Thursday, October 9, 2014

Prisuzhdaenie Nobel Prize writer caught unawares Modiano –

“A little bit surreal,” and even “strange” called French writer Patrick Modiano awarding him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2014, which on Thursday for a long time could not find journalists to congratulate. In the evening he spoke at an impromptu press conference in Paris publishing house “Gallimard,” which produced all of his books.

Patrick Modiano , the writer: “It all seems a bit unreal, because once in memory occur memories childhood ?? the same Camus, I had just had to be fulfilled for 12 years, and then the other … a bit unreal and it seems to me that I compare with the people I admired himself. I thought of all those with whom was familiar with, and who was much older. Them it seemed a little strange … Obviously, we do not notice, they themselves grow old ».

How to recognize letters, the news about the award today caught him by surprise. He was walking around the city, and even could not think that will get the Nobel Prize to him.

Patrick Modiano : «I was walking down the street, was a little surprised. It was a surprise, I did not expect ».

The writer told reporters that he decided to dedicate this honorary award to his grandson.

Modiano was the fifteenth in the history of the Frenchman, who became the winner of this award reminds TASS .

Artworks Modiano translated into many languages ​​and more than once have been filmed. In 1978, the Modiano won the prestigious Prix Goncourt.


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