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08.10.2014 | 15:07

 Today in Moscow said goodbye to Yuri Lyubimov. A memorial service was held at the Vakhtangov Theater, where the legendary director began his creative career. Say goodbye to the great reformer of the theater attended by hundreds of people – all those for whom treatment Lyubimov ended an era of theater. Yuri Lyubimov was buried at the Donskoy Cemetery. They say, “Art News”.

 Flowers for the Vakhtangov Theater people carried in the early morning – well before the official farewell ceremony master. Closer to 12 Arbat near the theater is completely filled with people. It was the desire of the Lyubimov to farewell took place in the theater, where he once started and successfully developed his acting career. Lyubimov already colleagues called immolate themselves – for honesty and eternal revolt – against the system and all that is considered unfair.

 “I guess this is logical – he returned home and spectacle that has left us with which we travel to Beijing for the festival in December. And, probably, it will be a performance dedicated to his memory, and he returned home twice – with the performance, and here, on the day of farewell to him, “- said the artistic director of Vakhtangov Theater Rimas Tuminas.

 Hence, from the Vakhtangov, in the 64th Lyubimov went to an independent director’s swimming, which lasted half a century. Created Taganka – the most uncomfortable and one of the most prominent theaters of his time, which opened a new page in the theatrical history of the country.

 “He turned to the other side of the theater intonation. This – as invent a new theory as to solve a math problem! “- Says Igor Zolotovitskii.

 Lyubimov lived, how he worked, and worked, as he lived. Put on the stage classics and modern literature. First turned to the “Master and Margarita”. And outside the theater saved actors signed a letter in support of dissidents, never afraid to speak out against. As a result – was stripped of his citizenship, left the USSR and several years of successfully staged in the West. With the beginning of perestroika, returned to the country and again staged performances. In 2011, after a conflict with the company, left the theater he created, but the work did not stop even for a day.

 “More recently – in 2012 – he came to school on the 50th anniversary of the department, which passed the play” The Good Person of Szechwan “. Amazing man, because he found the strength, despite his advanced age, to create and work until the very end. This is an example to all young directors – about him, I will speak to students, “Now, look, here to serve as art, so you need to live here, ‘” – promised Rector Schukinkogo school Yevgeny Knyazev.

 Yuri Lyubimov – era in the history of theater. Beam of his flashlight famous directorial grabbed much of what no one dared and could not speak. “They were wedded – Yuri Petrovich and time. And died in one day. There is no longer the time, no Yuri Petrovich. He seemed to be gone when no longer be necessary. Has left his audience, left the interest in the idea, which has been in the theater, to the style. Gone is the need to think of sitting in a theater hall “, – said Yuri Rost.

 Artists, who happened to learn and work with Yuri Lyubimov, remember him as a great teacher. “When it is all collected, he shouted, angry that we settled kabatinstvo. Many do not even understand the word – kabatinstvo. You can decipher the word tavern, you can – as you want, but it was clear that word. Kabatinstvo, due to the fact that the young man that comes into your life, not to be pleased with himself. That complacency – that he hated in the actor “- says People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Kalyagin.

 Bid farewell to the master came friends, colleagues and admirers. With many of them Yuri Petrovich worked until recently. “All this year I was at home with Yuri Lyubimov, I think 2-3 times a week. And we endlessly discuss the future performance of “School for Wives” and we discussed not only the performance. We talked about life, about politics, about everything, “- says the artist Boris Messerer.

 “I talked to many people, but it is a completely different physical type. Right now these people do not have. He is a man of scale Fellini, Antonioni, Bergman – that that generation, “- says the composer Vladimir Martynov.

 Artists decided to accompany applause. Yuri Lyubimov not like pathos. Requested that he not applauded after death. Vakhtangov Theatre work together with everyone who came to say goodbye to the master, – no mourning speeches by investing in silence all the power of his love and respect.

 Memory of Yuri Lyubimov see today, 22:15 , program “Life Line».

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