Monday, October 19, 2015

Channel One showed two series of “method” of Yuri Bykov – BBC

At the prom faculty of law imposing man (Alexander Cekalo) gives a beautiful girl a luxurious necklace. During fitting it begins to be tightened on her throat – and now bloodied victim lying on the floor, and her classmates froze in horror.

The police are ready to question all around, but the investigator Rodion Meglin (Konstantin Khabensky) quickly calculates the offender and put him into the hands of the law.

A friend and classmate killed Yesenia (Paulina Andreev, singer from the show “The Thaw”), the daughter of a senior police chief (Vitali Kishchenko), trying to find at least some information about Meglin – her mother was killed by a serial killer, and a man on the run who managed to calculate the maniac, it becomes the only hope to punish the offender. But Meglin is too secretive, to help it become a trainee can not even dad, and only perseverance girl allows her to achieve the desired. However, the beginning of the work looks very strange – the teacher asks her to go to Lipetsk on the ancient “Mercedes”, littered with empty bottles.

In the first to show the first two episodes of the detective series “Method”, which has become a new channel attempt to teach viewers the so-called “vertical programming.” A few months on Sunday afternoons characters in the film – the investigator Rodion Meglin and his intern Yesenia – will be engaged in a large-scale hunt for the serial in various parts of the country.

He took off the story with the help of “Environment” (and producer Alexander Cekalo) director Yuri Bykov (festival hits “Major” and “Fool”), who first tried his hand in the TV movie.

The first series looks scary tale, which, of course It finishes indispensable victory of law enforcement bodies – contrary to common sense and due Meglin, which has become something of a “deus ex machina”. He appears at the last moment as if from nowhere, to point out the offender, or stab a serial killer.

In this tale too many different “too».

Everything is too time and too suddenly, the car Meglin in his own apartment too much packaging of wine and spirits, and a car that investigators are too old – especially given the fact, on which travel of his intern and her classmate. And all this against the backdrop of a deliberately faceless institutions with too many signs like “Archives of the FSB” and “Investigative Committee” (the existing one, however, in reality, but not in the same building) and bind to these criminal past (second series catch “Lipetsk Strangler »).

It is understandable why the presentation of the project reporters showed not the first, fabulous series, and the third and fourth. The tale would have left critics perplexed – that have shown responses to the Sunday show: Users of social networks and specialized movie websites until the end of the second episode failed to understand why the “Method” is put into the net at such a strange time, and cautiously expressed the hope that the next series will be dispersed.

And indeed, in the following series Meglin and Yesenia will go through all the circles of hell along with the audience, the investigation will be to slip in place, to go on the wrong track, and the perpetrator can be anyone .

The instructor starts to treat his pupil as a toy, that she finally realized who he was and what his method of work – and that, oddly enough, go “method” on favor.

The first series actually turned out to be placed under a mandatory program – familiarity with the characters, their motivations. This arrangement of the figures, if you use a chess term, and it is not surprising that the rate they are not high-spirited, and the characters look a little awkward. But when this phase is over, viewers are able to, for example, guess what quirk of fate will Yesenia in the interrogation room, he put him in an indecent form in front of two former colleagues and why is it so frankly responds to their difficult questions.


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