance would have remained an abstract story from pathetic reflection on humanity and equality.

The exhibition is held at the monosyllabic mechanism, which is actively used by all performers, defies the principle of ” in the presence of the artist, “Marina Abramovic –

game peepers. People turn into artifacts, actors – in the living dead, reproachfully staring into the eyes of unwary viewer.

That’s just it does not identify himself with any character victim nor oppressor with an invisible figure, but remains Gawker, voyeur. So opened cheapness imposed guilt, which in itself is questionable artistic experience. Through it emerges carnival wrong side of any conversation about violence to the high concentration of mournful sighs.

The viewer gets razglyadyvatelya position which has got even in the circus, where finger-pointing and gygykane legalized, and in a butcher’s shop.

This project tells the feeling of this, which is lost in the conversion of circus freaks, first in documentary theater, and then to the objects of art. After all, art is engaged, and the project on the same topic. The only thought that with the help of his “human zoo” broadcasts Bailey, that the Holocaust, the American-baiting “color”, racial policies of the Nazis were not the novelties of the XX century: their invention was preceded by hundreds of years of promoting inequality and other extermination.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nikita Mikhalkov acted as weary magician – New News

The new film by Russian director most odious no worse and no better than those that are removed after the “Oscars” produced for the first series of “Burnt by the Sun.” It also has spectacular pieces like a pair of three scenes with colorful performers of the second plan, but the impression of the whole characteristic of the author spoils paralogous and general banality of artistic thought. First of all, the building itself is discouraging picture, trivial and monotone punctuate the action in 1920 with flashbacks that mimic the memories of the protagonist, relating to 1907. And mimic uncomfortable: try, for example, to explain how such an association in memory of captive white lieutenant, asked: “How did all this (the defeat and death of the old White Russia) happened?” – Refers to a sudden, fleeting and not spiritual thrust, swept a man with a woman in comely day thirteen years ago, and very succinctly described Bunin. Day in which the filmmakers have not noticed absolutely nothing specifically inherent to the last year of the first Russian revolution, and almost anything that would not be characteristic of Russia for twenty and one hundred and twenty years before him. Careless clerk, forgotten in time to hit the church bell; avaricious priests; Hotel maids and assigns forgotten things and do not bring the change lackeys lived in the XVIII century, but could not remember the hero because of his everyday life, as Darwin’s ideas, who walked in Russia since the early 60-ies of the XIX century, still a little hurt people stationary consciousness which easily coexist mutually exclusive ideas. Another thing is that the Darwinian theory clatter of Nikita Mikhalkov, who ought to pretend that every power of God, and who would not like the idea that selfish or unselfish revered them rulers, as despicable smerdy also had a monkey ancestor, also common to the higher and lower. From what is the idea clear the stump, just one step away from the hated revolutions, do not recognize the differences between God’s anointed by mere mortals, and encroaching on the divine power of the first. Now, if the hero told the kid that Darwin heretic and devil seducing commoners harmful ideas, it is not the boy grew up in a deceptively good security officer, giving the go-ahead last sinking of a barge with the prisoners, among whom is the recognized his old acquaintance and kind. And if anyone thinks that this retelling maliciously exaggerate the thinking of the author, let him read his numerous besogonskie razmyshlizmy.

The second idea, just close the souls of the main creator of “Sunstroke” and his faithful follower in the person of the Minister of Culture, gives white captain (small, but, as always, memorable role Vitaly Kishchenko), which, contrary to the straightness of character reminds his comrades in the camp that promises good notorious liars worthless and Blindside their statement, was to blame Russian literature, for a hundred years as blacken the blessed homeland. And (while still unthinkable in the mouth of this character, but forcibly invested in them by the author of the film considerations, from whom the late author of “Cursed Days” Ivan Bunin turning in his grave), thus causing the people seditious thoughts about a revolutionary change in those who use them (the fatherland and people) of the Rules. Still, after all the art of Nikita Sergeyevich remain each subsequent court chairman, president or monarch is just the ability to convince of it, that there is no alternative and will not be until at least as long as the Lord does not call for one of them to him.

Now about visual signals. If you believe Mikhalkov, the initiative came from the liquidation of prisoners Rosalia Zemlyachki, but there is no reason to trust these things with any historical or artistic point of view. Nobody disputes the fact that it is responsible for the wild and senseless slaughter of 1920, but, according to some historians reasonably be expected, the action was horrible, as things like that in Soviet Russia, secretly agreed with the central Bolshevik power, that is to say with Trotsky and Lenin, or have been committed with the tacit connivance of these, and gave the command to direct executors appointed chairman of the center of the Crimean Revolutionary Committee Bela Kun, burning with desire for revenge “suckers” for the failure of his attempts to arrange a proletarian revolution in Hungary. However, in the film-kun (you can guess why) is hidden in the shadow of his party tovarki by Miriam Sehon – actor’s bright, but not very convincing, as often happens in the movies of our great director, willingly neglects the internal validity for external brightness. Filled with revolutionary romanticism girls (Mikhalkovskaya Zemlyachka fifteen years younger than the real, and the screen-kun as much older than its inverse image) do not command the massacres and not thinking about what they penetrated intolerance calls for freedom, equality and brotherhood can lead to such consequences. But imagine izuverkoy passionate girl much piquant than a cold-blooded young doctrinaire or adult dogmatichku and absurdities Nikita Sergeyevich never troubled. Want him to dashing Cossack Cossack captain with forelock remembered Montaigne and downed Darwin confused boy became kromeshnikom polite, and even returned to the former lieutenant once forgotten those pocket watches and finally waved his hand – and we will watch, and will be the final call. And there is nothing to do with Mikhalkov that he forty years ago with far greater dexterity convince gullible public in white red and black white, putting symbolically melodramatic phrase, “You beast, gentlemen” in the mouth tender, like a nightingale, love slave.

And how on earth is not seen in the ship’s magician of “Sunstroke” unintentional self-parody of the author, a substitute for the art of cinema and their artistic abilities with manipulating the viewer’s attention? How not to notice the transition claiming the depth of the film at the camp, and simply – in the unconscious kitsch if culmination love interest – the sublime, according to the author, the merger lieutenant with hardly a familiar fellow traveler rather than the ubiquitous nauseam flying veil as illustrated in the forehead secretions of the sweat glands and back-(begs the “dissolute”) steamship forth motions of the pistons, and crowned with bawdy (or not say) drop from a bent crane? Right, it is appropriate vulgar allusions would be as trivial, but at least honest porn …

What do we have in the bottom line? If you use the name of a brilliant short film Michael Mestetsky (one of the writers of “Legends of the number 17″) – is meaningless tightened retrospective story about the “minor detail random episode” of the lives of two characters as small or as sarcastically put it in his blog feysbuchnom one sarcastic lady, ” adventure flying scarf. ” And more interesting, but as the surface reconstruction of historical events. Enough for “the great film about a great tragedy,” as no longer dared to call his creation the author pripechatat stupidest advertising slogan “Anticipation.” So nothing Mikhalkov is preparing for the fact that his next creation will not understand: the trouble is that to adequately understand and appreciate.


Joseph Kobzon visit DNR concert – media-news portal 24smi.org

& # x418; & # x43E; & # x441; & # x438; & # x444; & # x41A; & # x43E; & # x431; & # x437; & # x43E; & # x43D; & # x43F ; & # x43E; & # x441; & # x435; & # x442; & # x438; & # x442; & # x414; & # x41D; & # x420; & # x441; & # x43A; & # x43E; & # x43D; & # x446; & # x435; & # x440; & # x442; & # x43E; & # x43C;

Photo: supermnenie. mirtesen.ru

Joseph Kobzon plans to perform songs about Donbass and Ukraine in the DNI. On October 12 the crooner told Tass. The address of People’s Artist of the USSR in Donetsk said Minister of Culture and the breakaway republic of Yuri Lekstutes, who stressed that the final negotiations are underway on this issue.

« should give the nod because of the security. Everything depends on this », – said Joseph Kobzon. According to him, the number of participants and program performance are being specified.

As it turned out, “to visit the DNR with the concert very much.” Among them – the singer Tatyana Ovsiyenko Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Interior Ministry, the singer Igor Demarin.


Kobzon goes to DNR concert – BFM.Ru

As the artist himself, in several cities of the Donetsk region, he is an honorary citizen of the

People’s Artist of the USSR Iosif Kobzon decided to come up with songs of his native Donetsk Donbass in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic. It is reported by TASS.

the final negotiations are underway on the organization of the concert. The exact program is still unknown, also specifies how many people come to the event.

«It will all depend on when will the good because of the security,” – said the actor. He pointed out that an honorary citizen of several cities in Donetsk region. This, in particular, Donetsk, Slavonic, Kramators’k, Gorlivka and others. Read also: The court arrested involved in the case of trying to disrupt the concert Makarevich

At the beginning of October, the Russian rock musician Andrei Makarevich announced the abandonment of the tour in Ukraine in connection with health problems. In Russia, meanwhile canceled his performances one after the other. Organizers attribute this poor ticket sales. Actor who first made a humanitarian trip in Donbas, recently criticized in the background of his statements concerning the Ukrainian crisis.


Michelle Obama was wrong seven times in families, politics, speaking in support of it – Kommersant

 - & Gt;

Lady of the United States Michelle Obama seven times incorrectly said the candidate’s name to the Senate from the state of Iowa, Democrat Bruce Braley, speaking on event in support of it. “I am honored to be here to support your future senator from Iowa, our friend Bruce Bailey”, – quotes the first lady of television channel CNN. According to the channel, Michelle Obama continued to make the same mistake as long as someone from the audience did not correct her. “Braley? What did I say? “- Responded to the first lady, wondering. “It got out of control … I’m getting old” – she concluded, laughing. At the end of the event, Mrs. Obama corrected and properly called the name of the policy, and then tore off a storm of applause, according to October 12, “RIA Novosti».



Saturday, October 11, 2014

“We do not have his Wall Street” – BBC

Chapter Roskino Catherine Mtsituridze told “Gazeta.ru” headed for its Media Forum, to complete its work in St. Petersburg, as well as the basics of kinopolitiki and kinoekonomiki that will develop the domestic entertainment industry.

In St. Petersburg showing of the film “Serena” with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper starring completed International Media Forum. Its president, head Roskino Catherine Mtsituridze told “Gazeta.ru” on the event and introduced by them to innovation, as well as about what media forum differs from the festival and why is it needed a modern city and the entertainment industry.

– Why is your event called the media forum and not a film festival?

– This is due, primarily, to the spread of the Internet, that the Internet today is not just changing the field of communication, but in Essentially, brings new meanings. He shifts the focus to the beloved power vertical to horizontal, and this is a trend. Vertical – it’s such a monarchical structure. As an added bonus for the country’s interesting,

but the whole world vertical structures give way to the horizontal, what is the great merit of the Internet. This also applies to politics, and social relations, and the entertainment industry, we are talking about.

Such giants as Steven Spielberg or George Lucas, announced today that the movie died, on the road no. And Jeffrey Katzenberg, head of DreamWorks, also lamented last year’s Cannes Film Market on – say, all is lost. But that’s not what killed the movie (this is, of course, not the case), and that

money out of the system by which they earned their earlier , go to another system and someone is not able to grasp the new system by the tail, because there live completely different people.

And these new people did not come then, to rake up the money, – they came up with ideas. That does not prevent them from monetizirovat their brilliant ideas into millions of dollars.

– That is the media forum – it’s about and for these people?

– Including and about our members such as Ben Hu of Circa News or Lance Veyler from Columbia University, and Andy Green of Distrify, or our Michael Tabunov founder Coub. They are building a new reality, which also allows you to earn money, but not vice versa.

As well as his time in the same Spielberg, Scorsese, Lucas and their friends did not come In order to cash in, but in order to create something new, and creating their masterpieces, created a new Hollywood.

When creating a new site, we want to be at the forefront. Why repeat something that has already been acquired and reputation? When I received an offer from the Government of St. Petersburg, the main condition for joining the team Roskino on this project I have put our full independence in the formation of the new format.

– and the city government agreed?

– It was their goal. I was invited to do something new, but I was still very surprised when they said, “Yes, we are all like – work.” As the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko headed the board of trustees of the media forum, urban services were configured to our project friendly.

– We now return to the horizontal structure of today festivals have become an alternative medium of film distribution. This is also about you?

– We want to make our marketplace has evolved in this direction. Plus, we pay much attention to the new media. On the “Startup Alley”, curated by my assistant on the magazine Variety Denis Ruzaev, participants came from all over the world, and I am glad that they have started on the forum to develop together some new rules of communication with colleagues from the world of film and television.

This is necessary to establish communication. You need to and Yota, and Rambler, and “Amediateka” and Coub, and many other sites that are presented at media forum, established contact with the young Russian distributors.

It is necessary to open the way for their films because in the theatrical release their big no chance.
– With small volumes at the box office, few people want to work?.

– In general, yes. But there are exceptions. See, Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina recommend cinemas on a thousand copies of “Leviathan” to release … I, frankly, shocked. First, just a couple of months ago when we were in Cannes, I read it a skeptical review of the movie …

– I think I saw his face after the show.

– … and suddenly this change of poles. No, it is, of course, progressively, but why then is a thousand, and not four, or, for example, two thousand? Because it is a round number? And the more it will help Yuri Bykov, Boris Khlebnikov and Valeria Gai Germanicus with family their finest films, if it’s just a one-off story? Or is the system,

and now for the quality of Russian cinema will be developed such an algorithm in getting rolling, that the minister criticizes first, and then hit a car? It would be great.

If it is a clandestine operation to become a favorite minister.

– I understand that the money in the budget of the Ministry of Culture Media Forum not?

– There could not have been because we did not go to the Ministry of Culture – it was originally bid Petersburg authorities.

If we turned to the Ministry of Culture, we would have immediately had a lot of problems: what for the movies, and who is coming, and why, and what goals, and show your passport, and a lamp in his face to shine, and the orientation of their kind, and the mat is there, Smoking in the frame?

We would not stand a.

– That is the principle of this – not to ask for money, so you do not make compromises?

– From time to time we get the money from the Ministry of Culture: in the end, it’s not their personal funds, as allocated by the state, ie the taxpayers, on the creation and promotion of culture. For example, this year they responded once – to allocate 5 million rubles. the Russian pavilion at Cannes (total budget of more than 20 million rubles.), where we spent 12 events, presentations, demonstrations, “round tables”, hosted a reception in honor of the 90th anniversary of Roskino. We congratulate all of the directors of festivals, markets, Thierry Fremaux, Jerome Paillard, director of the Venice and Toronto festivals. Was Tom Bernard, the head of Sony Pictures Classic, the coolest distributor in the world of independent film. It just rolls “Leviathan” in the United States.

– On Media Forum gave the city of 40 million rubles., But that’s clearly not the entire budget.

– Yes city ​​we allocated 40 million, and now our budget, including the sponsor’s contribution is 140 million rubles., and that’s not the final figures. Add members, shows, movies, series. Forum adopted a large number of guests – 2700 participants from 57 countries. Well, that could get serious discounts at hotels that campaign in the city received nearly free. At the same time we bought a lot of advertising in newspapers and magazines, from the “Kommersant” to “Dogs” – all posted. Rambler, again, as a partner has been a great support. Thanks for that Alexander Mamut.

– Maybe can and should be entirely without the state are learning to?

– The state should assist in shaping the environment. And we have the whole industry must work together to build this environment. With regard to the promotion of national culture, there is no State has also failed. I think that the law of the culture, which is produced with the participation of the president’s administration team Vladimir Tolstoy, will eventually move in the right direction. By the way, thanks again synergy industry and support the position of the leading figures of cinema and television, and their appeal to the president, the administration assists us to avoid privatization: a year ago, the Ministry of Culture Roskino included in the privatization plan – we have a building in the center of Moscow …

– In Moscow, love central dilapidated buildings Behold around SRI film art now the clouds thickened …

– Of course, the same can then sell to someone and officials immediately becomes easier to live with. But the fact that I was invited to revive this institution, and I do it. I would have no difficulty to find friends among business investors – so that after privatization, we would have stayed there. But it would not be fair: this structure since 1924, promotes the national cinema.

I said, “I do not want to I ended the story of the company founded by Academician Lunacharsky.” While I was there, and the state Roskino will not work on slogans, but in fact the organization.

For the promotion of Russian culture should be the state. Priori.

– That is, the state should invest in cultural initiatives, but not to go, for example, with the ideological tools of law enforcement?

– The state represented by institutions, responsible for culture, should lobby for the interests of the national media industry. On the other hand (again, to the question of bureaucracy), the complexity of stimulating industry to look for alternative development opportunities. Appears consolidation.

– And all such timid steel such internal controls established that careless word utter fear repudiate the policy.

– We For example, the political program of Mikhail Trofimenkova zaverstali to sanctions and did not change anything. We cooked it since February. In other programs, too short sharp pictures. In my opinion,

everything necessary to speak, because the forbidden words and themes create around themselves the exclusion zone.

And we, on the contrary, we want to defrost the exclusion zone, to pronounce the thorny issues and to reduce the bridges.

– make friends all, what else?

– create a more market, with time will help us become more self-reliant. Transmedia market, as you know, and he fully met our expectations. Participants of the sections of film, television and new media a few days together worked out the rules and scheduled joint plans.

We have established a nominal campus Alexander Sokurov, which we call “K.L.A .With. “-” Alexander Sokurov’s film lab. ” Hundred people from across the country receive invaluable advice from the master and his colleagues for a week, watch movies, learn a new language.

This is the formation of a new cultural environment. And at the end of the forum, we are not going to throw these guys. Alexander will track the most talented of them. If he supports the idea, next year we will declare the campus international colleagues from “Tribeca” (a festival in New York, founded by Robert De Niro. – “Times”) are ready for such cooperation.

Wish section acting auditions, which fell due to the cancellation by the British Year of Russian culture; I think this is short-sighted on their part, to be honest.

Not only is their criticize us. The more that the year is almost over – why? We decided that as soon as the time will pass, will settle all the passion, we will hold the event – as an echo of the media forum.

– A not too much in the forum is packed, it’s not confusing?

– Watching someone. Feedback from participants in all sections say that everything happens in a timely manner.

We are creating a new place of power in the entertainment industry at a time when the Russian market a movie is considered one of the most promising the world, and Russian television, for example, Konstantin Ernst, gaining recognition of the international community.

Places of power are constantly changing. The economy moved into recession and European markets has become more difficult – and in Berlin and Budapest and Barcelona. Everywhere except Cannes, where everything is always perfect. We have five years on the market in Berlin, this year the participants were 30 percent less than last year. In Los Angeles in the American film market by 20 percent fewer participants due to problems in the economy of Spain, Italy, Eastern European countries, the Middle East. Director of the Cannes Film Market Jerome Paillard entered the Board of Trustees of St. Petersburg Media Forum, and it is the most obvious proof that the potential of our activities, as well as in the whole of the Russian media industry is huge.

– How about combining within a single market of film, television and the Internet? Many giants of cinema skeptical internet.

– But at the same time, they began to buy.

Disney acquired Maker Studios (which has grown into Youtube company to produce and disseminate online -video – “Times»), Warner Bros is in talks – they all want to re-buy a place on the Internet.

But this is the last cars. And who had the first – they are already at the forefront. At Fox, for example, is one of the coolest sites – Hulu. And we have a great partnership with them for distribution – we have two contracts done with them, they are to us, too, came to Peter. See how things work in the industry: the part of the people who worked in the Hulu and helped us to make this deal, left there because there completely changed management.

It seems as -That billion earned by the company, the management Fox seemed good enough result.

And they went Vimeo, growing company with an excellent reputation, and now they offer us on Vimeo better conditions for the distribution of Russian films, because we already have for reliable partners for Hulu. And they also come as a team.

– And we have it all in the near future can earn? That “Amediateka” not without difficulty instilling a culture of legal Russian audience watching popular TV series. But we are talking about learning how to sell their too?

– And “Amediateke” very difficult, because you have to withstand serious competition with the pirates. But at the same time do not want to run into strong torrents.

Question torrents and websites – it is also a question of freedom of the Internet, it’s important.

Do not throw out the water and the baby.

– Run for torrent sites and pointless – it is necessary to offer a convenient alternative.

– Convenient alternative – penalize users counted on our large and very representative conference on this topic. MPAA vice president Michael Robinson proposed to create more loyal to the conditions for the development of legal resources. In my opinion, it’s better than fine consumer or close the search engines. In general, subscribe to the “Amediateku” for a year worth some hundred rubles – can afford. It’s just a culture of access to information, to the product.

– Then again there is the issue of borders: let’s popular series we legally and at a reasonable price will be shown, but films from film expert Boris absurd programs where to take?

– It is necessary to develop alternative sites – so does the festival “Tribeca.” We want the next year to build a cross-platform platform with them, because “Tribeca” – is one of the coolest institutions, which we want to be equal, along with festivals in Toronto and “Sundance” … Like-built “Tribeca” system: they work all year round, has its own distribution system, which covers the Internet and movie theaters – they do not quit films after the festival.

– Experience “Sundance” is also impressive.

– There is strong funding. We considered the option to invite them as soorganizatotorov media market: come to a team of 12 people to put on the market 1000 (and now we have more than 2700 members), they asked for $ 3.5 million. When they told their demands for fees, we wiped the tears. It’s a festival of independent cinema that many misleading. This is a great mechanism, a powerful industry that works and earns – not without the help of private foundations and cultural initiatives.

– But there are options for systems in which the state supports?

– In France, a perfect system: fund budget CNC, which is financed by the French cinema, made up of contributions from the theatrical release and TV shows. There is, of course, more and more thought out. After that, everything that goes on the development of French cinema and media infrastructure. They are financing part of the Cannes Film Festival and is absolutely independent from politics. It does not matter who the president of the country, it is important who the president of the Cannes Film Festival and he 30 years old in his place. For me, the Cannes, the French model of support media industry – this is standard. The American difficult for us, because there is an independent studio and Wall Street, but we do not have Wall Street.

– A film industry we have around which to gather structure?

– There are people who are able to break through barriers and unite people around her. Fyodor Bondarchuk, for example, and is friends with the state, and at the box office earning, and will make a film with Warner Bros. in America, and helps the young, supporting debuts, and his studio is developing.

And there are cases where money is allocated to the production of films, even the names of which no one shall see later. But there are two or three films, which are then set up on the board as “Legend №17» or “Stalingrad».

But they forget to mention that the same “Legend №17» shot not because the Ministry of Culture and Cinema Fund gave money, but because Leonid Vereshchagin and his entire team for five years invested in the project of enormous efforts and all grow together.


Vladimir anniversary concert canceled Arbenina – BFM.Ru

This was done under the pretext that the October 9 concert venue was smoke, while the performance is scheduled for the 15th of the

In Vladimir, not the anniversary concert Diana Arbenina, which was to be held on 15 October. Details of the results TASS. Read also: Makarevich Concert canceled again – this time in Voronezh

As explained spokesperson actress Konstantin Filippov, October 10 representatives Arbenina received a document from the organizers, staff Art Palace “Tochmash” According to them, the statement can not be made, as concert venue closed due to smoke, which occurred on October 9.

Meanwhile, the singer’s representatives are trying to solve the problem and agree on a statement with other sites. Whatever it was, Oct. 15 “Night Snipers” promise to come to Vladimir, to chat with fans.

Here in this city Arbenina denied is not the first time: before the Regional Palace of Culture and Arts has canceled her performance, as in the period from October 16 to 18 to pass the All-Russian festival of brass bands “Silver Trumpets”.

In the past month actress said her concerts in various cities canceled under various pretexts. In October, there was still some “problems with platforms».


Cannibal Corpse concert canceled in Moscow for a few minutes before the start – NTV.ru

Concert scandalous American death metal band Cannibal Corpse in Moscow canceled immediately before. The hall has gathered fans musicians came onto the stage when the organizer and performances, citing technical reasons, has announced that the performance will not take place. Instead, he suggested an alternative ?? autograph session musicians and the audience promised to return the money for the tickets.

The news did not like the fans of the group so that the organizer flew bottles. However, the audience quickly calmed down, took pictures with the idols, got autographs and dispersed. All this time at the club, where the performance was to take place, and in the streets around the club were on duty police officers.

With them came to the streets and activists who support the ban Cannibal Corpse tour in Russia. According to them, in the texts of the band’s songs contain incitement to violence.

Previous concerts death metal bands were abolished in Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, and in Minsk. In every city Cannibal Corpse were very active opponents.

However, the musicians were ready for such a reception. In some countries, such as New Zealand and Australia, their work is prohibited. In Germany, and even at home ?? US ?? creativity of musicians over the years is accompanied by scandals.

Against Cannibal Corpse are the religious leaders, parent groups and legislators. Themselves musicians compare their songs from horror films and claim that it’s just a genre, and they do not promote violence.


Concert Band Sannibal Corpse canceled in Moscow – Kommersant

Organizers have canceled a concert of American metal band Sannibal Corpse in Moscow for a few minutes before it starts, “Interfax” on October 11, with reference to witness the event. “I was in Moscow club” Glavklub “, where at eight o’clock in the evening was a performance group Sannibal Corpse. Everything was fine, on the stage stood completely rebuilt musical equipment laid out on the stage of playlists, it was obvious that after a few seconds will address. However, a few minutes later came the organizer and told the audience that the concert was canceled due to technical reasons, “- said the agency interlocutor. He noted that the organizer has promised to return the money for the tickets, October 13 will be given to official information, where and when it will be done. “Everything, of course, upset, but quietly, without any aggression left the club,” – said an eyewitness. He said that before the start of the concert next to the club saw several police buses and paddy wagons. “I asked the police why they were here, I was told that they protect public order,” – said the agency interlocutor. Concerts Sannibal Corpse in Russia of bad luck. Concerts in Ufa and Chelyabinsk were almost ripped off. In addition, in September, the prosecutor’s office appealed Orthodox activists from the organization “Orthodox Union” to ban a concert group, as, in their opinion, creativity Sannibal Corpse «fully covered by the composition of the crime under the articles of the Criminal Code, for fueling religious hatred, promotes exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of citizens on the basis of their religion. ” Activists believe that the group’s lyrics are filled with “death and violence, including sexual, various sexual perversions, including necrophilia and cannibalism.” In one of the songs, as indicated by the activists in his address to the prosecution, there is an appeal, “Kill the priests!”. American heavy metal band Cannibal Corpse was established in 1988. Her albums are banned in many countries, including New Zealand, Australia and Germany. The tour passes the Americans with 2 to 12 October in 10 cities of Russia and Ukraine, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Omsk Novosibiske. As previously reported, in May, chairman of the “Orthodox Union” Roman Pluta sought to cancel performances in Krasnodar Polish band Behemoth. The concert did not take place, as tour groups of 13 cities of Russia was interrupted due to the expulsion of the musicians of the country. October District Court in Yekaterinburg fined participants Behemoth for visa violations and ordered their deportation from the Russian Federation. Behemoth was created in October 1991 in Gdansk. Initially, the musicians performed under the name “Baphomet» (Baphomet) – a symbol of Satanism. In February 2014, the band released a new album called The Satanist.