Thursday, October 29, 2015

ONF asks Medina to understand the situation with the theater in Novosibirsk – RIA Novosti

NOVOSIBIRSK, October 29 – RIA Novosti. The regional office of the Popular Front (ONF) in Novosibirsk to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina a letter asking to investigate the situation around reconstruction and changing repertoire of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater , which this year is headed by Vladimir Kehman, according to the text of the letter, signed by the three co-branch.

“At the social organizations and movements, a number of questions to the current head NGATOiB VA Kehmanu concerning held in the building in total secrecy repair and restoration works of the repertoire, the positioning of the theater in the cultural environment Trans-Ural “- the authors write letters.

The co-chairs of the regional ONF note that before the Public Chamber of Novosibirsk region offered Vladimir Kehmanu hold public hearings on the ongoing theater of cultural policy, but received “even correct, but with elements of sarcasm and skepticism negative response”.

In the letter referred to the answer Kehmana, in which he reported that all works are carried out within the law, but the proposal on the hearing cost side, “demarche”, which along with the renaming of the theater in Novato perceived by the public in Novosibirsk as “a complete disregard for the interests of viewers, fans Theatre fans NGATOiB repertoire, but also as a kind of insult. ” Activists were asked to give the public the opportunity to publicly discuss the policy pursued by the theater.

The Novosibirsk Opera House this year after a scandal with the production of young director Timothy Kulyabin opera “Tannhauser” new leadership. Instead dismissed by order of the Ministry of Culture Boris Mezdricha general director of the theater was the director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre (St. Petersburg), Vladimir Kekhman, who announced the upgrading and renovation of the repertoire of the theater building.


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