Monday, October 13, 2014

“Dracula” is worth all the “disappeared” – BBC

Box office Russia: “Dracula” left rivals out of business, “Graduation” did not become the second “Kiss!” And “Sunstroke” by Nikita Mikhalkov settled in the middle of the top ten.

Fantasy “Dracula” was almost never reached America, slightly behind David Fincher and “disappeared”. But he took heart in Russia. Over the weekend from 9 to 12 October kinoskazki of which became immortal vampire valahskogo Prince Vlad Tepes led the ranking of the domestic box office: according to the portal “Film Business Today ‘, this villain and bloodsucker earned 392 million rubles.

Fees first weekend allowed” Dracula “on the move to break into the top ten starts in 2014 in the domestic box office: The film moved occupied ninth place cartoon” Rio 2 “(376.8 million rubles. March) and almost caught up with the” Hercules “(397.5 million rubles. in July). Apparently, it will bring major international distribution profits picture Irish director Gary Shore and Luke Evans in the title role: the proceeds of the film in the United States and Canada still makes only $ 23 million, but in the rest of the world he has collected over the weekend $ 62.6 million.

In general, the 70 millionth “Dracula” is unlikely to have to worry about returning the money spent on production.

The gap between the revenue leader and the rest of the films in the top 5 so monstrous that it is difficult to rejoice in the national cinema, to get to second place – especially given the fact that almost all the news came out about the same number of theaters (a thousand copies each).

Russian comedy “Graduation” earned for the weekend of 79 million rubles.

directed by Vsevolod Brodsky and produced by Sergey Svetlakovym (he also co-wrote) was presented as a picture comedy “from the creators of” bitter, “but the success of this” Graduation “is not repeated. After a week and a half it will try to make himself gooseberries – 23 October will be released “Bitter 2».

The leader of last week, David Fincher’s thriller “Vanished” rolled right on third place, brought together for the last weekend of 77.8 million rubles. In Russia, the revenue picture is 255 million rubles., A worldwide picture of the missing wife starring Ben Affleck earned $ 140.3 million.

In the fourth place the family film ” Alexander and the terrible, horrible, bad, very bad day “, an adaptation of the eponymous children’s book became a bestseller 40 years ago in the United States.

In Russian literary source is almost unknown, but the picture on it earned 36 6 million rubles., beating one of the main prime weekend.

This is the title on the right is “Sunstroke” by Nikita Mikhalkov – the screen Bunin stories that are of interest the past two years, with the announcement of the start of the project. Mikhalkov began to “Sunstroke” in difficult conditions for themselves. In the spring of 2010 at the box office failed miserably the first part of “Burnt by the Sun 2″: “Anticipation” earned only 217 million rubles. with until the end and not the expanded budget (estimated at 33 million euros).

However, “Anticipation” at the start was the first in the ranking, but only due to failure of the theater other releases.

Released a year “Citadel” only consolidated failure – charges this amounted to only 42 million rubles. But even then, the rhetoric of the “great cinema” has been forgotten, and “Sunstroke” positioned very chamber and unambitious.

However, the premiere of his new film Mikhalkov organized on a large scale, in three places – in Serbia, Crimea and Moscow.

«Sunstroke” has earned over the weekend of 30 million rubles. and finished in fifth place in the ranking.

This is almost twice as much as it was in “The Citadel”, but the film came out and half the number of copies. In this budget, “Damages” is almost the same: according to “Film search”, it is $ 24 million (or nearly one billion rubles).


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