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“We do not have his Wall Street” – BBC

Chapter Roskino Catherine Mtsituridze told “” headed for its Media Forum, to complete its work in St. Petersburg, as well as the basics of kinopolitiki and kinoekonomiki that will develop the domestic entertainment industry.

In St. Petersburg showing of the film “Serena” with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper starring completed International Media Forum. Its president, head Roskino Catherine Mtsituridze told “” on the event and introduced by them to innovation, as well as about what media forum differs from the festival and why is it needed a modern city and the entertainment industry.

– Why is your event called the media forum and not a film festival?

– This is due, primarily, to the spread of the Internet, that the Internet today is not just changing the field of communication, but in Essentially, brings new meanings. He shifts the focus to the beloved power vertical to horizontal, and this is a trend. Vertical – it’s such a monarchical structure. As an added bonus for the country’s interesting,

but the whole world vertical structures give way to the horizontal, what is the great merit of the Internet. This also applies to politics, and social relations, and the entertainment industry, we are talking about.

Such giants as Steven Spielberg or George Lucas, announced today that the movie died, on the road no. And Jeffrey Katzenberg, head of DreamWorks, also lamented last year’s Cannes Film Market on – say, all is lost. But that’s not what killed the movie (this is, of course, not the case), and that

money out of the system by which they earned their earlier , go to another system and someone is not able to grasp the new system by the tail, because there live completely different people.

And these new people did not come then, to rake up the money, – they came up with ideas. That does not prevent them from monetizirovat their brilliant ideas into millions of dollars.

– That is the media forum – it’s about and for these people?

– Including and about our members such as Ben Hu of Circa News or Lance Veyler from Columbia University, and Andy Green of Distrify, or our Michael Tabunov founder Coub. They are building a new reality, which also allows you to earn money, but not vice versa.

As well as his time in the same Spielberg, Scorsese, Lucas and their friends did not come In order to cash in, but in order to create something new, and creating their masterpieces, created a new Hollywood.

When creating a new site, we want to be at the forefront. Why repeat something that has already been acquired and reputation? When I received an offer from the Government of St. Petersburg, the main condition for joining the team Roskino on this project I have put our full independence in the formation of the new format.

– and the city government agreed?

– It was their goal. I was invited to do something new, but I was still very surprised when they said, “Yes, we are all like – work.” As the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko headed the board of trustees of the media forum, urban services were configured to our project friendly.

– We now return to the horizontal structure of today festivals have become an alternative medium of film distribution. This is also about you?

– We want to make our marketplace has evolved in this direction. Plus, we pay much attention to the new media. On the “Startup Alley”, curated by my assistant on the magazine Variety Denis Ruzaev, participants came from all over the world, and I am glad that they have started on the forum to develop together some new rules of communication with colleagues from the world of film and television.

This is necessary to establish communication. You need to and Yota, and Rambler, and “Amediateka” and Coub, and many other sites that are presented at media forum, established contact with the young Russian distributors.

It is necessary to open the way for their films because in the theatrical release their big no chance.
– With small volumes at the box office, few people want to work?.

– In general, yes. But there are exceptions. See, Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina recommend cinemas on a thousand copies of “Leviathan” to release … I, frankly, shocked. First, just a couple of months ago when we were in Cannes, I read it a skeptical review of the movie …

– I think I saw his face after the show.

– … and suddenly this change of poles. No, it is, of course, progressively, but why then is a thousand, and not four, or, for example, two thousand? Because it is a round number? And the more it will help Yuri Bykov, Boris Khlebnikov and Valeria Gai Germanicus with family their finest films, if it’s just a one-off story? Or is the system,

and now for the quality of Russian cinema will be developed such an algorithm in getting rolling, that the minister criticizes first, and then hit a car? It would be great.

If it is a clandestine operation to become a favorite minister.

– I understand that the money in the budget of the Ministry of Culture Media Forum not?

– There could not have been because we did not go to the Ministry of Culture – it was originally bid Petersburg authorities.

If we turned to the Ministry of Culture, we would have immediately had a lot of problems: what for the movies, and who is coming, and why, and what goals, and show your passport, and a lamp in his face to shine, and the orientation of their kind, and the mat is there, Smoking in the frame?

We would not stand a.

– That is the principle of this – not to ask for money, so you do not make compromises?

– From time to time we get the money from the Ministry of Culture: in the end, it’s not their personal funds, as allocated by the state, ie the taxpayers, on the creation and promotion of culture. For example, this year they responded once – to allocate 5 million rubles. the Russian pavilion at Cannes (total budget of more than 20 million rubles.), where we spent 12 events, presentations, demonstrations, “round tables”, hosted a reception in honor of the 90th anniversary of Roskino. We congratulate all of the directors of festivals, markets, Thierry Fremaux, Jerome Paillard, director of the Venice and Toronto festivals. Was Tom Bernard, the head of Sony Pictures Classic, the coolest distributor in the world of independent film. It just rolls “Leviathan” in the United States.

– On Media Forum gave the city of 40 million rubles., But that’s clearly not the entire budget.

– Yes city ​​we allocated 40 million, and now our budget, including the sponsor’s contribution is 140 million rubles., and that’s not the final figures. Add members, shows, movies, series. Forum adopted a large number of guests – 2700 participants from 57 countries. Well, that could get serious discounts at hotels that campaign in the city received nearly free. At the same time we bought a lot of advertising in newspapers and magazines, from the “Kommersant” to “Dogs” – all posted. Rambler, again, as a partner has been a great support. Thanks for that Alexander Mamut.

– Maybe can and should be entirely without the state are learning to?

– The state should assist in shaping the environment. And we have the whole industry must work together to build this environment. With regard to the promotion of national culture, there is no State has also failed. I think that the law of the culture, which is produced with the participation of the president’s administration team Vladimir Tolstoy, will eventually move in the right direction. By the way, thanks again synergy industry and support the position of the leading figures of cinema and television, and their appeal to the president, the administration assists us to avoid privatization: a year ago, the Ministry of Culture Roskino included in the privatization plan – we have a building in the center of Moscow …

– In Moscow, love central dilapidated buildings Behold around SRI film art now the clouds thickened …

– Of course, the same can then sell to someone and officials immediately becomes easier to live with. But the fact that I was invited to revive this institution, and I do it. I would have no difficulty to find friends among business investors – so that after privatization, we would have stayed there. But it would not be fair: this structure since 1924, promotes the national cinema.

I said, “I do not want to I ended the story of the company founded by Academician Lunacharsky.” While I was there, and the state Roskino will not work on slogans, but in fact the organization.

For the promotion of Russian culture should be the state. Priori.

– That is, the state should invest in cultural initiatives, but not to go, for example, with the ideological tools of law enforcement?

– The state represented by institutions, responsible for culture, should lobby for the interests of the national media industry. On the other hand (again, to the question of bureaucracy), the complexity of stimulating industry to look for alternative development opportunities. Appears consolidation.

– And all such timid steel such internal controls established that careless word utter fear repudiate the policy.

– We For example, the political program of Mikhail Trofimenkova zaverstali to sanctions and did not change anything. We cooked it since February. In other programs, too short sharp pictures. In my opinion,

everything necessary to speak, because the forbidden words and themes create around themselves the exclusion zone.

And we, on the contrary, we want to defrost the exclusion zone, to pronounce the thorny issues and to reduce the bridges.

– make friends all, what else?

– create a more market, with time will help us become more self-reliant. Transmedia market, as you know, and he fully met our expectations. Participants of the sections of film, television and new media a few days together worked out the rules and scheduled joint plans.

We have established a nominal campus Alexander Sokurov, which we call “K.L.A .With. “-” Alexander Sokurov’s film lab. ” Hundred people from across the country receive invaluable advice from the master and his colleagues for a week, watch movies, learn a new language.

This is the formation of a new cultural environment. And at the end of the forum, we are not going to throw these guys. Alexander will track the most talented of them. If he supports the idea, next year we will declare the campus international colleagues from “Tribeca” (a festival in New York, founded by Robert De Niro. – “Times”) are ready for such cooperation.

Wish section acting auditions, which fell due to the cancellation by the British Year of Russian culture; I think this is short-sighted on their part, to be honest.

Not only is their criticize us. The more that the year is almost over – why? We decided that as soon as the time will pass, will settle all the passion, we will hold the event – as an echo of the media forum.

– A not too much in the forum is packed, it’s not confusing?

– Watching someone. Feedback from participants in all sections say that everything happens in a timely manner.

We are creating a new place of power in the entertainment industry at a time when the Russian market a movie is considered one of the most promising the world, and Russian television, for example, Konstantin Ernst, gaining recognition of the international community.

Places of power are constantly changing. The economy moved into recession and European markets has become more difficult – and in Berlin and Budapest and Barcelona. Everywhere except Cannes, where everything is always perfect. We have five years on the market in Berlin, this year the participants were 30 percent less than last year. In Los Angeles in the American film market by 20 percent fewer participants due to problems in the economy of Spain, Italy, Eastern European countries, the Middle East. Director of the Cannes Film Market Jerome Paillard entered the Board of Trustees of St. Petersburg Media Forum, and it is the most obvious proof that the potential of our activities, as well as in the whole of the Russian media industry is huge.

– How about combining within a single market of film, television and the Internet? Many giants of cinema skeptical internet.

– But at the same time, they began to buy.

Disney acquired Maker Studios (which has grown into Youtube company to produce and disseminate online -video – “Times»), Warner Bros is in talks – they all want to re-buy a place on the Internet.

But this is the last cars. And who had the first – they are already at the forefront. At Fox, for example, is one of the coolest sites – Hulu. And we have a great partnership with them for distribution – we have two contracts done with them, they are to us, too, came to Peter. See how things work in the industry: the part of the people who worked in the Hulu and helped us to make this deal, left there because there completely changed management.

It seems as -That billion earned by the company, the management Fox seemed good enough result.

And they went Vimeo, growing company with an excellent reputation, and now they offer us on Vimeo better conditions for the distribution of Russian films, because we already have for reliable partners for Hulu. And they also come as a team.

– And we have it all in the near future can earn? That “Amediateka” not without difficulty instilling a culture of legal Russian audience watching popular TV series. But we are talking about learning how to sell their too?

– And “Amediateke” very difficult, because you have to withstand serious competition with the pirates. But at the same time do not want to run into strong torrents.

Question torrents and websites – it is also a question of freedom of the Internet, it’s important.

Do not throw out the water and the baby.

– Run for torrent sites and pointless – it is necessary to offer a convenient alternative.

– Convenient alternative – penalize users counted on our large and very representative conference on this topic. MPAA vice president Michael Robinson proposed to create more loyal to the conditions for the development of legal resources. In my opinion, it’s better than fine consumer or close the search engines. In general, subscribe to the “Amediateku” for a year worth some hundred rubles – can afford. It’s just a culture of access to information, to the product.

– Then again there is the issue of borders: let’s popular series we legally and at a reasonable price will be shown, but films from film expert Boris absurd programs where to take?

– It is necessary to develop alternative sites – so does the festival “Tribeca.” We want the next year to build a cross-platform platform with them, because “Tribeca” – is one of the coolest institutions, which we want to be equal, along with festivals in Toronto and “Sundance” … Like-built “Tribeca” system: they work all year round, has its own distribution system, which covers the Internet and movie theaters – they do not quit films after the festival.

– Experience “Sundance” is also impressive.

– There is strong funding. We considered the option to invite them as soorganizatotorov media market: come to a team of 12 people to put on the market 1000 (and now we have more than 2700 members), they asked for $ 3.5 million. When they told their demands for fees, we wiped the tears. It’s a festival of independent cinema that many misleading. This is a great mechanism, a powerful industry that works and earns – not without the help of private foundations and cultural initiatives.

– But there are options for systems in which the state supports?

– In France, a perfect system: fund budget CNC, which is financed by the French cinema, made up of contributions from the theatrical release and TV shows. There is, of course, more and more thought out. After that, everything that goes on the development of French cinema and media infrastructure. They are financing part of the Cannes Film Festival and is absolutely independent from politics. It does not matter who the president of the country, it is important who the president of the Cannes Film Festival and he 30 years old in his place. For me, the Cannes, the French model of support media industry – this is standard. The American difficult for us, because there is an independent studio and Wall Street, but we do not have Wall Street.

– A film industry we have around which to gather structure?

– There are people who are able to break through barriers and unite people around her. Fyodor Bondarchuk, for example, and is friends with the state, and at the box office earning, and will make a film with Warner Bros. in America, and helps the young, supporting debuts, and his studio is developing.

And there are cases where money is allocated to the production of films, even the names of which no one shall see later. But there are two or three films, which are then set up on the board as “Legend №17» or “Stalingrad».

But they forget to mention that the same “Legend №17» shot not because the Ministry of Culture and Cinema Fund gave money, but because Leonid Vereshchagin and his entire team for five years invested in the project of enormous efforts and all grow together.


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