Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Moscow City Duma Commission decided not to move the monument to Marshal Zhukov to Manezh Square – BFM.Ru

Commission on monumental art in the Moscow City Duma saw it rejected the initiative violation of the rights of creators of the monument

The Commission on monumental art of Moscow City Council rejected a proposal to move the monument to the public Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov mounted on Manezh Square. The decision was made after the position voiced by representatives of the relevant departments, according to the press service of the Commission. Read also: Moscow City Duma Commission may decide to remove the monument to Marshal Zhukov to Manezh Square

Rejected officials initiative belongs to the Society of memory Zhukov. This veteran organization made to the authorities with the idea to remove the pedestal horse track and move it to the village Strelkovka (Kaluga region), the birthplace of Soviet Marshal. The Company’s management memory Zhukov offered to put on the present site of the monument another horse track, which would also be captured famous commander. The organization was ready to assume all the costs associated with moving and setting of the monument at the new location.

Despite this, representatives of the initiative Moscomarchitecture found unacceptable. “The proposal is absolutely precedent and completely ignores copyright compliance architect and sculptor – the authors of the work. Based on the foregoing, the committee sees no reason to support the proposal, “- said in the conclusion of.

A similar view was expressed by representatives of other specialized agencies of the capital, highlighted by the Commission.

A public discussion on transfer monument strangely coincided with the incident, which happened with the very monument. October 11 at the monument at full speed crashed into the car VAZ 2107 Driver chained himself to the steering wheel and tried to set fire to chain two gas canisters that had brought with him. Walking along the pedestrian area citizens stopped a man. Inadequate motorist was detained by police and handed him over to psychiatrists.


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