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“Back to the Future 2″ that has come true, and that have not guessed – BBC Russian

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Here came the day that went to the movie characters, Martin and Doc in the second part of the fantastic trilogy “Back to the Future” – October 21, 2015.

The premiere of the movie “Back to the Future 2″ took place November 22, 1989.

After nearly 26 years, the film is impressive how many technology trends guessed the authors, despite the fact that much and remains fantasy .


“Roads? Where we’re going, we do not need” – just one of unfulfilled promises.

However, the flying car, it seems, is -That will be created. Boston-based Terrafugia, for example, promised to start selling letomobilya back in 2012, but so far things are moving with difficulty.

Though the filmmakers were convinced that the vertical takeoff by 2015 will become the norm, the one piece they got to the point.

Listen to the noise of passing cars in the movie, and you’ll hear almost indistinguishable buzz associated with the Toyota Prius and other hybrid and electric vehicles.

The idea that the garbage thrown into the energy converter Mr. Fusion will provide the car with fuel, it remains only a fantasy.

However, work on the processing of waste into energy for cars conducted in many laboratories.

The Bristol and Bath have recently been started “fekalobusy” running on energy from recycled food waste and waste products. There are also attempts to convert into biofuel waste, for example, from the production of whiskey.

Payment Biff trip in a taxi by a scan of the thumb is not so different from how modern car factory with the help of electronic keys or how we pay the fare taxis are not in cash, but through the application such as Uber, Gettaxi and many others.

Even the legendary board-aerobord of the chase scene, began to date, not much curiosity.

Lexus introduced the floating board-aerobord in August this year, although it works only with a special magnetic coating on surface.

More recently, there was a video in which the skateboarder Tony Hawk mastered version of the competitor, the board Hendo, working on a similar magnetic technology.

And on the eve of the Ministry of Transport of Austria authorized the use is non-existent flying board.

Here barcode as the license plates of cars on the April joke did not go.

“smart” clothes

Talking jacket Marty McFly became the forerunner of today’s indiscriminate enthusiasm among engineers and designers ideas for wearable devices.

Our clothes today are still not able to dry us if we got wet, but some of the innovators in the fashion world are experimenting with woven into the fabric of electronics.

This summer it was reported that in the US created flexible display color similar to the skin. The technology can be used to create both an army camouflage and ordinary clothes, able to instantly change the color. In addition, with the help of the invention will be to create a device for reading electronic books with low energy consumption.

Between Police cap with a luminous message on it from the movie” Back to the Future “and pay the company CuteCircuit, which displays tweets viewed obvious parallel. And Nike has patented samoshnuruyuschihsya shoes – the same ones from the movie.

As for body care, then we can not erase from the face of those years, as did the Dock using the “rejuvenating”.

However, 6.7 million Botox injections and chemical peels 1.2 million spent in the last year USA, show that many at least, trying to.

Rise of the Robots

The drones in the film appear fleetingly, but quite naturally.

media organizations, including the BBC BBC They began to resort to using drones equipped with cameras to give new perspectives to news stories – even if they do not venture for security reasons, to send drones to events with large concentrations of people – as in the scene of the film, which involved robotic camera USA Today.

The drones, walking their dogs, It has become a reality. At least, if you believe everything that can be found on Vimeo or YouTube.

Another type of robot that is found in the film – the automatic refueling of vehicles.

In the Netherlands a few years ago, the project TankPitstop already been tested such a robot. And Tesla is developing a similar tanker for electric cars.


Fortunately, holographic sequel to the movie” Jaws “we still managed to escape.

But from the 3D-technologies, despite the they are not the highest popularity, the film industry not going to refuse: the latest innovation in this area has become a system of laser projection, which is rumored to make the image brighter, clearer and cleaner.

Quite to the time, the technology was first shown in London in early October at the premiere of the last film directed by Robert Zemeckis, “Walk.” The very Zemeckis, director of the trilogy “Back to the Future”.

In the field of home entertainment intuition creators of “Back to the Future 2″ worked better.

Flat screen TV, which can be wound into a roll as shown in the house McFly reminds flexible panels LG. It is reported that such a panel will appear in commercial products.

Last year, Samsung has introduced its new TV Bendable TV with a diagonal of 85 inches (216 cm) with a curved screen, which the user can translate into a flat mode with remote control.

A TVs with voice control is already firmly rooted in reality.

“smart” glasses, but not smart phones

In the film we only hint at the fact that Marty sees through its high-tech glasses. A company JVC, a manufacturer of super-points in the film, which was before one of the market leaders in consumer electronics, has lost its former status.

But some of today’s big names are betting on various forms of technology, whether holographic helmets – as, for example, the company Samsung, – Headset Virtual Reality Oculus Rift, developed by Facebook, or second incarnation of Google Glass.

However, the biggest flaw of the film in the fantasies about the future – perhaps the absence of mobile phones.

In one scene, Marty Jr. Even talking on the pay phone company AT & amp; T, which first began selling the iPhone, adds a twist.

We can not say that the creators of the “Back to the Future” did not anticipate that the world will be filled with information: the program video, like Skype, at some point it appears in the movie, displaying on the screen not only the local party, but the data on it. But this communication is carried out with a stationary TV, not porsedstvom portable devices.

In the same way, it’s hard not to notice the omission, when the film used newspaper instead of the touch screen to warn of the impending arrest of Marty. Despite the fact that at the time of the film such technologies already exist.

The “Space Odyssey 2001″ Stanley Kubrick, released twenty years earlier, had been shown “nyuspad”.

At the same time in an episode of “Back to the Future,” an activist, he is favoring the restoration hours at the Town Hall Hill Valley on Apparently, using a tablet.

The future is online

However, it is not necessary, perhaps to approach the film too critical, especially given the fact that the” World Wide Web “was invented in the same year, when he left film, and Tim Berners-Lee created his first Internet browser just a year later.

This may explain why CD-ROMs and their larger counterparts, laser discs, stand out in a pile of garbage.

Similarly, at the time when E-mail has not even had a name, it is not surprising that the futurist film imagined that the fax from the sidewalk would be the pinnacle of progress.

However, it is not too explains why the house McFly all lined with fax machines.

Other hits and misses

Though the oven with computer control is still a novelty, however, the robot chef has become one of the most talked about moments of the recent fair startups in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, hydration pizza is still in my dreams. A refrigerator, informs the owner about what products are on the wane, and even taking pictures of her womb – a small consolation.

But the film was” the apple “computer-controlled door locks – at the beginning of this month, the British firm Yale Yale just started selling this castle.

The scene in which the old George McFly hang up legs with a machine “Ortho-lion”, first appears as if the writers themselves have the blood rushed to his head. But it is up to the moment until you learn that the only purpose of this – to disguise the fact that in the first and in the second part of the character played by different actors.


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