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Egyptian authorities: Airbus-321 pilot did not file a signal SOS – Kommersant

Minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt Hossam Kamal said that the crew of the aircraft A321, which crashed in the Sinai Peninsula, not signaled SOS. On the problems on board the aircraft did not arrive at all any signals, the minister said. “Until the moment of the catastrophe we have not been reported no problems on board the plane. Also, we have not received any signals SOS », – quotes its” Bi-bi-si ».

Previously, the aeronautical authorities of Egypt said that the pilot of the Russian plane before the crash trying urgently to put the liner El Arish in northern Sinai. According to a representative of the Egyptian Committee for the investigation of aircraft accidents, the pilot alerted ground controllers that the plane originated “technical problem” and needed to land as soon as possible.

Yesterday in Egypt Airbus 321 crashed Company “Kogalymavia” charter flights from Sharm el Sheikh to Saint Petersburg. All 224 people aboard were killed. Ministry of Emergency Situations has published the list of passengers of the crashed airliner. The cause of the crash could be technical problems.

Details of the crash, read the material “b” “All forms of pre-maintenance performed on time and in full.”


The former wife of the pilot A321 told about his complaints on the state plane – RBC

crashed on Sinai Airbus A321. Archival photo

Photo: REUTERS 2015

The former wife of the co-pilot of the aircraft Airbus A321 of “Kogalymavia” Sergei Trukhacheva – Natalia Trukhacheva – told his complaints about the state of the ship shortly before departure. She stated this in an interview with NTV.

According to her ex-husband talked about the state of the ship in a telephone conversation with their daughter. “The eldest daughter with him called up before he departed. He complained before the flight that the technical condition of the aircraft left much to be desired “, – she said.

According Trukhacheva, her ex-husband was an experienced pilot, and would do everything possible to avoid the tragedy. “I believe that he did everything possible. I just think that he taxied that if would be any chance, he would put the aircraft. He has a very large length of service, he flew to Khabarovsk very often. He is a very experienced pilot, “- she added.

« Technical difficulties “aeronautical authorities of Egypt called the most probable version of the crash. Earlier, a representative of the Egyptian Committee for the investigation of aircraft accidents Ayman al-Mugadema stated that the pilot before the crash A321 airliner requested an emergency landing at the airport of El Arish in northern Sinai. According to him, the pilot warned air traffic controllers that the plane originated “technical problem” and needed to land as soon as possible.

The aircraft Airbus A321 of “Kogalymavia” flying out of Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg suffered Wreck morning of October 31. As the data, the plane took off at 06:51 MSK. By 7:11 MSK, he scored a height of 10 210 meters, and the speed of 748 km / h. At 07:13 MSK the aircraft’s speed suddenly dropped to 341 km / h, and then – up to 172 km / h, and height – up to 8649 meters. On this track the flight ends.

According to the portal before the plane stopped transmitting data about the parameters of flight, speed airliner plummeted from 748 to 172 km / h. But before disappearing from the radar plane declining at a rate of about 1.8 km / min.

On board ship were 224 people, including seven crew members. They all died.

Source: Flightradar24


The mysterious crash: why the plane crashed “Kogalymavia” – RBC

The first news that in the middle of the Sinai Peninsula, 100 km from El Arish in Egypt plane crashed Russian airline “Kogalymavia,” appeared in the early morning of the eleventh. A source in the Federal Air Transport Agency said that a radar disappeared Airbus 320 en route from Sharm el Sheikh to St Petersburg.

«According to preliminary data, the Airbus 321″ Kogalymavia “carrying out flight 9268 Sharm-el -Sheyh – St. Petersburg, took off at 06:51 MSK. At 7:14 he had not made contact with Larnaca (Cyprus), the label disappeared from radar screens, “- said the representative of the Federal Air Transport Agency TASS Sergey Isvolsky.

According to the online scoreboard airport Pulkovo Airlines flight arrival” Kogalymavia ” 7K 9268 from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg on schedule expected at 12:10 MSK. Later arrival time has been changed to 13:40. Some time later flight information disappeared from the display.

A little later, a plane crash with Russian tourists on board confirmed Reuters on the Office of the Prime Minister Sherif Ismail. The representative of the rescue service also said that the plane crashed in a mountainous region, and the way to the crash site complicated by bad weather conditions.

no survivors

Survivors of passengers in the wreckage A321 Russian airline collapsed there, reported the day, the Associated Press referring to the Egyptian authorities.

According to the rescuers have found the bodies of all the children on board, and the majority of passengers. The dead Egyptian Air Force aircraft and ambulances transported to the capital, Cairo, where they will be transported to Russia, reported the Dutch edition of De Telegraaf.

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia has published lists of passengers of the crashed airliner. On board were 224 people, including 24 children and seven crew members.

The head of the Egyptian company for airports said that the board had only Russian citizens. Later, the agency Reuters referring to the Egyptian authorities reported that among the dead were three citizens of Ukraine. Officially, the Ukrainian authorities have not yet confirmed the data. The Ukrainian Embassy in Egypt verifies this information. Belarussian Foreign Ministry said that according to preliminary data, on board was a citizen of Belarus.

In the lists of passengers of the crashed Airbus 321 listed as the deputy head of Pskov Alexander Kopylov told RBC city mayor Ivan Tsesersky. He flew on a vacation with the head of the personnel department of the Pskov city council Elena Melnikova. “They lived together. He took off and gave Elena a birthday trip to Egypt “- said Tsesersky.

Technical problems

As the data, aircraft , en route flight 7K 9268 of the Sharm el-Sheikh at the Pulkovo airport, took off at 03:51 on the Coordinated Universal Time UTC (06:51 MSK). By 04:11 UTC (07:11 MSK) the aircraft gained altitude of 33 thousand. 500 feet (10 210 meters) and speed 404 knots (748 km / h). At 04:13 UTC (07:13 MSK), the aircraft’s speed suddenly dropped to 184 knots (341 km / h), and then – up to 93 knots (172 km / h), and height – up to 28 thousand. 375 ft (8649 m ). On this track the flight finishes – in all probability, A321 transponder stopped transmitting data about the parameters of flight.

According to the portal, before the plane stopped transmitting data about the parameters of flight, speed airliner plummeted from 748 to 172 km / h. But before disappearing from the radar plane declining at a rate of about 1.8 km / min.

The pilot before the crash has requested an emergency landing at the airport of El Arish, the cause was a technical fault, reports Interfax, citing an official statement by the aviation authorities of Egypt.

According to RIA Novosti, the crew several times a week complained of problems with the engine. This is unlikely, says RBC director of the Center for Economic Research of monitoring, analysis and prediction of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation Alexander Friedland: “I do not believe it.” When reporting a fault plane has to pass all the necessary checks.

According to the Egyptian aviation authorities, the basic version of the A321 accident Russian passenger airline “Kogalymavia” is a technical fault on the board, told television channel Euronews. Version A321 technical failure is seen as the main reason for the collapse of the ship, told the Interfax source familiar with the situation. In addition, treated and other versions of the crash: the human factor and the adverse weather conditions, coupled with the complex mountainous terrain.

The commander of the crashed A321 Valery Nemov had more than 12 thousand. Flight hours, said a representative of “Kogalymavia”, arguing that pilot error is completely eliminated. She also claims that the aircraft was fully serviceable.

Before the flight from Sharm el-Sheikh Russian plane was necessary technical inspection, any fault has been identified. This was stated by the head of the Egyptian company for airports Adele Mahgub. The plane had all the permits and certification for the flight, said the head of the Russian Ministry of Transport Maxim Sokolov. Before departure comes the launch and testing of engines, RBC says Friedland. “In the process of automatic testing indicates various parameters. If something is wrong, the crew did not take off. They are not suicide, “- said the expert.

The version of the possibility of a terrorist attack, the Egyptian authorities have categorically denied. “Judging by the fact that the pilots transmitted messages to the ground, hit by a missile was not” – Alexander Friedland points.

Plane Crash due to technical malfunctions during the flight – a rarity, says Friedland. The most common cause of the accident is the human factor. The rarity and the fact that the accident occurred at FL: As a rule, the crash occurs during takeoff or landing. Technical problems can happen to the electrical system, causing a fire, suggests the expert. We can not exclude the possibility of an explosion in the cargo area, he said.

Do not the old board

Age crashed plane – 18 years and five months, from the data on Flightradar and Airlines’ Kogalymavia “he belongs to March 2012. He was the oldest aircraft in the fleet of the company, according to the publication “Fontanka”. It is not the highest for the age of the aircraft. According to estimates Forbes, the average age of aircraft in Russian airline – 16.3 years. The first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Industry Vladimir Gutenev said today that the average Russian planes in ’21.

According to the portal, the first flight of the Airbus 321 is dated May 9, 1997. The representative of Airbus, was quoted by ITAR-TASS news agency, said the ship during the operation was provided to air carriers in several leasing companies – ILFC, Onur Air, IST-DAM 3 and AerCap.

Aircraft used by companies such as Middle East Airlines , Onur Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Cham Wings Airlines. Two of them were taken from the plane leasing companies several times: Onur Air – four (retaking other companies), Saudi Arabian Airlines – twice. Russian airline “Kogalymavia” got the car from a leasing company ILFC March 30, 2012

Rostransnadzor began an unscheduled inspection “Kogalymavia” Safety, told Interfax the representative office. Last check companies from Rostransnadzora took place in March 2014. Then the violations were discovered, but they were eliminated in time, the agency reported.

The Investigative Committee of Russia (MRS) opened a criminal case on st.263 Criminal Code (violation of safety rules of air transport), the maximum sentence – up to seven years in prison. According to spokesman Vladimir Markin TFR, to investigate the circumstances of the crash created investigative team. To take part in the investigation at the crash site, the investigators the central office of the UK flew to Egypt spetsbortom MOE.

Soon after the statement appeared Markina reports of searches in the office of “Kogalymavia.” A company representative denied this information.

The reaction of the authorities

Emergency Management in St. Petersburg published a phone hotline, which provides information about the crash: 8 ( 812) 299-99-99, 8-800-100-20-01 and 8-800-775-17-17. In Pulkovo airport directed by psychologists, who will communicate with relatives of passengers of the crashed aircraft. At the airport, all Saturday will run the operational headquarters, said spokesman Andrew KIBIT Smolny.

Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to relatives of those killed in a plane crash passengers and announced on November 1 a day of mourning. Throughout the country, should be lowered national flags of the Russian Federation, and broadcasters and cultural institutions asked to cancel entertainment programs and activities.

Putin and Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government to form a commission in connection with the accident, said the Kremlin. Commission decision of Medvedev was headed by Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov. Ministers and Heads of Emergencies Ministry instructed to fly to Cairo.

expressed condolences to the relatives of victims and the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko.

Russian Emergencies Ministry alerted to the departure of three aircraft with rescuers on board. “The willingness to respond given airmobile group detachment” Centrospas “center” Leader “EMERCOM of Russia, two IL-76 aircraft and one aircraft Be-200″ – said ITAR-TASS in the MOE.

As RBC reported the Ministry of Health, head of the department Veronika Skvortsova ordered to send to St. Petersburg psychologists Federal Center. Serbian, and to help the urban regional specialists to conduct an identification parade of bodies flew to experts of the Russian Center of Forensic Medicine of Ministry of Health. In Cairo, directed a senior fellow at the Russian Center for Forensic Medicine.

Who flies to Egypt

Airline “Kogalymavia” (“Kolavia», KOLAVIA) was founded May 17, 1993. The company was initially engaged in charter and scheduled air transportation and helicopter services for the oil and gas industry. The first flights “Kolavia” carried out from Kogalym Surgut and St. Petersburg, Moscow, Volgograd, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Mineralnye Vody and Krasnodar.1 May 2012 KOLAVIA company rebranded and given a new name – Metrojet. From June 2013 the airline became a member of the international tourist holding TH & amp; C.

The passengers of the crashed Airbus A321 airline “Kogalymavia” were clients of Turkish tour operator Brisko, told RBC executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

In October and November, Egypt gets to the Russians most massive trend of outbound tourism. According to the statistical agency of Egypt, in October 2014 the country was visited by 350.1 thousand. Russians, in November 2014 – 310.2 thousand. But this year, as already reported by RBC, the number of tourists in all key areas of the mass falls. In particular, from January to April, reduced the number of Russians who visited Egypt. In May and June, when the ruble strengthened, the number of tourists started to grow, but in July and August, started to decline again.

Source: Flightradar24


“Islamic state” assumed responsibility for the collapse of the A321 – RBC

Airbus 321 airline “Kogalymavia” with tail number EI-ETJ (archive photo)

Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS

The Egyptian branch of the “Islamic State” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) took responsibility for the collapse of the Russian aircraft in the Sinai Peninsula. It is reported by AFP.

Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, commenting on the information reported, it can not be considered reliable, Interfax reported.

Bi-bi-si said that the statement on behalf of the group appeared in the messenger Telegram. The corresponding assertion militants also appeared in social networks used by the supporters of terrorists, as well as the Internet portal, which is actively used by extremists for informational purposes, reports Reuters.

British journalists pointed out, that the territory in which the ship crashed, is a zone of anti-terrorist security operation against militants in Egypt, calling themselves the “Islamic state in Sinai province.” Experts television reported that gunmen in principle no weapons capable to knock out the aircraft at an altitude of 9450 meters. It is at this distance from the ground was the liner until the beginning of reduction.

Day October 31 Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov pointed out that the Russian aviation authorities did not receive information about the closure of flights over the conflict zone in the Sinai Peninsula. Therefore airliners flew there in a normal mode.

Earlier, Egyptian authorities reported that an initial analysis of the wreckage showed that the cause of death of the ship, which was carrying 224 passengers and crew members, began to technical reasons. There is no evidence that the plane was blown up or shot down from the ground, there is.

After the statements of terrorists Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt once again denied the information about the sabotage as a possible cause of the accident.

After a while, after takeoff, the plane began to lose altitude A321 and speed. According to a representative of the Egyptian committee to investigate aircraft accidents, Ayman al-Mugadema, the pilot warned air traffic controllers that the plane originated “technical problem” and needed to land as soon as possible. Fly to the airport of El Arish on the Mediterranean Sea, he failed.

The armed conflict in the Sinai Peninsula began in 2011, when the Egyptian prisons have left hundreds of Islamists. During the fighting on both sides killed hundreds of people, but to bring the situation fully under the control of the official Egyptian authorities have not yet succeeded.

Source: Flightradar24

Daria Zlatopolsky – about the children’s talent show “Blue Bird” – BBC

On Sunday, November 1 on the channel “Russia 1″ will start the new TV contest for gifted children “Blue Bird”. The participants will compete in solo singing, playing musical instruments, dance and circus arts, trying to demonstrate what they have learned in schools and studios. The jury consisted of professional teachers, folk artists of Russia – violinist and conductor Svetlana Bezrodnaya, rector of the Choreographic School named after Vaganova ballet dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze and performer of Russian romances singer Pogudin. On the eve of the start of the competition it leads Zlatopolsky Daria, known for “Dancing with the Stars” and “White studio” told “” on the principles of selection of the participants, why should strive to become Netrebko, and how to make a loss inoffensive.

– Tell me about the contest “Blue Bird” – what is this format, why did you choose it and who will participate?

– First of all, we have to the creators of the program team wanted to go back to the tradition of the children’s competitions, in which the level of professionalism of the participants was very high. Mark is the children who with two or three years engaged in music, circus, dance, children with hard workers. This reminds those tenders, which were in the Soviet era. After all, the Soviet Union had developed than anywhere else, the different schools and studios, and our artists were in first place in the world – in the classical choreography, circus. And we must pay tribute to those teachers that this heritage preserved.

While working on “Blue Bird” we were amazed at how small towns teachers receive very small salaries, were able to save, for example, our school of pianism which gave everyone – from Horowitz to Matsuev. The same with violinists, a circus, a choreography.

Today, we are born such brilyantiki that I wanted them to emphasize and give them a course on the TV screen.

– It looks like a kind of children’s version of the Tchaikovsky Competition.

– In terms of the level of the contestants – yes. If this is a circus and a man standing on his head, he is her last eight years of his, let’s say, fourteen – and makes it so that Tsiskaridze makes “ah!”. We had a very large casting, and even some of the mothers who brought their children to see who was selected themselves said that they have yet to learn. Well, in terms of the genres we have more variety. I am glad that we have added a circus direction, we have a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll, in which we are the best in the world.

– Without false modesty, the best?

– absolutely! It really is. Yet we are ballroom dancing, which we usually takes two or three first lines and rhythmic gymnastics, where we are also the best.

– What, in your view, the main difference between “Bluebird “TV competition from other talents?

– The main thing is that the children, who can become quite real world stars. Because it is in these areas of our artists are recognized internationally. If the performance of pop music, none of Russian until he was Michael Jackson, then there is Mikhail Baryshnikov, Anna Netrebko, which opens the season at the “Metropolitan Opera” Denis Matsuev. Or Valery Gergiev, who can lead any of the major orchestras of the world. This is a completely different level of recognition in pop music is the level of, for example, Madonna or Beyonce.

– How do you assess the ranking potential of “Blue Bird»?

– To be honest, I believe that television for people. And we have to offer them something that will be fun to watch, otherwise it will be unfair to the resources that we use – television broadcasting. Television – the art of democracy, but on the other hand, wanting to please the audience, we always go back to what was successful. He became a successful any format – and all of its starting to copy, not realizing that it worked smoothly because if there were conditions. And then the conditions are different, and we must not be afraid to come up with something new.

– And you came up with this new?

– Yes. But I understand how much risk we are going. We have classical music, children play the violin, the piano – Hello, this is the channel “Russia”! It’s a bit unusual, but the strangeness of this is due not to the fact that we are tall, slim and cultural willing to work for those 3% of the audience, who really like piano music.

I believe and I want to hope that it you need a wider range. It’s one thing when Pletnev interprets in his Second Concerto of Rachmaninov, and quite another – when you see the work, phenomenal skill and passion, which is the product of putting a child. It is not about the piano! But for me it is no less Jolly history than, for example, “Dancing with the Stars».

– And how, in your opinion, need competitive contests for young talents? Do not defeat undermines their faith in themselves?

– You know, I still remember, as a child at some competitions I won the first place, I remember my emotions. And also remember how to win, as it was important for me. That is a defeat – a collapse, and, of course, the child is feeling will last a lifetime. He will be working on it, trying to get rid of him. Therefore, in the “Bluebird”, we do everything to defeat is not perceived as a tragedy.

– You have created a rule for the losers?

– Not really. We just wish that there was no competition in the intense competition that losing does not become painful memories for participants from childhood. I understand how it is important for TV clash of interests. But I have the most four year old son, and I were present to any child of his, and the place of mothers represent myself.

We decided on what seemed like madness, and colleagues have supported us. The jury does not expose assessments nobody no one compares and kicks.

This is a very, very soft selection process, and none of the participants leaving with the feeling that life is over and no chance left.

What we are doing is contrary to the principles of the TV contest, and for us it is a risk.

– But those children who doing the same music professionally, at least at the level of music schools, are constantly in a competitive environment. Do not get so that after the contest they will relax you?

– No, do not come out. Competition is there for us, but the analysis is conducted at the level to which they are accustomed. And if the child did not take note him that the jury necessarily would say. And nothing offensive in that you have not taken note, no. When you are judged by objective criteria, defeat is not a psychological experience. It’s like in sports: a runner can not take offense at the fact that he came in fourth. We had to just run faster.

– The winner yet you still will. What did he get for winning?

– We mention all of the finalists. With them, for example, will play the star, it will help to prepare the room. There will be a grand prize, but he is likely to be chosen for a particular winner. About it is better to say this: our appeal will help the child to carry some of his dream. It will be a kind of miracle that will happen to him and that he will remember for a lifetime.

– Is it easy to work with children on television?

– You know, but they are not children. They are worse than we are. As Tsvetaeva said: “Our children are older than us, because they are living longer and more of us. They’re older than us from the future. ” And of course, when the child is three years of working, it shapes the character of more than thirty years following a career. But for me, working in the “Blue Bird” was the same as in the “White Studio”: it is necessary to talk with the guests in their own language. With a child the same. The children are all different, it is a certain peace. There are children who are almost autistic, who almost did not hear what you tell them.

And you have to tune in to his wave to ask him questions that he might be interested in answer.

– you would like your child to participate in this competition?

– You know, I would not mind if It will be a certain level of talent and he is to work hard.

competition of young talents “The Blue Bird»
Sunday, November 1st, 16.00
channel “Russia 1»


Voices are heard passengers from the wreckage of the plane that crashed in Egypt – RIA Novosti

Ambulance. Archival photo

© AP Photo / Hatem Moussa

MOSCOW, October 31 – RIA Novosti. Voice passengers heard from the wreckage of the crashed in the central part of the Sinai Peninsula, the Russian aircraft, Reuters reported citing a security service on-site emergency.

“The team of rescuers trying to reach sections of the plane, where there are passengers, we hope to find alive after voice be heard” – said the agency.

Earlier, the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Egypt made the first official statement on the situation with the Russian airliner. According to the document, the aircraft A321 KGL9268 flight took off from Sharm el-Sheikh in St. Petersburg on Saturday at 5.51 am (6.51 MSK). It disappeared from radar 23 minutes after takeoff. On board were 217 passengers and seven crew members.

The administration Sinai earlier specified that the crash of the liner is located in the central part of the Sinai mountains between the districts of El Cantal and El Laksima near the town of Al-Hasna. The source of the official Egyptian news agency MENA security forces said that the bodies of the victims evacuated to nearby hospitals.

The latest data on the development of the events surrounding the collapse of the Russian aircraft in Egypt – online reportage & gt; & gt;


In Ivanovo open regional office of Military History Society – REGNUM

Ivanovo, October 30, 2015, 21:23 – REGNUM The governor of the Ivanovo region Paul Kon’kov and the Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medina October 30 in Ivanovo signed a protocol of intent on the establishment of the regional branch of the social and public organization “Russian military-historical society “. Told IA REGNUM told in the press service of the government of the Ivanovo region.

The union puts its aims to attract the public to the study of military and historical past of Russia, promoting patriotism, raising the prestige of military service . Among the areas of work also means the preservation of cultural heritage, promotion of military and historical organizations and searching movements, participation in the preservation and restoration of historical monuments.

The Imperial Russian military-historical society was founded in 1907, its honorary chairman was Nicholas II. Modern organization established in accordance with Presidential Decree Putin in 2013. It has offices in the majority of subjects of the Russian Federation. The founders are the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Defense.

The speaker of the Ivanovo Oblast Duma Victor Smirnov at the ceremony of signing the protocol recommended for the election of the chairman of the board of trustees of the regional branch.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

President of Romania was “deeply shocked” by the explosion in Bucharest – RBC

The Romanian President Klaus Johannis

Photo: REUTERS 2015

The Romanian President expressed his soboelznovaniya relatives of those killed and injured in an explosion at a club in Bucharest at on Facebook on Saturday night.

«I am shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic event that took place last night in the center of the city, “- wrote Johannis.

He described the incident in a nightclub in Bucharest a very sad event” for all the people of Romania and for myself. ” “At this painful time, I express my deep condolences to the families of those affected by this tragedy,” – said the head of state.

In the meantime of TVR with reference to the representatives of the Ministry of Health of Romania reported that hospitals in Bucharest, where to deliver the injured in a fire at the club, not enough beds. Affected take ten hospitals in Budapest.

The Ministry appealed to the residents of Bucharest with a request to donate blood for the victims of the fire. According to one of the witnesses, pulled up to the club machines “emergency” was an insufficient number of oxygen cylinders, causing any problems with victim assistance.

On Saturday night at the club Colectiv in the Romanian capital boomed explosion. According to recent reports, the victims of the explosion were 27 people, another 155 clubbers were injured, reports Reuters. The club at the time of the incident there were about 400 people, noted in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania. The institution held a rock concert. According to the channel Antena 3, the explosion could have been caused by fireworks.

«People crowd ran out of the club”, – quotes Reuters the words of one of the visitors to the concert, which ran out of places without shoes. Another visitor to the nightclub told that the fire engulfed the ceiling “in five seconds.” “In the next three seconds, the people rushed to the door,” – she added.


In Moscow, opened the Big Cartoon Festival – Russian newspaper

IX Big Cartoon Festival in Moscow began on 30 October and will last until November 8. At 5 in the capital markets during this period will show more than 350 films from around the world. The festival features the best of the author’s animation: Russian and foreign short films, feature-length cartoons and series for children, adolescents and adults.

In addition, BFM held meetings with directors, workshops and even multvecherinki for children Youth and Family. The festival opened with a full-length film “The Boy Phantom.” The fact that the picture was at the opening, does not mean that it can not be viewed in the cinema during the festival. Its authors are known to us on the animated film “Life of the cat.” It Ganol Alain and Jean-Loup Felisioli. To do the work on the famous French studio Folimage. Cartoon tells about a boy who could walk through walls. And where with such skill? Of course, the investigator. Alas, the investigator confined to a wheelchair and an assistant with such supernormal it is simply necessary.

See also

“RG” offers some tips on how to navigate the festival.

Tip One. Note the specially crafted thematic blocks of new films.

You can recommend, for example, “Premier” and “winners”. The “premiere” – the five most recent collections, Russian author of cartoons, taken over the past year. Of the five programs is a block and “winners”, dedicated to the most successful, award winning festival and discussed the foreign cartoons.

Tip Two. Watch for new products.

The new feature-length films – “chip” of the festival. For children, for example, and for adults, will be interesting cartoons about Moomin: three pictures taken in the past year. For teenagers – film, made as one of his favorite books “Pettson and Findus. Little tormentor – a great friendship.” For them – adventure picture from France “On top of the world”, tells the story of the journey of a young Russian aristocrat in the far north. Adults may be interested in the grim modern version of The Little Mermaid “Little of the fish shop”.

Tip Three. Choosing a cartoon, have a look at the age limits.

Otherwise, there is danger of the story of the child to the picture, after which he falls asleep and, on the contrary, an adult can go to a movie for the kids and sleep the whole thing.

Tip Four. Look for the special program this year, “Such is life”.

The program includes four thematic sub-programs: “Do not give them to blossom” (a collection of stories about the relationship between parents and children), “Work is not a wolf” ( comic and sometimes dramatic short film about the professional life), “What Dreams May Come” (a strong desire and their consequences) and “He and She” (cartoons about the relationship between men and women).

Tip Five. Do not miss the “highlight of the program.”

The first – especially in Moscow, St. Petersburg arrives director Konstantin bronze. In BFM – a retrospective of his films and a meeting with the audience at which he will talk about his latest cartoon, “We can not live without space” has received numerous awards. A lecture by Yuri Norstein devoted to music in animation.

See also

Council of the sixth. Experience a sense of pride for the “Soyuzmultfilm”.

Every year passes BFM representation of one of the best Russian studios. At this time, for the audience – a selection of “New Life” Soyuzmultfilm “. It will show children’s films, shot on the new” Soyuzmultfilm “in the last year, and it will be possible to recall and favorite pictures of previous years.

Board of the seventh. Learn more about the animation of other countries.

Traditionally, in the “School” new movies graduates of film schools in Russia and other countries. This year, a retrospective of the most famous school of animation England – Royal College of Art. In the three programs, retrospectives, there are the latest movies, and a selection of the best films in 30 years, where you can see theses pictures of the future stars of the animation, and one selection – “Different faces of reality”, which shows how the work of animation, reality and document. Top cartoons Polish partner of the year will be presented to BFM – festival “O! Pla”. Also at the festival will show a collection of Norwegian animation for children and a few English programs from the British Council in Moscow for teens and adults. In addition, the festival will be presented to the German avant-garde 20 ies of the last century – a unique animation program.

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Council of the eighth. Get used to the animated series.

For the children and teenagers on BFM satisfied “matinee serials,” which will show the new Russian projects, the new episodes of the already beloved TV series and programs of foreign short films for children.

Council of Nine. Do cartoons themselves.

During the festival for children working “factory cartoon” – entertaining developing platform on which parallel in non-stop mode is just over 20 mini animation studios. This year, the “Factory of the cartoons” runs from 4 to November 8 at the Cultural Center of ZIL.

Council of Ten. Do not forget about the archive.

The archive block BFM this year it’s three programs. The best movies of Russian Open Animated Film Festival presents a selection of “Suzdal 2002″. The “Missed movies 90″ shows films of those years, when the festival was not. At this time – 1992 work. The program of “In Memoriam” is dedicated to the memory of animation figures, who left last year.

Closing Film BFM came from Korea. Cartoon “girl companion and dairy cow” filmed Hen Chan-young, whose animation fans know from the animated film “The Wolf Daddy”. In this fantastic tale to tell about the satellite, which has turned into a girl, and musicians turn into a cow …

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21:23 The open Ivanovo regional department of Military History Society – REGNUM

Ivanovo, October 30, 2015, 21:23 – REGNUM The governor of the Ivanovo region Paul Kon’kov and the Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medina on October 30 in Ivanovo signed a protocol of intent on the establishment of the regional branch of the social and public organization “Russian military-historical society “. Told IA REGNUM told in the press service of the government of the Ivanovo region.

The union puts its aims to attract the public to the study of military and historical past of Russia, promoting patriotism, raising the prestige of military service . Among the areas of work also means the preservation of cultural heritage, promotion of military and historical organizations and searching movements, participation in the preservation and restoration of historical monuments.

The Imperial Russian military-historical society was founded in 1907, its honorary chairman was Nicholas II. Modern organization established in accordance with Presidential Decree Putin in 2013. It has offices in the majority of subjects of the Russian Federation. The founders are the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Defense.

The speaker of the Ivanovo Oblast Duma Victor Smirnov at the ceremony of signing the protocol recommended for the election of the chairman of the board of trustees of the regional branch.

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The Court put an end to the scandal surrounding the film “Night Light” – Russian newspaper

The scandal, which was initiated by the director Valeria Gai Germanicus about her dismissal from the filming of “Night Light”, seems to have come to an end. October 29 in St. Petersburg hosted the meeting of the Court of Cassation, which summed up the litigation: in meeting the requirements of Gaius Germanicus refused. The reason for refusal, according to the official release of the film company ProlineFilm – “unprofessional approach directed to realization of creative problems and delays in the production of paintings”.

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As explained in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Andrey Sigle producer of the film, the picture was shot with the support of Ministry of Culture and had to give it a certain Office time. “Valeria Gai Germanicus had a team, but when it came time to shoot, all of a sudden standstill. Germanicus could not start shooting more than a year: always some other things to do, other subject. I have worked with directors really big – Sokurov, Lopushanskaya – and nobody behaved. “I’m in this your terrible city to shoot will not” – she said about St. Petersburg. Moved shooting from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Machines – business class catering – in expensive restaurants, but shooting all still did not start “.

As a result of continuous prolongations producer was forced to remove Gaius Germanicus from this project, which was completed by director Olga Subbotina.

Response charges Gaius Germanicus also been published in the press , including the “Russian newspaper”. But give the court sufficient evidence of its claims and claims she was never able to, and eventually in its claim was denied.

Now the film Olga Subbotina on Andersen’s fairy tale “Ole” is called “Close your eyes” and the presentation of it will be held on November 4 ROSKINO booth at the International Film Market in Los Angeles. The script was written by Alexander Rodionov paintings, she took her cameraman Eugene Korzhenkov. Starring Gosha Bondarev, Sophia Hilkova, Svetlana Ivanova, Anatoly Bely, Jyrki Linnankivi, Valentine Talyzina. Songs Finnish composer Jonny Lee Michael recorded a group of The 69 Eyes lead singer Jyrki Linnankivi – he starred as overnight guests who attended the seven-year Fock in his dreams.

Says the film’s director Olga Subbotina, “Andersen Us He is back, but in a modern way. I immediately fell in love with the script: there are seven days in the life of the boy, knowing the world. And every day Ole Lukkoye tells him a new story. It’s about us and how difficult to be a child ” .

The premiere of the film “Close your eyes” to be held in the first half of 2016.

Of dossier “RG”

Andrei Sigle – one of the few producers are constantly working with non-profit copyright films. Musician, composer of the first profession, he took part in recording albums such groups as the “Nautilus Pompilius”, “Movie”, “Alice”, solo projects Sergei Kuryokhin and Boris Grebenshchikov, composed music for dozens of films, including “Prohindiada-2″ “Russian Symphony”, “Streets of Broken Lights”, “The Ugly Swans”, “Alexander”, “Faust” … As a film producer participated in the creation of many films by Alexander Sokurov, Konstantin Lopushansky, Dmitry Svetozarova, Sergei Ovcharov, Irina Evteyeva . Winner of the “Golden Lion” of the Venice Film Festival awards “Nika”, “white elephant” prize named after Mikael Tariverdiev. Member of the European Film Academy.

Olga Subbotina – film and theater director, a student of Leonid Heifetz. Among her works – performances at the Theatre of satire (“Apple Thief,” “Mistress of the Inn”), “an der SEP” (International Chekhov Festival), “Nutty Queen” (theater “Baltic House”), the television series “The pursuit of an angel “” capital sin “,” Repentance, “movies” About lyuboff “,” Photos “,” Open, Santa Claus, “” Temptation “.

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Russia responded to the IMF’s plans to change the credit policy of Ukraine – RBC

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov

Photo by Alexander Shalgina / press-service of the State Duma of the Russian Federation / TASS

According Siluanova, “the moment to change the rules of the fund, which coincides with the second review of the IMF program Ukrainian, not chosen by chance,” Interfax reported. The Minister stressed that Russia “is concerned that changes to the policy fund is forced in the context of a very politicized issue of restructuring of Ukrainian debt».

Siluanov noted that even in the event of changes in the rules of lending fund Ukraine is not going to favor. The Minister of Finance pointed out that the reform of the rules of lending involves the allocation of loans to debtor countries that are “in good faith tried, but failed to reach agreement with its creditors.” Kiev, according Siluanova, did not conduct any negotiations with Russia on restructuring the debt and refused to consider alternative options for resolving the debt problem.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the situation, reported that Western countries going to change the rules of lending, acting in the IMF. Under the new rules, which are planning to introduce in November, the countries that have arrears to official creditors, it will be possible to allocate loans.

Kiev owes Moscow $ 3 billion. This debt was formed in December 2013, shortly before the change of power in Ukraine, where Russia has redeemed this amount Ukrainian eurobonds. Moscow Ukrainian side proposed debt restructuring (the same was proposed and other creditors), but Russia wants to get the debt in full. On the immutability of Russia’s position on this issue on October 30, said presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov. “Russia continues to insist that it is not private and sovereign, public debt that must be paid. The Ukrainian side has such an obligation, it must be done “- he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered Ukraine a loan to allocate $ 3 billion for the IMF, in order to enable it to repay the debt of Russia.


Gangster drama with Johnny Depp “Black Mass” in theaters – Krasnoyarsk news –

Criminal drama “Black Mass» ( director Scott Cooper, Cast: Johnny Depp , Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon, Jesse Plemons, Peter Sarsgaard, Corey Stoll, Dakota Johnson) – is the story of the legendary Boston gangster Whitey Bulger , which is the set of s was on the run and is still arrested in 2011 in Santa Monica. To avoid jail, he disappeared in 1995. year and 16 safely hiding from justice.

The modern world hides a large number of secrets, but the most phenomenal one is that the witch up until this time, live among us. They represent ebya angry supernatural beings whose mission – send upon the world of the deadly plague. Army witch hunters fought with them for many centuries. Once he managed to destroy the queen of witches, but she revived and wants revenge. Three close friends with wormed their waitress team will be the ones on whose shoulders lies the responsibility to finish the zombie apocalypse that has engulfed their quiet town and is rapidly spreading beyond. Hunters are a centuries-old war with them.

The four main characters, led by Kira continues her fight against injustice. The final hope for humanity – scouting techniques and knowledge. However, during another elaborate and prepared operation yacht traffickers who « Elusive » tried to pass the police blows a mysterious young man.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gagloyev: all need to calm down and do a circus – BBC

29.10.2015, 18:00

Guide Russian State Circus Company is not considering acceding to the Great Moscow State Circus (MGBTS), headed by Edgardo Zapashny writes TASS , with reference to the general director Rosgostsirk Vadim Gagloyeva.

So Gagloyev commented on the letter from the Union of circus figures asking them to join MGBTS to Rosgostsirk. As previously reported «News» , Chairman of the Union of Emil Kio sent a letter to Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, which also asked to dismiss Edgard Zapashny as director of the Great Moscow State Circus for the fact that he took the side of the artists, previously retired from Rosgostsirk.

«Our artists perform and performed at the arena Great Moscow Circus. I just spoke with Zapashny today, and he asked a few rooms for Christmas events. We may have differences, but that does not mean that we have to deal with conflict and mutual accusations dishonest “, – said Gagloyev. “I think everyone should calm down and do a circus – creativity and development. We have with Edgardo Zapashny different relationships to specific issues related to the care of artists from Rosgostsirk. I believe that the dog is buried in the problems that have developed since the beginning of the 90s, when there was a substitution of notions, “Artist” and “Distributors” – says Gagloyev.

Earlier, the Russian state company quit leading artists, dynastic trainers Mstislav Zapashny Jr., Sergei Nesterov, Natalia Maikhrovsky Vasily Timchenko and their teams. The reason for dismissal – disagreement with the policy guidance Rosgostsirk.


Dmitri Hvorostovsky will perform with the program “Hvorostovsky and Friends” in the Kremlin – BBC

On Thursday, Oct. 29, an opera singer, People’s Artist of Russia Dmitri Hvorostovsky will perform at the State Kremlin Palace. The concert will be held in the framework of the program “Hvorostovsky and Friends”, on which he invites renowned artists from around the world.

The first concert in the framework of this program took place in 2006, and he then became an annual event. Partners Hvorostovsky was an American singer Renee Fleming, Sumi Jo Korean, German tenor Jonas Kaufmann. In 2013 this program, he celebrated his 50th birthday.

This year, together with Hvorostovsky on the Kremlin stage is a mezzo-soprano from Latvia Elina Garanca.

39-year-old singer performed at the Vienna State Opera, she sang in “The Barber of Seville” at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, recorded a lot of classic games – including Andronicus in the award winning “Grammy” “Bayazet” Vivaldi.

on the Kremlin stage they will perform arias and duets from operas by Verdi, Bellini and Tchaikovsky.

The conductor of the program will be Constantine Orbelian; participates in the concert orchestra of the Moscow theater “New Opera”. On November 4, the TV channel “Russia 1″ will record the Moscow program.

«Hvorostovsky and Friends” in the Kremlin – the singer’s first performance in Moscow after he had in June announced the cancellation of summer concerts. Doctors discovered Hvorostovsky brain tumor and the treatment he needed. On its official website, it was stated that the singer’s voice data is normal; He later through a representative refused financial assistance to charitable organizations.

After treatment in early September Hvorostovsky started rehearsals, and already on September 25, sang the Count di Luna in the opera by Giuseppe Verdi “Il Trovatore” at the Metropolitan Opera.

Party Lenore this day sang Anna Netrebko. Critics and audiences appreciated the Russian duo of singers. Hvorostovsky has twice appeared on stage Meta; broadcast of these performances can be seen in many countries around the world.

At the same time he wrote an appeal to his fans by inviting them to a concert in the Kremlin.

The Russian Hvorostovsky after the treatment was first made on October 11, at the close of the contest “New Wave 2015″, which was held in Sochi. The next day it became known that the singer was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky – “for merits in development of national culture and art, and many years of fruitful activity».

Now the work schedule of the singer painted several months in advance.

2 November he will present the program “Hvorostovsky and Friends” – again with Elina Garanca – in St. Petersburg hall “October”, and then perform in Minsk and a charity concert in Ufa ( November 18). In December and January had the party of Eugene Onegin in Tchaikovsky at London’s Royal Opera House, and in February he returns to New York to the party of Count di Luna.