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Out of life Yuri Lyubimov – News Agency “Khakassia-Inform”

October 6, 2014, 09:05

Yuri Lyubimov

In Moscow, 98, died a famous director, founder of the Theatre on Taganka. Luminary of the national theater, People’s Artist of Russia on October 2 was delivered to the Botkin Hospital with a diagnosis of “heart failure.” Yuri Lyubimov, passed away on October 5.

October 5 in one of the metropolitan hospitals died famous theater director Yuri Lyubimov – one of the leading figures and reformers of the national theater, the founder of the Taganka Theater, reports “Interfax” .

“Yuri Petrovich Botkin died in the hospital, where he was taken in serious condition this week – said the source wire services. – The doctors did everything they could to put him on his feet, but the disease proved to be stronger.”

Recall, on the eve of October 2 Lyubimov was urgently hospitalized in the Botkin hospital with a diagnosis of “heart failure.” The director felt ill and the doctors insisted on his immediate hospitalization.

Over the years, the scene played Taganka Vladimir Vysotsky, Benjamin Smekhov, Alla Demidova, Ivan Dykhovichny, Boris Khmelnitsky, Leonid Filatov, Simon Faraday and others. World known to the theater on Taganka came in 1976, when the festival “BITEF” in Yugoslavia play “Hamlet” was awarded the Grand Prix.

In the early 1980s for the Taganka Theater was a difficult situation. Under the ban of Soviet censorship were performances of “Vladimir Vysotsky”, “Boris Godunov”, was banned rehearsal of a new work, “Theatrical Novel”.

In 1984, he was deprived of Soviet citizenship, when Yuri Lyubimov went to England to play ” Crime and Punishment. ” And in 1989, he returned to the post of artistic director of the Taganka. In the summer of 2011, he left the theater as a result of the conflict with the company.

After a while, like to start to work with a number of other theaters, and in June 2013 at the Bolshoi Theatre premiere of the opera “Prince Igor” in his statement.
May 20, 2014 in the theater “New Opera” premiere of the opera buffa “School wives” by Moliere’s comedy directed by Lyubimov.

According to its own estimates Lyubimov, he worked 84 years old, of which 80 years – on a theatrical career. Lyubimov was two wars, survived the siege of Leningrad.
In 1992 he was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.


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