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Television channels will celebrate the anniversary of Nikita Mikhalkov’s premieres – Russian newspaper

On the 70th anniversary of Nikita Mikhalkov on Channel premiere of the documentary “Stranger among his” (October 24 at 10:55). In the film, Nikita answered numerous questions from critics and detractors, talk about why always felt a “stranger” among his colleagues and friends, and how to cope with the lack of understanding.

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“At Home Among Strangers” – the name of Mikhalkov’s directorial debut in a big movie , in recognition of the Nikita Sergeyevich, it was his prophetic. The picture at the time withstood a barrage of criticism. The audience did not understand the painting, film critics scolded the young director in a poor imitation of Western Riding. Now, after many years on this film are students of film schools.

On the eve of the seventieth anniversary Mikhalkov does not expect the traditional pleasant words from friends and colleagues – it’s much more interesting to listen to the criticism: “To put the writing on the Internet anonymously impunity abomination, spreading rumors, writing every lie, falsify easier. There are against me? Come on, we’ll talk. ” Why Khrushchev decided to deal with the negative assessments of his work in his own jubilee film? This, he tells himself, as well – his family and inner circle, and critics finally openly express their grievances to Mikhalkov.

The film features a family Mikhalkov and Konchalovsky – still, because the shooting took place in House Nikita Sergeyevich. And that, as they say filmmakers, for the first time. Also in the film starring Oleg Menshikov, Sergei Solovyov, Sergei Nikonenko Sergei Shakur, Alexander Adabashyan Philip Jankowski, Eugene stems, Alexei Petrenko, Victoria Tolstoganova Dmitry Dyuzhev, Vladimir Menshov, Dibrov Mark Rudinshtein Victor Mathiesen, Dilara Tasbulatova

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On the “Russian 1 “premiere film, which is called” Nikita Mikhalkov, “prepared by a well-known documentary Said Medvedev (October 21 at 22:55). This film-portrait, also dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Nikita Khrushchev, includes a detailed interview with him shooting during the traditional Sunday lunch with family and friends; moments of relaxation and working moments from the set, the story of the masters of friends and colleagues, each of which Nikita Sergeyevich binds long-term friendship; interviews with family hero of the day. All of this allows us to see through the eyes of Nikita Mikhalkov who knows him well.

On October 23, 23:50 – at the “Russia 1″ recital by Nikita Mikhalkov and Edward Artemiev “Territory of Love”. Artemyev Music sounds practically all films directed. The evening will feature dozens of works written Artemyev, performed by the Russian State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography by the People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Skripka.

On the “To Russia” – the “Lifeline” (21 October, 22:00) “Not a good day” (Oct 20, 13:20 and 23:50), “Urga. Territory of Love” (21 October, 13:20 and 23:50), “Without witnesses” (October 22, 13:20 and 23:50), “Five Evenings” (October 24, 20:20), and recital jubilee at the Moscow International House of Music (October 24, 21:55).

In the talk show “Life Line “the director admits that he is ready to discuss virtually any topic. The master of the Russian film industry talks about growing up in a creative family, about his father, the poet Sergei Mikhalkov, and mother Natalia Konchalovsky, a talented poet, kept in the shade of her husband; recalls how hated the music school.

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“I’ll tell you, it’s awful nice when your pictures appear on the pages of the magazine” Soviet Screen “, but I’ve never used it, as my mother taught. That there is not lied about me, I never I come and say, “I – Nikita Mikhalkov!” Never in my life I did not do it. Instead, I’ll have to say something last name helped, and something very much prevented. Those who are not able to commit father, take vengeance on us. Very often people attribute to you that it would tend to them if they were in your place. Often I hear and read that I master. Such a good master who works 18 hours a day. Already Thirty years I sleep five hours to keep up with everything. Here you have my whole star fever! “- A quote from the program.

Also, Nikita tells stories about the work on the painting” Slave of Love “,” Urga: Territory of Love “,” native “, talks about acting profession, directing. In concluding his story, Nikita Mikhalkov explains why considers himself “a lone wolf”. “Direction – this is a very lonely profession, despite the huge number of people around. Because a good picture did everything bad always and only one person – the director. Weak wolf only when he is injured. Leo, the lion, the tiger, and even bear more of the wolf, but the wolf never acts in the circus “.

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