Thursday, October 29, 2015

Andrew Krichevsky said the release of the Collector’s meeting records Richter – REGNUM

Moscow, October 29, 2015, 16:18 – REGNUM Collection box, in the form of a grand piano, includes 50 CDs with concert and home recordings of the great pianist. As told today, October 29, Tass CEO of Andrew Krichevsky, most are recording broadcasts concerts, performed in Moscow in 1962-1983 years. Of particular interest are one of the earliest surviving live recordings Richter – the latest sonata by Schubert and “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Mussorgsky (1949), the recording of the concert with Nina Dorliac in Bucharest (1958), the recording home of rehearsals with Nina Dorliac and record “Elegy” by Wagner.

As the Krichevsky for “Melody” meeting records Richter was the first in many years, a major project in terms of investment. “The project is really ambitious – and labor costs, and the financial part. Given the economic realities – the continuing market decline of physical media on a background of extremely slow growth in digital sales – we are for a long time thought about to get involved in the history of the Collector’s Edition release in the premium segment of the market. At the same time we wanted to also demonstrate the potential of the “Melodies” as the guardian of the musical history of our country over the past 50 years. After all, during that time managed to create and then save a unique library. In addition, the “Melody” is one of the nation’s largest holders – in terms of the catalog, we are comparable with Western majors. Already I can safely say that data on pre-orders show that we were right – the publication is a huge success, “- shared Krichevsky.

According to him, most of the entries submitted in the publication, a pianist himself left a legacy company. “This is not a full part of the phonographic heritage of the great musician. Nevertheless, the kit contains many exclusive, never previously unpublished records that will delight even the most erudite connoisseurs and collectors. If we talk about the difficulties that, in parallel with the main activity of the whole team “Melody” has worked on this project for over a year: remastered and digitized records have taken a very long time “, – said the director.

The publication released a limited edition of 1 thous. copies, each of which is assigned a personal collection number, confirmed by a certificate of authenticity. “Once in the public domain there is information about the project, we were inundated with questions about where and how you can buy the publication. Today – the official start of sales, the acquisition of all of the information has already appeared on the site “Melodies” – said Krichevsky

As the CEO, plans to have “Melody” – continued support for the iconic music dates. “Of course, we will not stay for the next year away from the celebration of the anniversary of Emil Gilels. At the beginning of next year in conjunction with the Andrei Konchalovsky Foundation, we will release a collection of recordings of Vladimir Sofronitsky, which will include live recordings from the archives of the pianist “Melody” and the documentary “Geniuses. Vladimir Sofronitsky “shot Andrei Konchalovsky,” – he said.

The next year marks 110 years since the birth of Shostakovich. By that date, the company plans to record all of the composer’s symphonies and concerts with the Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan by Alexander Sladkovsky. As a young soloists will perform Tchaikovsky Competition laureates.

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