Monday, October 6, 2014

Yuri Lyubimov: a life in the theater and for the theater – BBC News

on Sunday was not Yuri Lyubimov – the famous director, the creator of the legendary Taganka luminary and reformer of the modern theater. A few days ago, Yuri Lyubimov was admitted to the Botkin Hospital with a diagnosis of “heart failure.” Doctors have done everything possible to save him, but his heart could not stand. September 30 Yuri Lyubimov, 97 years. 80 of them were devoted to the theater.

The buzz surrounding their health Yuri Lyubimov always considered exaggerated. Joked: “Journalists will be announced soon my funeral.” And, apparently, was firmly intends to realize the wish of Vladimir Vysotsky, “You used to be over a hundred, and we sing:” Thank you for living “. Yury Lyubimov, recalled:” I consider myself very lucky. I participated in the Finnish and more. And survived! Praise the Lord, not killed “.

Even when he moved the 90-year mark, he worked 12 hours a knock. 600-page” The Possessed “Dostoevsky’s staged just two months. At the premiere of the Vakhtangov Theatre sat as usual, in the ninth row in 13th place, “conducted a” flashlight, wrote in a notebook mistakes artists. promised to get a beating, because “the director must be angry”.

80 years on stage! First came on the scene 14 year old boy. entered the Shchukin School of the Vakhtangov Theater. released in the 39th and immediately went to war with Finland. During the Great Patriotic War on the front lines appeared in Song and Dance Ensemble of the NKVD.

After winning back to Vakhtangov Theatre, became its leading actor playing Cyrano de Bergerac, Romeo, Benedict in “Much Ado About Nothing.” On the opening night of the play, as he recalled, was the best in my life review – from his father. He always wanted his son to be an electrical engineer, his acting career was considered a disgrace. lyubimovskyyo But seeing Benedict said: “What it means to you is”.

Yuri Lyubimov said: “I feel like the style, manner. And when did “The Good Person of Szechwan” with my students, I tried to make theater with its aesthetics. Of course, not socialist realism “.

” The Good Person of Szechwan “by Brecht in the 64th – the second directorial work Lyubimov and the beginning of the history of the legendary Taganka. For half a century – fifty performances, tickets are not bought and reach them. Roles that actors do not play, and live. Performances often begins before the curtain rises. Lyubimov is allowed to enter the hall through the scene, then the third call brings to the stage the actors, for example, in “Hamlet.” And the play “Ten Days That Shook the World” the audience prick ticket on a bayonet, and then fastened on the chest red tape. was from his friend Yuri Lyubimov, as claimed by the Italian poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra, he heard for the first time in Russia the word “freedom.”

Lyubimov “not once, not twice threatened to take off from work” – so still on its 60-year anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky sang. At the 84th still removed. Soon after the banned performance dedicated to the memory the same Vysotsky. Five years Yuri Lyubimov, in his own words, “like a bum wound on Europe.” While in the West did not hide: “We benefit them exile”. Lyubimov went to the opera at La Scala, the Grand Opera House, Covent Garden, Israel and Hungary gave the director his citizenship. In Russia and in Taganka, he was back in ’89. Immediately restored previously banned performances.

His last performance was “Prince Igor” at the Bolshoi Theatre. A few weeks before the premiere of demanding love to do two runs per day, forced to sharpen every detail, add “life” and “emotion.” “Loads superhuman” recognized artists. And with delight looked at the director – he was always in the hall, in his 90-plus did not show any signs of fatigue!


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