Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gelman said the eviction from the gallery “Winery” – RBC

Gallery of Marat Gelman in the Center for Contemporary Art “Winery” in Moscow ordered to vacate the premises by 5 November said Gelman in his Facebook.

According to gallery owner, this is due to auction in support of the defendants “marsh of the case” who was in his gallery on 18 October. He said that after two days gallery received a letter of termination.

«After my accountant has shown that there is no debt – the answer: let Marat wrote a letter, which is committed to nothing but the exhibition does not do. I write, sign. The answer: “We will send this letter to [the head of the" Winery "Sophia] Trotsenko, whether it suits her. An hour ago Reply – November 5 to vacate the premises, “- wrote Gelman.

He said that before he had Conflicts with” Winery “. “When” Arhnadzor “kicked out from everywhere with their exhibition about the destruction of Moscow – I took them at home. Also received a notice of termination of the contract, “- said the gallery owner. However, he added Gelman, after he published a letter and wrote about this media, “winery” “backpedaled».

Gelman said that the next show in the gallery, scheduled for October 29, in any case, will take place.

It is also called the gallery owners and artists are exhibited in the “Winery” to show solidarity. “I think that the media have on them [business center] will not work. Apparently, crossed some Rubicon when people do not care about reputation. But the attitude of the artistic environment is important to them, because they have no one. The owners of the bricks near the Kursk railway station, “- he wrote.

Comments from the Centre for Contemporary Art has yet been received.

Auctions in support of the convicts’ marsh case” held in 2012, the money convey to the families of prisoners. In August 2015 the first time the event has broken: one hour before the start of the police came to the club “Chinese Pilot Jao Da”, which had to go through the auction and brought the visitors out.


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