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Medvedev congratulated the 70th anniversary of People’s Artist Alexander Mikhailov – ITAR-TASS

MOSCOW, October 5. / TASS /. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev sent a congratulatory telegram to the People’s Artist of the RSFSR Alexander Mikhailov, on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The text of the telegram was published on the government website.

It is noted that the guest of honor, “as anyone else, know how incredibly talented and truly convey the breadth of the Russian soul, to create an image close to each”.

“Millions of viewers like your heroes, who have great inner strength and charisma, sense of justice and dignity,” – says the Prime Minister, calling the popular actor as “one of the most colorful and multifaceted”.

Mikhailov Alexander Yakovlevich was born on 5 October 1944 in the village of Tsugulsky Datsan Olovianninsky district, Chita region (now – Trans-Baikal Territory).

In 1969, Alexander Mikhailov was accepted into the troupe of the Primorsky Regional Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky. In his stage debut in the role of Raskolnikov in the play “Crime and Punishment”. A year later, the actor moved to Saratov Drama Theatre, where he worked for almost ten years. He was engaged in the performances: “Children Vanyushina” “Then in Tehran”, “Last summer, in Chulimsk” and others.

In 1980, Alexander Mikhailov became an artist of the Moscow Drama Theater. Yermolova. Here he played in productions of “Uncle Vanya”, “House of Heartbreak”, “Battalions Ask for Fire,” “Deep Blue Sea” and others.

From 1985 to 2004, he worked in the Small theater. Among the major roles of Alexander Mikhailov: Constantine in “Children Vanyushina” James “Long Day’s Journey Into Night,” Khrushchev “Leshem” Tsar Ivan the Terrible in the eponymous play, Dorn in “The Seagull”, Astrov in “Uncle Vanya”, etc. .

Actor many busy entreprise, in particular in the comedy “Old Maid”, where his partner on stage become Inna Churikova Zinaida Sharko, and the play “Love – not potatoes, not throw out the window” with Nina Usatova, Igor Sklar and Alexander Pankratov-Cherny.

In the movie Alexander Mikhailov made his debut in the film directed by Fyodor Filippov “It’s stronger than I” (1973). All in all an actor for more than 70 roles. Among them: Alekhine chess player in the movie “Snow White Russia” (1980), Pavel Zubov in “Guys!” (1981), Commander Viktor Frolov “Offered for Singles” (1983), Basil Kuzyakin in “Love and Pigeons” (1984), Pavel Shorohov in “Zmeelove” (1985), Peter in “We are cheerful, happy, talented ! ” (1986), Flyagin in “The Enchanted Wanderer” (1990), Yurlov in “Bless the woman” (2003), a general in the “Junker” (2006), Yevsei Moshkin in “Two winters and three summers” (2013), in Michuryn ” Fern Flower “(2014) and others.

In addition to acting, works as a director – in 1992 he made the film” Do not go “.

In 1997, Alexander Mikhailov made his debut as a singer. On the concert of Russian and Cossack songs he performed in the branch of the Maly Theater and toured the country. Together with a group of “Horus” under the leadership of Eugene Bednenko Alexander Mikhailov created the music program “The Enchanted Wanderer” (2008 album “The Enchanted Wanderer”).

is the director and teacher of acting workshop VGIK them. SA Gerasimov.


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