Sunday, October 12, 2014

Michelle Obama was wrong seven times in families, politics, speaking in support of it – Kommersant

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Lady of the United States Michelle Obama seven times incorrectly said the candidate’s name to the Senate from the state of Iowa, Democrat Bruce Braley, speaking on event in support of it. “I am honored to be here to support your future senator from Iowa, our friend Bruce Bailey”, – quotes the first lady of television channel CNN. According to the channel, Michelle Obama continued to make the same mistake as long as someone from the audience did not correct her. “Braley? What did I say? “- Responded to the first lady, wondering. “It got out of control … I’m getting old” – she concluded, laughing. At the end of the event, Mrs. Obama corrected and properly called the name of the policy, and then tore off a storm of applause, according to October 12, “RIA Novosti».



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