Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Britney Spears jumpsuit unbuttoned at the concert – REGNUM

Las Vegas, USA, October 20, 2015, 11:37 – REGNUM On YouTube video appeared with a concert of American pop singer Britney Spears , which had the singer of the song “3″ sold by lightning on a transparent jumpsuit. The actress continued vigorous performance, while the partners were trying to button suit.

Britney did not interrupt the performance and continued performance of the song, the other participants in the scene and have not managed to fix the zipper. After the performance ended, Spears ran backstage with bare due to a broken zipper back.

dance partner, as it turned out, trying to button suit, not only because of aesthetic reasons, but primarily because the suit was to hold a block of wireless microphone, however due to a malfunction of clothing to the end of the song he Spears dangled behind.

The concert, which had a bad incident, took place on October 16 this year. Apparently, one of the spectators shot the video and posted on YouTube the next day. Record watched nearly 1.9 million people. About a thousand celebrated video how to please, but 200 people are put “thumbs down.”

Britney Spears has in 2013 signed with Casino in Las Vegas under the name Planet Hollywood Resort contract for two years, his term was due to expire in December. However, the show the singer has become a great success with the public, and Spears signed a contract for another two years.

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